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Download Camera360 Lite app for Android. Add numerous filters and other visual effects to your photos with this handy editing software. Camera360 Lite comes to help, download Camera360 Lite now. Taking picture has never been so easy, is an all-in-one and completely free beauty camera that customized for android. Camera 360: the.

  1. Webcam 360 Download

One click. Images from every angle.

Camera360 is a system of multiple cameras that take photos in synchrony. It can be used for 360 degree photos, panoramas, bullet time, promotional events photos, interactive catalogue, art and more.
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Easy to setup


Camera360 is a system of multiple cameras that take photos in synchrony. It can be used for 360 degree photos, panoramas, promotional events photos, bullet-time, interactive catalogs, art and more.

Up to 360°. Up to 3D

Shoot with dozens of cameras, capturing every possible angle.
Get all images in seconds.
Post them immediately on social networks.
Turn them into a 3D model.
Print them in 3D.

State of the art technology

We are engineers and we build technology. We designed our software and hardware to make sure our system was robust, efficient and state of the art.

Easy and flexible

Just click and shoot an image with dozens of cameras. You can change shutter time, aperture, exposure, ISO, all through a simple web interface [some options require device support]. Images are downloaded immediately from the cameras and processed, all within a few seconds. Then they are ready to be seen and shared in social networks.

Anywhere, everywhere

Web interface, control it from any device

Use any Android device as a camera. Inexpensive, easy.

Control server can be any PC running Windows or Linux.

Technical information

  • Control software runs on Windows and Linux
  • Web based interface, control your videowall from any browser and device
  • Use any Android device (5.0 or later)
  • Get your images back in just a few seconds
  • Use the pictures taken with photogrammetry 3D reconstruction software such as Autodesk Recap or Agisoft Photoscan.
  • Use any number of cameras in any configuration
  • Get media as GIF, MP4, OGV or the original JPEGs.

Requirements for Android

Webcam 360 Download

  • Android 5.0 or newer
  • Good quality camera

Requirements for PC

  • Windows 64 bits version 7 or newer, or Linux Ubuntu 16.04 64 bits
  • A fast processor (quadcore or better strongly suggested)
  • 8GB RAM (suggested 16GB)
  • Enough diskspace for images (about 50MB per shoot)
  • High quality network (use enterprise grade routers and wifis)


Interested in building a system for rental? Contact us for special conditions. We provide technical support, consulting in how to build the mechanical parts and other help that you might need, as well as refer clients to you.

Server installers

This is the software with which you control the application
PlatformVersionSizeInstall instructionsDownload
linux5.6.79 - 64 bits 135mb - offline
How to install on linux
  1. Run 'tar xf camera360server-linux64-local-5.6.79.tar.bz2', a folder called 'camera360server-5.6.79' will be created
  2. Access it with 'cd camera360server-5.6.79/'
  3. Start the application running './camera360server'
windows5.6.75 - 64 bits 121mb - offline
How to install on windows
  1. Download the installer
  2. Double click on the downloaded file 'camera360server-win32-local-5.6.75.exe'
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen, the server will start automatically
raspberry-piBootable Image with Autoupdate 558mb - offline
How to install on raspberry-pi

Mobile apps

You should install those on the cellphones that will take the pictures

Images and videos