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Hot summers are a pain for almost all of us. This pain turns into a nightmare when you do not have an air conditioner installed at your house. To get you out of the trouble of being underbudgeted for buying an air conditioner there are programs like HEAP, to whom you can reach out for help The Home Energy Assistance Program, popularly known as HEAP is a program that helps free air conditioners for low income families to fulfill their basic needs. Free air conditioners for seniors, financial assistance for air conditioning Low-income people, and single moms can get a free air conditioner from heap based on certain eligibility criteria.

There are various other ways as well to get a free air conditioner. financial assistance for air conditioning and Heap grants are an integral part of the state’s recovery program. From the money obtained through these grants for air conditioning units, Anyone can get themselves an energy-conserving and environment-friendly air conditioning unit.

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How to Get Free Air Conditioner From HEAP

Getting assistance when you are up to getting an air conditioner is a boon. Heap helps you not only with getting a free air conditioner but also helps you with the first-time Installation. Here is how to get a free air conditioner from HEAP. Various eligibility criteria are to be fulfilled to get a free air conditioner from Heap. it helps you with financial assistance up to $800 for the installation of the Air conditioner unit.

Eligibility Criteria for free air conditioner from heap:

  1. Your household’s gross monthly income should be less than the decided standard.
  2. You must be a citizen of the United States of America.
  3. You should not have a pre-installed air conditioner and if you possess an air conditioner, it may be older than 5 years.
  4. You are eligible only if you don’t have an air conditioner that is granted by HEAP

We have Posted a detailed Guide below for free air conditioner from heap read it and follow each step correctly. If you face any difficulty while doing it please tell us we will guide you.

  1. Reach out for help to your local HEAP executive.
  2. Fill out the Free air conditioner from Heap Application form.
  3. Check twice are you fulfill the given eligibility criteria of Heap.
  4. if you are eligible, you just need to wait for the HEAP personnel to come to your house and assist you with the installation of your air conditioning unit.

Once the free air conditioner from heap unit is installed, it is you who is responsible for routine maintenance. The cleaning of it and servicing of the unit must be done regularly at proper intervals of time.

Note: HEAP Free air conditioner program is a whose services are redeemable only once.

Ways to Get a Free Air conditioner for Seniors

Summers can be risky for some senior citizens. Due to their age, they might be more prone to heat-related issues. Thus, it is important to get an air conditioner installed in a house that is resided by a senior citizen.

Fortunately, Heap program provide a free air conditioner for seniors. And if you especially looking for the free air conditioner for seniors, the first place to go to is the government. State government agencies can help you by introducing you to various organizations that work in collaboration with the state government.

HEAP is one such program that is run by the government. Senior citizens can get a free air conditioner from HEAP. All you need to do is fulfill all the given eligibility criteria for free air conditioner from heap.

Eligibility criteria for free air conditioners for seniors

  1. You must be a citizen of The United States of America.
  2. Your age should be over 60 years for Free air conditioner Senior Program.
  3. You must not own an air conditioner.
  4. You should be a participant of one or more benefits programs administered by the state.

Another option for free air conditioners for seniors is to approach the Aging office or a senior center. They would not only help you get rid of the heat in your house but would also help you take care of the installed unit. They would help you with the servicing of the AC as well. You can also take part in low income families Air conditioner Program.

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Financial Assitance for Air conditioning

Various governmental and non-governmental agencies provide financial assistance for air conditioning to elders, veterans, and low-income citizens. People with babies, senior citizens, or disabled are given importance when it comes to financial assistance for air conditioning. people generally root for free air conditioner from HEAP but there are various other ways that you can opt to gain financial assistance for air conditioning.

Many non-profit organizations and religiously driven agencies have taken up the responsibility of serving financially unstable people with financial assistance for air conditioning and other basic needs.

Organizations like the Salvation Army, Church Charities, and others help people with financial assistance for air conditioning. You need to reach out for help to these organizations if you feel you are in dire need of financial assistance for air conditioning.

They would help you with a free air conditioner for seniors or provide you financial assistance to buy one on your own. it is noteworthy that resources of these governmental and non-governmental organizations are limited and due to this it might be possible that you might have to wait for long to get assisted or might not get help at all. There are various ways you can get yourself the targetted financial assistance for air conditioning.

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Different Types of Grants For air Conditioning Units

One can apply for grants for air conditioning units to private and/or governmental agencies. These grants would help you buy a fully functional brand new air conditioning unit. A new unit is better than getting a used unit installed. It saves you from paying a huge chunk of your salary to the electricity board.

Having good credit too can help you get yourself an air conditioning unit. one can take $300 for buying an EnergyStar approved air conditioning unit. Different administrative levels provide different amounts as grants for air conditioning units.

State Grants For Free Air Conditioning Units:

Free Air Conditioning Units

Every year the federal government allots roughly $300 million to the state government as a part of the economic recovery package. This package includes grants for air conditioning units and financial assistance for air conditioning. The free air conditioners from the government 2020 Program also running to help needy people.

As said earlier, these grants too are available only for a limited time. Thus people are assisted on a first come first serve basis when it comes to state grants for air conditioning units.

Note: when you applying for free air conditioners for seniors the program volunteers will be asked your Health Report & government original documents including your Passport & green card.

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Local Grants For Air Conditioning Units:

Local grants for air conditioning units are generally provided by private firms. these firms grant up to $1000 to buy an AC unit to the people that are eligible according to their standards. One can seek help from HEAP to locate the local grant aids. Free air conditioners from HEAP are also a valid option if you are considering a low-budget air conditioner.

