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Unofficial Apache OO Debian repository. The unofficial Apache OpenOffice Debian repository. Generate and install the SSL certificate. With the Certbot package installed, we can continue with the actual generation and installation of the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate on the Debian web server. Kick off this procedure by running the command: sudo certbot -apache. The program asks you a few basic questions.

  1. Installer: Starting from Debian 10 Buster, the live images contain the end-user-friendly Calamares Installer, a distribution-independent installer framework, as alternative to our well known Debian-Installer. Size: Each image is much smaller than the full set of DVD images, but larger than the network install.
  2. Debian GNU/Linux is an open source Linux operating system build from scratch by a team of talented developers and hackers who wanted to create an alternative to existing Linux distributions, such as Slackware. Dubbed “The Universal Operating System,” Debian GNU/Linux is.

For installation images and documentation about how to install bullseye(which is currently Testing), seethe Debian-Installer page.

Debian net installer

To install Debian 10.10(buster), download any of the following images (all i386 and amd64CD/DVD images can be used on USB sticks too):

Debian Installer Loader

netinst CD image (generally 170-470 MB)

full CD sets

full DVD sets

CD (via BitTorrent)

DVD (via BitTorrent)

CD (via jigdo)

DVD (via jigdo)

Blu-ray (via jigdo)

other images (netboot, flexible usb stick, etc.)

If any of the hardware in your system requires non-free firmware to beloaded with the device driver, you can use one of thetarballs of common firmware packages or download an unofficial image including these non-free firmwares. Instructions how to use the tarballsand general information about loading firmware during an installation canbe found in the Installation Guide.

netinst (generally 240-290 MB) non-freeCD images with firmware

Debian Download Iso


  • For downloading full CD and DVD images the use of BitTorrent or jigdo is recommended.
  • For the less common architectures only a limited number of images from the CD and DVD sets is available as ISO file or via BitTorrent. The full sets are only available via jigdo.
  • The multi-arch CD images support i386/amd64; the installation is similar to installing from a single architecture netinst image.
  • The multi-arch DVD image supports i386/amd64; the installation is similar to installing from a single architecture full CD image; the DVD also includes the source for all included packages.
  • For the installation images, verification files (SHA256SUMS, SHA512SUMS and other) are available from the same directory as the images.

If you read only one document before installing, read ourInstallation Howto, a quickwalkthrough of the installation process. Other useful documentation includes:

  • Buster Installation Guide
    detailed installation instructions
  • Debian-Installer FAQand Debian-CD FAQ
    common questions and answers
  • Debian-Installer Wiki
    community maintained documentation

Download Debian Os

This is a list of known problems in the installer shipped withDebian 10.10. If you have experienced a probleminstalling Debian and do not see your problem listed here, please send us aninstallation reportdescribing the problem orcheck the wikifor other known problems.

Errata for release 10.0

Linux Debian Installer

Improved versions of the installation system are being developedfor the next Debian release, and can also be used to install buster.For details, seethe Debian-Installer projectpage.