Does Advance Auto Install Batteries For Free

AutoZone Offers Free Battery Charging, Too. In addition to free battery check, AutoZone offers complimentary battery charging that only takes 30 minutes and is done while you wait. If your battery is running a little low, swing by your local store for a charge! If it turns out you do need a new battery, Auto Zone offers a wide variety of. Advance Auto Parts will debut a comprehensive battery program featuring Interstate products at its more than 4,900 U.S. And international locations, and will offer free battery testing and installation in stores. Interstate products will be available initially at Advance’s company-owned stores and at independently owned Carquest stores.

  • Usually a lot of these auto parts places will install certain things. My Mom needed new wipers, she was going to take it to the dealership, which was a few blocks away.
  • (7 days ago) Advance Auto Parts Battery Coupon 2021 June Edition. $50 off (7 days ago) Avail free testing for batteries, starters, and alternators. Buy any car battery and get free installation for the same. Snap an extra discount of $10 on bringing old battery for exchange.
  • For more detail, read more about six common signs of a bad battery. Advance Auto Parts stores offer free battery testing and installation. HOW TO TEST YOUR CAR BATTERY. Always test your battery before declaring it dead. Even if jump starting your car doesn't work, the battery may not be the culprit.

Does Advance Auto Charge Batteries For Free

Interstate Batteries will become the exclusive automotive and specialty battery brand to Advance Auto Parts stores and customers in the spring of 2018.

Advance Auto Parts Inc. and Interstate Batteries Inc. say their strategic partnership will enable them to better serve the changing needs of the automotive aftermarket with premium quality products, expanded availability and enhanced customer service.

Advance Auto Parts will debut a comprehensive battery program featuring Interstate products at its more than 4,900 U.S. and international locations, and will offer free battery testing and installation in stores. Interstate products will be available initially at Advance’s company-owned stores and at independently owned Carquest stores. In the future, wholly owned Advance Auto Parts subsidiaries Worldpac, Autopart International and Carquest Canada will also offer Interstate products.

“We are thrilled that Advance Auto Parts will be the only national auto parts retailer offering our customers the market leading battery brand,” says Tom Greco, president and CEO of Advance Auto Parts.

“The trusted Interstate brand, coupled with Advance’s best-in-class customer service, is a winning combination. Offering Interstate products in store, online, and through delivery within our network demonstrates our commitment to serving our customers through differentiated, innovative solutions. Together with Interstate, we are positioned to increase market share in batteries and achieve growth. Long-term strategic partnerships with our suppliers are important and this is a great example.”

Automotive technicians have named Interstate Batteries the overall Best Automotive Battery Brand every year since 2007, according to global research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan Inc. Through the partnership, professional installers and do-it-yourself customers receive greater access and availability to premium automotive and specialty batteries as well as a broader warranty program.

“Interstate Batteries’ long-term vision is to be the first choice in sustainable battery solutions in every community we serve,” says Scott Miller, president and CEO of Interstate Batteries. “This alliance places us where our professional and retail customers are making purchasing decisions, allowing Advance Auto Parts and independent Carquest stores to serve as convenient, one-stop shops to meet our customers’ needs.”

Advance Auto Parts and Interstate Batteries say retail customers and professional installers alike will benefit from the partnership in many ways, which are outlined below.

Best-in-class brands: For 85 years, customers have relied on Advance Auto Parts for high quality parts, service and solutions. Customers value quality and reliability in batteries. Now, customers can get the entire line of the market leading Interstate brand from Advance Auto Parts. Interstate’s products are qualified at Interstate’s state-of-the-art testing lab to verify their products meet or exceed original equipment fit and function.

Unmatched availability: Through the partnership, DIY consumers and professional installers will benefit from more than 99 percent coverage for cars, light trucks, and specialty battery needs. Combining Advance’s online platforms and extended retail hours with Interstate’s expansive distribution network and route service program means the two companies will be able to provide the right battery at the right time when and where consumers need them.

