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Question: Aerial Connection Problem

We’ve just gone with BT to use their BT Vision. The flat previously was with Virgin Media. We’ve got our BT Vision box now, but we are having trouble connecting to an external aerial. At the wall socket, where we would ordinarily just stick in the tv cable (as most normal flats have), we have a two prong device. We basically don’t know how to connect our bt vision box to the outside aerial.

TV Aerial three point (FREEVIEW 03) £218.00. Supply and install 4 point TV aerial. TV Aerial four point (FREEVIEW 04) £267.00. TV aerial (Freeview) Signal Assessment. TV Aerial Signal Assessment Call (FREEVIEW 07) £49.99. Aerial Upgrade (Additional Room Feed).

Submitted online by Vanessa

Our Answer

OK. To get TV channels, the BT Vision box needs to be connected to a TV aerial. Unless you’re in a very strong Freeview coverage area, that TV aerial should be outside, normally on the roof.

You mention that the property previously had the Virgin Media cable TV service… it’s important not to use this system to connect to the BT Vision box.

BT Vision uses a TV aerial to get live TV channels, and Virgin use underground fibre-optic cables for its TV service.

BT Vision’s TV channels are delivered using the Freeview service, and a TV aerial is required for Freeview.

Connecting to a TV Aerial

To connect your BT Vision box to the TV aerial, you need to plug a feed from the aerial into the back of the BT Vision socket.

Connect the feed from the TV aerial to the RF In socket, pictured here:


Where is my TV aerial feed?

If you’re struggling to find the feed from your TV aerial, here’s what you should be looking for:

Wall-mounted TV aerial point:

A TV Aerial Wall Socket

A loose TV aerial cable

Can I use my Virgin connector for BT Vision or Freeview?

No. Virgin use underground fibre-optic cables, and BT Vision / Freeview use a TV aerial. It’s different technology

Can I use a Sky / Satellite Dish connector for BT Vision or Freeview?

No. Satellite TV is delivered using a dish that points to an orbiting satellite. BT Vision / Freeview use a TV aerial pointing at a transmitter on land. It’s different technology

I don’t have a TV aerial!!

OK. If you don’t have a TV aerial, look in your phone book for a CAT-approved aerial installer, and get them to quote you for installing a TV aerial

Can I use an indoor TV aerial?

In some cases yes, but only in areas where there is a really strong Freeview signal.

To check, put your postcode into the Wolfbane Coverage Checker. Look under the “Antenna (suggestion) section. If it shows “set top aerial”, you could be OK to watch Freeview / BT Vision on an indoor aerial.

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Bt Free Aerial Installation

Connecting a YouView box is pretty straightforward, and unlike Sky and Virgin, doesn’t need an engineer to visit. It’s a do-it-yourself job.

Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to install YouView for the first time.

Connecting Your YouView box

Your YouView box needs to plug into your TV, a working TV aerial, your broadband, and mains power.

Step 1: TV aerial

YouView gets its TV signals via a TV aerial, and you’ll need to plug the box into a working TV aerial feed. You’ll also need to be able to get a decent Freeview signal. The Humax YouView box doesn’t have a TV aerial lead supplied, so it’s assumed you have one. Plug the TV aerial into the ‘Antenna In” socket.

Step 1 – Connect your TV aerial to your YouView Box

Step 2: Connecting to the TV

With the aerial connected, you next need to connect the output of the YouView box to the TV. It’s assumed that your TV has an “HDMI” socket, used for high definition. The Humax YouView box is supplied with an HDMI lead. One end plugs into the YouView box, the other into a spare socket on the TV.

Step 2 – Connect the YouView box to the TV via HDMI

Step 3: Connecting to Broadband

Next, it’s a case of connecting from the YouView box to your broadband router. If the router is in the same room as your TV, this is a simple case of plugging an Ethernet lead into the box and into the router.

If your broadband router is in a different room (which most are), then you’ll need to either have a very long cable, or more commonly connect using a pair of Powerline Adapters. For more help on connecting your YouView box to your Broadband router, see our Connecting YouView to the Internet

Step 3 – Plug in the Ethernet Lead, connected to your router

Step 4: Switch on

Next, plug the YouView box into the mains, and turn the box on using the switch at the rear of the box. Your YouView box will now boot up and do it’s stuff

The Humax YouView box, politely telling us what’s occuring

Step 5: On-screen setup

Bt Free Aerial Installation

The final step is to let the box run through its setup process. Here’s what ours did:

  • Scanned for Freeview channels, and found 115 TV and radio services
  • Asked us to accept a 105 page user agreement (we didn’t actually read it)
  • Updated its software and did a reboot
  • Asked us for our postcode (for services tailored to our location, apparently) – We skipped this
  • Asked us if we wanted to change PIN from the default of 1234
  • Mentioned ECO mode – To save power, the box can go into “deep sleep” when not in use, meaning a startup time of 2 minutes. The alternative is a ‘low eco’ which draws a lot more power when idle, but starts up in 15 seconds.

The Humax YouView box scanning for available Freeview channels

Any questions on installing and setting up YouView? Please add a note below

  1. Hi

    Our TV aerial does not fit the youview box. We previously had Virgin free view and the connections do not fit.

    Is it possible for you to send out an engineer to fix this?

    We only purchased this 2/3 weeks ago.

    If not, then unfortunately I will have to cancel the contract and stay with Virgin.

    My details are as follows

    Jackie Short
    20 Enfield Chase
    TS14 7LT

    01287 203643

    I look forward to your reply.

    Jackie Short

  2. my you view cannot find any channels what do i do?

  3. Uview box keeps freezing and delaying picking up RTE stations

  4. My youview box keeps finishing the recordings about a minute before the program has ended, meaning I miss the end of programs i’ve recorded .
    How can I correct this?

  5. I had to switch off the youview box completly and now it got to nearly ready but is taking a long time to complete.

  6. I had to move my youview box and switched it off completely. Now it gets to nearly ready and seem to take a long time to complete.

    • I am very annoyed ! we were warned in the Oxford area that new station will be changing area signals. Up until this happened I had great signals. Since the change over May 23rd. I no longer have any signals.I have been sent a new YOUVIEW box set it up with great difficulty( I am nearly 80yrs old, live on my own and I am VERY upset )
      I have beentouch with BT.

  7. Both my you view box and DVD player are stating NO SIGNAL, yet there is not a direct connetion between them.
    My TV is working fine. The only problem I can see is that the WPS light on the router is not showing a light, is this correct. Incidentally every thing was fine until last Friday’s storm. Any suggestions

  8. The picture signal is terrible and only in black and white….

  9. whilst watching tv through my uview box the picture flashes off for about a couple of seconds but if I switch to to direct from the aerial it is ok I cannot find the problem

  10. My television has no sound you have given me a new your view box it set properly but there is no sound!

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