Clearwave Salt Free Water Conditioner Installation

The ClearWave™ is a revolutionary new product that works without salt, chemicals or changes to plumbing. The ClearWave conditions hard water to help dissolve existing scale and help prevent new scale from forming. It uses microprocessor technology to electronically generate inaudible waveforms which help keep calcium carbonate particles (scale) dissolved in water. This ClearWave treated water continues to dissolve scale as it flows downstream. Over time, the ClearWave helps solve hard water problems in the entire system, including pipes, water heater, shower heads and appliances.

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A salt-free water-conditioning system functions between the main water line that enters a home and all of the water receptacles in a home, treating the water as it flows into the home’s plumbing. The Clearwater CW-125 Salt Free Electronic Water Conditioner is a great option if you’re looking for an easy, salt free, compact, and inexpensive filter option. It works on your whole home water system by using electromagnetic waves to prevent and help break down existing hard water build up. If you have had a water softener and your water is greater than 10 – 12 grains per gallon, and you like soft water you will likely not like a salt-free conditioner. If you see someone saying they have a “salt free water softener”, its technically incorrect. Softening removes the hardness ions, whereas no salt conditioners do not.

Use less soap, and remove scale from your pipes - continuously, automatically and for only about $5 in electricity a year. Clearwave is the most advanced computerized anti-scale device available today. Its computer chip is programmed to bombard water passing through your pipe with over 200 different electromagnetic low frequency pulses. These electromagnetic pulses have been scientifically proven to increase the electromotive attraction potential of the water to mineral salts. The result is that the mineral salts (mainly calcium bicarbonate) stays dissolved in the water instead of converting to insoluble calcium carbonate and attaching itself to the inside of pipes as scale. Existing scale in pipes, water heaters, toilets and faucet’s begin to soften and dissolve away

If you have had a water softener and your water is greater than 10 – 12 grains per gallon, and you like soft water you will likely not like a salt-free conditioner. If you see someone saying they have a “salt free water softener”, its technically incorrect. Softening removes the hardness ions, whereas no salt conditioners do not. Clearwave CW-125 Salt-Free Electronic Water Conditioner This is a very different kind of salt-free water treatment system. It is a revolutionary product that treats hard water without the use of salt or chemicals, as used by traditional hard water systems.

This easily installed device will solve the hard water problems in your entire house. Soon your entire water system is crystal clear, and your water is 'softer.' As the ClearWave solution takes effect, you'll notice that you use less soap and detergent. In summary, it provides all the benefits of natually soft water without the troublesome installation and cost of traditional ion-exchange water softners.

Recommended for:

Household Appliacations: dishwashers, washing machines, coffe makers, swimming pools, hot tubs and boilers. Industrial Applications: Ice factories, soft drink manufacturers, distilleries, poultry farms, paper and steel mills.

Who Should use Clearwave:


Clearwave Salt Free Water Conditioner Installation Manual

PPMRecommended SolutionUp to 25Up to 425ClearWave25 Plus425 PlusClearWave prior to traditional water softener


  • Mount the ClearWave onto the pipe by routing a wire tie through the two holes on each end of the Clearwave housing base.
  • Wrap the antenna minimum 7 times around the 1' water pipe on each end of the ClearWave (For pipes 1 1/4' to 1 1/2' use two units in series).
  • Make sure one antenna is wrapped clockwise and the other antenna is wrapped counter-clockwise.
  • Secure the antenna wire tight against the pipe with a wire tie.
  • Plug the power supply into a standard electrical wall outlet.
  • When energized, the ClearWave Modulations indicator lights start flashing sequentially indicating that the ClearWave is functioning properly.

Units can be combined and used in series for larger pipes.

Time frame and what to expect:

Day 1: The Clearwave action immediately starts to loosen existing scale on both the hot and cold systems.

Day 5 and Onwards: Scale begins to break down and come off water heater elements and tanks. Most microscopic particles will flow through your water system. You may notice small particles in the water coming from the hot water tap.

Day 10 to 16: It should be easier to wipe and clean ceramic, plastic, glass and metal surfaces. By now the quantity of bath soap, dish soap, laundry detergent and laundry softening agents can be reduced.

Day 16 and Onwards: scale should have softened on faucets, showerheads, and frequently used appliances such as coffee makers. With the continuing break down and reductions of scale from the heating surfaces of water heaters, water should heat up quicker using less energy.

After 1 - 2 months: Any Scale Crust or stains in toilets or under facuets will have started to soften and will be easier to remove. No new stain or crust should form. ** Depending on the water hardness in your area, full effects can take up to 12 weeks, especially if the system has been heavily scaled over many years.