Best-in-class service: Advance locations will benefit from Interstate’s vast battery distribution network – the largest in North America – with more frequent product rotation and efficiencies through direct delivery to stores, keeping shelves fully stocked. Professional installers will appreciate Advance’s timely delivery service, allowing them more time to focus on customers’ needs. Additionally, with its portfolio of more than 900,000 quality products, Advance is ready to meet the full automotive parts needs of Interstate’s extensive professional customer base. For consumers, Advance stores will continue to offer free battery testing and installation through the expertise of its knowledgeable team.

Does Advance Auto Parts Install Batteries For Free

Nationwide warranty coverage: Interstate warranties now will be honored at all Advance locations and independently-owned Carquest stores in addition to the 200,000-plus professional shops that install Interstate batteries. The Advance footprint and name recognition bring increased convenience to Interstate customers seeking warranty support.

Environmental sustainability: In addition to sharing similar values based on quality, service and integrity, both companies also focus on environmental sustainability. Together, the companies will recycle more than 30 million batteries per year. That’s 1.1 billion pounds of lead and equates to more batteries recycled than sold.

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Advance Auto Parts Free Services In Stores – So, anytime the word “free” is used, either online or off, I’m immediately skeptical. Usually the “free” item in question requires some other kind of purchase, which means that it isn’t free at all.

Personally, at best I think the word “bonus” is more appropriate in most cases. Like how the hotel I just stayed at for $250 a night gave me “free WIFI,” or how WW offers “free signup” (when you pay for 3 months!) Vistaprint offers “free” business cards, but prepare to pay double for shipping. That’s not really free.

Anyway, I recently saw that Advance Auto was listed as one of the “best stores for free services,” so I thought I’d look into it. So, what will they give you for free? Here’s our list of the best:

Best Free Services from Advance Auto Parts:

1. Free Battery Testing, Installation, Recycling:

They say to get a new battery every few years, but they don’t exactly give you a countdown before they die. (How long should a car battery last?) Go to any APP store, and they will test your battery for free. If you buy one, they will also install it for free. Usually garages will charge you a an extra fee of about $30 for that!

Does Advance Auto Install Batteries For Free

Does Advance Auto Install Batteries For Free

2. Free Check Engine Light Scan

Why is your check engine light on? Last time I stopped by a garage, they charged me $40 to see why my check-engine light was on. (It was a loose gas cap!) If you need a more comprehensive analysis, they can also refer you to a pro

Does Advance Auto Install Battery

3. Free Electrical Testing:

This Includes your starter & alternator, so if you are having any issues starting your car, they cover all the bases at the same time for free

4. Free Wiper Installation (w/ Purchase)

OK, so it requires that you buy something. Let’s call this a nice bonus. Last time I installed my own windshield wipers, it took me over 20 minutes!

5. Free Oil Recycling:

If you perform your own oil changes, you’ll know that you can’t exactly pour that stuff down the sink. Just take it to their store and they will dispose of it for you. They also have oil change specials in-store that save you up to $20 on new oil and filters

6. Free Loaner Tools:

Really!? There is no use buying a tool that you only use once every two years. Just leave a deposit, and you can borrow their tools for free. Even crazy stuff like spring compressors and specialized pullers. (Sorry, they don’t have eggs or sugar. You’ll have to ask your neighbor for that!)

7. Free in-store pickup:

Need parts now? The best promo codes for Advance Auto are online only, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them. Order anything online, and specify in-store pickup to get it immediately. (30 minutes)

8. Bonus: Free DIY Advice!

From ASE certified DIY professionals. You can’t get that at most stores. I asked someone at Home Depot a question about the blueberry bushes they were selling, and I may as well have asked them for help with my Irish step dancing techniques

Tip: If You Plan to Actually Buy Something…

You might just be stopping by an Advance Auto for a free service, but if you buy anything, always use a promo code. You’ll save up to 25% on your order, and can choose in-store pickup or free delivery. Pretty sweet deal!