You can also apply for loans to get financial assistance for air conditioning. Energy-efficient Inverter air conditioning units are preferred at the time of loan grants. Refinancing and mortgaging can also be considered when it comes to gathering money for an air conditioning unit.

The other option is to mortgage your house or other valuable items in return for money. With that money, you can buy a used or a new air conditioner, as per your choice and requirement.


So far HEAP is considered the most favorite option to get free air conditioners from heap program. The process to get a free air conditioner is considered quite easy and hassle-free. But it is seen that people are not served under this program due to a shortage of resources. The solution to this problem is financial assistance for air conditioning. Various Governmental and non-governmental agencies apart from HEAP provide help to people suffering from heat-related issues. Free air conditioners for seniors Program Grants for air conditioning units are also provided by the federal on various levels so that the citizens don’t have to suffer from hot and humid summers.

Free air conditioner near me, where? In fact, there are some local non-profit organizations or programs provide free air conditioners to people in needs. So, we try to give you some solutions on how to answer the question above.

Getting Air Conditioner From A Loan

It is not easy to afford a new cooling system. You may think that the money to buy a new cooling system is too big for your credit card. Whereas, it is too small for your home loan. Also, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of AFC First Financial in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Peter Krajsa offers financing assistance. The goal is to support home improvement. So, basically, it is possible to apply for a loan. So, even though this is not a way to get free air conditioner near me, it is useful. Now, you can afford the new cooling system.

Loan from Company

Probably, the quickest way to get the loan is the company you hire to install the new cooling system. From Quality Airin Quakertown, Pennsylvania, they have Kevin Stralo. Stralo explained that financing approvals for the clients only takes 24 hours at least. Usually, clients will get approval on the same day. Unfortunately, the response time in the summer may be a little bit slower. Some companies only provide a source of financing for a new system, not repairs but with some financing options. Quality Air, for example, they have the loan service not directly to customers, but they have a third party.

Keystone Home Energy Loan Program


Some company of air conditioner even work together with the state of Pennsylvania. This is what they do when it comes to the rates for their energy-efficient systems. Besides, the state subsidized the rates for eligible customers. To be eligible, you must be one of the customers with the annual household incomes less than $150,000. Through this assistance, you will get loans and the fixed rate for about 6.375 percent. This program is available from Virginia to Maine. Other states may provide this help, but they do not subsidize the rates. For Muslim, Please avoid loan with interest rate!

Free Air Conditioner Near Me From The City Government

Alternatively, you can use your city government as the source of financing. Even though they do not provide the air conditioner for free, but some cities offer low-interest loans. The loans are only for the eligible homeowners as their home improvement projects. One of the examples is the city government of Philadephia. The city has a Home Improvement Loan Program to support families or homeowners with low income.

You must lives there with the income below a certain threshold. So, it means you have a family of four and it is under $85,000. If so, it means you are eligible to get a fixed rate for 3 percent. Additionally, it is great if you spend your time to check or call your local utility company. Otherwise, you can visit your city government’s official website. If you are lucky enough, it is possible to find that your city government may provide loans. Even more, they may offer free air conditioner near me.

Free Air Conditioner Near Me From HUD

Housing and Urban Development provide a program to support private lenders. So, they offer loans in the name of home improvements. HUD-insured the loans and from their website, you can find the list of lenders per state. Called Title 1 loans, this program may provide you as much as $25,000 but it depends on the lenders.

Free Air Conditioner Near Me From WAP

This program comes from the United States Department of Energy. This program is their effort to work together with 38 states and local governments. Primarily, this program is for the states with the colder climates. Fortunately, it allocates the funding for cooling and heating equipment. Additionally, you can read their WAP fact sheet since they also provide insulation and energy-saving technology to save money. Even more, they have a mission to support low and moderate-income communities. To do so, they help install and fun energy-efficient appliances. We think it is possible to get free air conditioner near me from this program.

Rambo Memorial Health Center Air Conditioner Program

Air conditioners are important to those with breathing problems during humid and hot weather. This is why the program is available for each year especially if you need Free air conditioner near me. Also, the goal of this program is to help people with a respiratory diagnosis. If you have a prescription from your physician, surely this program can help. You must not receive any help from them or from other Community Action in the last three years. Also, it is one of the requirements to get this help.

About the qualification, you or the individuals must be a Muskingum County Resident. Also, individuals have a respiratory diagnosis. Keep in mind that the program is not for patients with sleep apnea. Besides, you need a prescription from your health care provider. He or she tells your diagnosis and the benefit of getting Free air conditioner near me. Other than that, you should meet the federal poverty requirements of 200% or less.

Things to Know About the Program


Air Conditioning Installation Interest Free

There are several things you need to know about this program. First, the limit of this program is 3 year period per household. Besides, what you will get is air conditioner 5000 BTUs. Of course, that is enough to support 1 small room but they do not provide remote control. Third, you can get the air conditioner for pick-up from Home Depot, and they provide it with the completed application.

Free Air Conditioning Check

Those are all possible ways to get Free air conditioner near me. So, not all ways above provide you the air conditioner system for free. But, we are sure that these are the easier way to get a new air conditioner unit. We hope you have a new air conditioner to complete your home.

If the ways above did not work at all, do not give up. Besides, you can go to the local charities, non-profit organizations or communities near your area. Also, you should do is to check about their availability to help you. They may provide some money to help the low income families or homeowners. Most of these organization have regulations to follow such as your eligibility. Finally, we hope you will get a new air conditioner system to complete your family.

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