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2 days ago  Elasticsearch install custom plugins results in ERROR: `elasticsearch` directory is missing in the plugin zip 0 Reindex for i18n Translations with searchkick and globalize combination. Install and configure Open Distro for Elasticsearch. Open Distro for Elasticsearch has many download options: Docker image, RPM package, Debian package, tarball, and Windows executable. This can install Elasticsearch as a Windows service or allow it to be run manually using the included elasticsearch.exe executable. Elasticsearch has historically been installed on Windows using the.zip archive. You can continue using the.zip approach if you prefer. This package contains both free and subscription features. Elasticsearch is an extremely popular search engine and will be an excellent addition to your CV – even if you are already familiar with other search engines or frameworks such as Apache Lucene, Apache Solr, Amazon CloudSearch, etc. Please note that this course is intended for developers who want to interact with an Elasticsearch cluster in.

Sign up for BitLaunch and install Elasticsearch on an Ubuntu 20.04 KVM VPS.


Elasticsearch is a distributed search and analytics engine based on JSON data. Its powerful search mechanisms made it popular for many applications. Though it's developed in Java, there are official Elasticsearch Python, Ruby, .NET, and other clients, making it a versatile tool.

This Elasticsearch tutorial will walk you through the install of Elasticsearch on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, with an additional section on how to secure it.

Installing Elastic Search

You will install Elasticsearch on Ubuntu using it's official package repo, but first you need to import it's GPG key to verify the package.

Once the key is imported following output will be displayed:

As a requirement you need to install the apt-transport-https package.

An output similar to following will be displayed:

Next, you need to add the repo to your apt sources list.


The output should be as follows:

Update the package index, using the apt update command.

The following output will be displayed.

Now you can install elasticsearch package.

Enable Elasticsearch to start on boot with the following command.

Following output will be displayed.

You can now start Elasticsearch.

Check the status of the Elasticsearch.

systemctl output will be as following.

As Elasticsearch has started you can query it usign curl.

A similar to following output will be displayed.

Securing ElasticSearch

The first step to securing Elasticsearch is enabling password protection. Elasticsearch has a tool to setup passwords, using the auto option, you can let Elasticsearch generate passwords automatically.

An output similar to the following will be displayed, with randomly generated passwords are shown as below:

Next, you will generate the certificate and the key using the openssl command

Change the file permissions so that the elasticsearch user can also read the key file.

Install Elasticsearch As Windows Service

Open Elasticsearch's configuration file with your favorite editor, this guide uses nano.

Paste the following at the end of the file.

This configuration enables security options so that password protection is enabled. Next you define the SSL certificate and key file.

Restart Elasticsearch with systemctl so that the new configuration takes effect.

Now you can test via the curl command without a password to make sure password protection is enabled. Note that as a self-signed certificate is used, the -k option is needed to accept the certificate.

Following output tells us authentication is required.

Retest with the correct username and password.

The following output shows our username and password is correct and we are accessing over HTTPS.

Testing ElasticSearch

To create a document you will use curl and POST.

Output is as follows:

To retreive a document you can use HTTP Get using document id.

To delete a document, use HTTP delete and the document id.


You now know how to install Elasticsearch and secure it with a password and SSL. Now you can search to your heart's content, or customize the tool to suit whatever other purpose you plan to use it for.

Elasticsearch Install Free Download