Bitdefender Free Can't Install

After installing the version of Bitdefender Internet Security offered from the 60-second-virus-scanner plugin for Firefox from Bitdefender, a number of sites have stopped working. First, I am unable to change my homepage, for the connection will hang, and the website will not open. Also, attempting to connect to a number of websites (Google, Youtube, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, etc.) creates this website:'Secure Connection Failed

  1. Can't install BitDefender online due to bitdefender agtent So a year ago I was using Bitdefender online, I then got a free coupon for a free year of Bitdefender total security, now that year has passed, and I wasn't impressed and wanted to go back to the 'online' version.
  2. If Bitdefender is properly installed and registered, Windows Defender will be. Disabled, by design. This is to prevent conflict. However, if you wish to use Bitdefender as your Real-Time protection, Windows. Defender can be placed into Passive Mode, using the 'Limited Periodic Scanning. In Passive Mode, Windows Defender can be used for.
  3. Bitdefender not installing can be caused by leftover files on your computer. Using a specialized tool is the best choice for getting rid of unwanted software. The program will scan your PC for any trace of leftover programs, and it will give you the option to remove them from your computer easily, with just a few clicks.

An error occurred during a connection to The server rejected the handshake because the client downgraded to a lower TLS version than the server supports. (Error code: ssl_error_inappropriate_fallback_alert)

Bitdefender Free Won't Install

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In short, a lot of major websites are not working, and are severely impairing my ability to work. Bing does work as a search engine website that I can go to, but not as a homepage. I desperately need help with this issue....