More Information More InformationSKUEWATER-SOFTENERSpecification

Specifications & Dimensions

System Dimensions:

7'L x 4'W x 2'D

System Package:


Electric Specs:

120Vac, 5 Watts (less than a nightlight), 0.9Amps & Cord length: 6'* Made in USA with a 18 month manufacturer's warranty and 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

First of all, what’s the difference between a salt based water softener and a salt free water softener? Salt based water softeners use a process called ion exchange which is basically exchanging hard ions (hardness minerals which are calcium and magnesium) for soft ions which are in this case sodium. Salt free water softeners use a more complex process where hardness minerals are not removed but they are retained, turning them into hardness crystals which will not adhere to your pipes and you will be avoiding this build-up in your plumbing. Salt based water softeners are more effective in softening water and salt free water softeners are actually water conditioners. But I want a water softener that’s not using salt. Which are the best salt free water softeners? We have gone through the top rated salt free water softeners and here are the top 5!

Table of Contents

Aquasana Whole House Salt-Free Water Filter

When it comes to the best salt free water softener, Aquasana is one of the best brands. This whole house water filter includes Sterilight UV filtration and Simply Soft water softener without salt. It’s proven that Simply Soft reduces scale build up in your pipes avoiding of course all these expensive pipe repairs and it also removes 97% chlorine for up to 1,000,000 gallon. This water conditioner doesn’t require backflushing or drainage and it doesn’t create waste-water. It’s amazing UV filtration kills 99% of bacteria, chlorine resistant cysts and viruses. This water conditioner’s unique upflow, dual tank design increases water contact time and prevents clogging or media channeling. This salt-free water softener won’t demineralize your water nor put excess of salt in it to soften it. We also have a brand review here for Aquasana and a product review for their top selling system.

Clearwave Salt Free Electronic Water Conditioner


This water softener has no salt as well and it will work with both hot and cold water and is also considered one of the best salt free water softener. It makes it easier to wipe clean surfaces such as glass, plastic, ceramic and metal. It also helps remove the scale build-up in your pipes and also the stains in toilets and under faucets. This Clearwave water softener attacks hard water particles with electromagnetic waves avoiding the hassle of salt, chemicals or traditional hard water systems and helps prevent all the problems you can have with hard water. This water softener is also very easy to install and comes at an affordable price.

Eddy Water Descaler Electronic Water Softener Without Salt

This water softener is also pretty easy to install and it can be done by anyone, emulates softened water as well without having to alter TDS keeping the healthy minerals, leaving the beneficial effects of the calcium and other particulates. It is also pretty economical and it will work for every type of water pipe except lead and iron. The great thing about these type of water softeners or water conditioners, is that you can think of it as an eco-friendly conditioner since it doesn’t use all the chemicals used in salt based water softeners to remove the hard water minerals, this water conditioner retains the harmful particulates of water and keep the benefits of the natural minerals.

Clearwave Cw-125 Salt Free Electronic Water Conditioner

Triple Action Poly Salt Free Water Softener

Clearwave Salt Free Water Conditioner Installation Kit

Clearwave Salt Free Water Conditioner Installation Instructions

This whole house salt free water softener is comes with a high impact poly filter housing that is designed to last many years without it rusting, it’s made out of permanent stainless steel which means you won’t have to buy anymore filters. This water filter will not reduce your water pressure and it’s super easy to install. This is a 3 way water filter that performs three separate functions: First, it has a built-in cleanable stainless steel filter that can be easily removed. Second, it uses an Electro-Mechanical Catalytic Process water softening core that breaks down calcium hardness in water into aragonite crystals which are basically a softer form of calcium. And third, it holds 10.5 ounces of polyphosphate siliphos which will keep the aragonite in suspension and therefore eliminating spotting.

Scale Sentry Scale Prevention Salt Free Water Conditioner

This is a whole house system that is also sal-free and chemical-free. A great thing about this water softener that’s not using salt is that unlike electric water conditioners, this one doesn’t require any source of electricity, plus there’s no waste water produced. This conditioner comes complete with 2 stage whole house filter unit sediment and carbon. Eliminates and prevents scale buildup and helps reduce soap use.


Here's a quick video that explains the difference between salt based water softeners and salt free water softener.

Even though a salt based water softener is a lot more efficient in softening water itself other than just conditioning it, many people will prefer a salt free water filter for many reasons, one being that the water will keep its natural minerals such as calcium and they are just turned into a softer form but keeping their benefits. If you're interested in reading reviews for salt-based water softeners as well, you can view these water softener reviews here. Although these aren’t that common, there are a couple of options that will really fit your needs as of softening water to keep your house and pipes clean, having a better water to drink, cook and shower, and keeping it simple as of installation.

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