Cannot Install Avg 2015 Free

In this article, we’ll tell you how to uninstallAVG Antivirus Free 2015, if you’re not able to do that, then also we’ve got you covered with the tool provided by AVG which removes its product successfully.

Here is how to uninstall AVG fully when it refuses to uninstall by normal means and either gives an error or says uninstalling indefinitely and never actuall. AVG Internet Security Business Edition. Protect your business endpoints, email, and file servers with top-rated antivirus. Paid Version More options. Download AVG Antivirus Free - Top-grade antivirus application with basic protection against all forms of malware, in addition to email, identity and web browsing safety. AVG were the first to bring out a free AV, and they have been much copied. No virus has ever got past AVG Free in my experience. Advantages: Small footprint, taking only 2 MB memory. Easy to learn, with uncluttered interface. Daily updates of the virus definitions. Effective, free virus security.

Uninstalling AVG Antivirus Free 2015

1. Click on Start Menu, further on Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features, select ‘AVG 2015’ and click ‘Uninstall‘ button

2. ‘AVG 2015 Uninstaller’ dialog window pops up and provides the options to Download AVG PC TuneUp, Update AVG, and uninstall AVG, click on ‘Uninstall’ button, when the next dialog appears, click on Next,

3. Next, select ‘Remove user settings’- don’t do this if you’re planning for a reinstall -, and ‘Remove Virus Vault contents’ and click ‘Next’ button

4. AVG uninstaller makes the changes you’ve requested and prompts to restart your computer to complete the uninstallation, click on ‘Restart Now’ button.

If AVG uninstallation fails or showed an error during the uninstall process, then it’s time to remove AVG using the official removal tool provided by the company.

AVG 2015 Removal Tool

AVG Remover -Official tool- removes the following AVG products

  • AVG Antivirus Free 2015
  • AVG Antivirus 2015
  • AVG Internet Security 2015

1. Visit Utilities page, which lists AVG Remover from 2012 to current version along with other tools

2. Download 32-bit or 64-bit version of the tool. Close all other applications if any open and run the tool on your computer and follow instructions on the screen.

3. AVG Remover uninstalls the product, after that, it removes AVG user settings, virus vault contents, and other files related to AVG installation.

4. You need to restart your computer once it prompts for the removal to complete.

Note: Only use this tool, if you can’t uninstall AVG using the Control Panel.

Cannot Install Avg 2015 Free Edition

(Last Updated Dec 18th, 2010 @ 8:25 pm EST) This Post Is Now Out Of Date – The newest version of AVG Free. Is now AVG Free Anti-Virus 2011 (10.0.1188)

Alright people the first thing you should always try before un-installing AVG free is trying the “REPAIR OPTION FIRST“. Located as an option in any of the installation file of any version of AVG Free Anti-Virus.

If you are still having issues then by all means comment or e-mail us @ [email protected]


Q: I can’t install/un-install AVG 8.0/8.5 ? What should I do ?

A: First off, You should always download the newest version of AVG from

First off try the old stand by AVG ‘Repair‘ option which you can choose during the installation process. Of course to do that you need a non-corrupted version of AVG Free install file.. I would highly recommend using the latest 8.5.449 install file.

A. Download & save the latest AVG Free installation package from this link

B. Run the AVG Free install file

C. Choose the Repair option and follow the setup wizard

D. Restart your computer then test

Download the install file to your DESKTOP

WARNING: Do not ever try to run AVG install file from the Internet as that will always cause issues. THANKS TO AVG FREE FORUM FOR THOSE WORDS OF WISDOM

If the AVG installation fails to work….your gonna need to check to see if your file is corrupted

Now to check if your AVG install File is corrupted. By using the version 8.5.449 install file….

A. Download & save the latest AVG Free installation package from this link

B. Run the AVG Free install file

C. Choose the Un-install option and follow the setup wizard, when you get to the part to remove user settings, select it.

D. Restart your computer then…

E. Now reinstall AVG using the setup file you got in step 1 and update.

PLEASE: Disable any other protection software you have. Before you start the AVG Free installation process as they can potentially prevent AVG Free from installing properly.

Types of protection this covers are:

– Spyware/Adware (Example: Windows defender,Spybot)

– Anti-virus (Example: Avira)

– Firewalls (Example: Zone Alarm, Window’s Firewall)


Cannot Install Avg 2015 Free


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