Alarm Com Adc V620pt Installation App Free Download

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The ADC-SVR100 is’s 4-channel Stream Video Recorder. Designed specifically to work with the hosted video service, it provides a 24x7 gapless, professional surveillance solution. With the Stream Video Recorder, you can connect up to 4 video cameras for continuous recording. Alarm clock, stopwatch, world clock, and countdown timers, all in one app. Set one-time or recurring alarms and reminders. Snooze or dismiss alarms from the lock screen. On phones and select PCs, alarms sound even when your device is on standby or muted. Choose from lots of alarm sounds, including m4a files or vibrate-only on phones.

You can get your ADC-VDB770 added to your account via the mobile app by first installing the ADC-VDB770 and connecting it to a WIFI network, and then accessing your account through the free mobile app so that you can provide the camera's unique 12-character MAC address.

Alarm Com Adc V620pt Installation App Free DownloadAlarm Com Adc V620pt Installation App Free Download

For this FAQ, we will assume that you already have an account and that the video doorbell feature and/or full video services have been enabled. If you need to have the video doorbell feature enabled for your account, or if you want to upgrade to full video monitoring, then you should reach out to your monitoring provider and inquire about getting started. Despite being a doorbell camera, the ADC-VDB770 is added to an account in the same way as any regular Security Camera. The only difference is that as a doorbell camera, you can have one (1) single ADC-VDB770 (or another compatible doorbell camera) added to your account, without having to subscribe to full video monitoring.

Once you are ready, complete the following steps to get your ADC-VDB770 added to your account via the mobile app:

1. Install the doorbell camera. The first thing you should do is install the ADC-VDB770. This will get the camera powered on so that it can join a local WIFI network and connect to the internet. The complete installation process is covered in this comprehensive FAQ.

2. Connect camera to network. You can get the ADC-VDB770 online using AP Mode Pairing or WPS Pairing. Of these two options, AP Mode Pairing is more secure, and it is the recommended method. WPS Pairing is less secure, but some users find it to be the easier option. This FAQ covers AP Mode Pairing, and this FAQ covers WPS Pairing. Both methods accomplish the same end goal of getting the camera online. Continue once the ADC-VDB770 is online and its LED light is solid green.

3. Access your ADC account. Open the Mobile App on your Android or iOS device. If you do not have the app, then you can download it for free from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. After you have opened the app, you can then log in to your account. You will need to provide your username and password. You will also need to perform two-factor authentication (2FA) if that security feature is enabled on your account. If you are having trouble logging in, then contact your monitoring provider for extra assistance.

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4. Find 'Add Video Device'. Upon logging into your account via the mobile app, start by pressing the three (3) horizontal bars menu button in the top-left corner. Choose Video, followed by settings (the gear) in the top-right. Then click Add Video Device. This is the menu you will access whenever you need to pair a new video device.

5. Pair the doorbell camera. In most cases, the servers will find the doorbell camera almost immediately. Sometimes the ADC-VDB770 might not show up automatically. If that is the case, then you can instead manually enter the 12-character MAC Address for the camera into the designated field. The ADC-VDB770 Doorbell Camera comes with a reference card that includes its unique MAC Address. It is recommended that you keep this reference card in a safe place, in case you ever need to look up the device's MAC Address later on.

The camera may require a firmware update before it can be paired with your account. If that is the case, a blue button will read 'Upgrade & Install', or if no update is needed, then it will just read 'Install'. Either way, you should press the blue button to continue. Please note that if a firmware update is needed, then the process may take upwards of 30 minutes to complete, depending upon the speed of your internet connection. You can then finish the installation process by following the on-screen prompts. You may be asked to 'Configure' some of the camera's basic settings. When finished, you can click on the 'Live View' button to view the camera's live video feed.

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