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Eset Home Download

Installer with AV Remover:
We recommend this option if you previously had a non-ESET antivirus solution installed on your system.
Installer without AV Remover:
Select this option if you are using ESET Remote Administrator to deploy to your client machines.


ESET Endpoint Antivirus 8 (8.X)

ESET Endpoint Antivirus 7 (7.3.2044.0)

ESET Endpoint Antivirus 6 (6.6.2086.1)

ESET Endpoint Antivirus 5 (5.0.2272)


Eset Offline Installer Free Download

Version 7.3.2044.0

  • Fixed: Incomplete exclusion definition process with Potentially Unwanted or Unsafe applications in multi-file archives by their hash-value.
  • Fixed: Full-text search in lists of advanced setup screens would miss some entries occasionally.
  • Fixed: Custom log filtering in Cyrillic records is strictly case-sensitive.
  • Added: Support for updated module of ESET Enterprise Inspector with version 1.5.

Version 7.3.2032.0

Eset Nod32 Antivirus Installer Download

  • Important: During upgrade from older versions, an immediate reboot is required to allow real-time file-system protection to reinitialize and become fully functional.
  • Added: Compatibility with future Windows 10 major update, due in H1 2021.
  • Fixed: When special characters are used in SSID of discovered Wi-Fi networks, duplicates of the same network can occur in the list of known networks.
  • Fixed: Sensitivity levels of detection mechanism would block files even if configured to report only.
  • Fixed: Bootstrapped installer would abort if installation folder is not empty, regardless of forced background clean-up.
  • Fixed: A finished on-demand scan initiated from central management console can result in shutting down the scanned computer even without activated shutdown option.

Version 7.2.2055.0

Eset Installer Free Download
  • Added: Local machine learning module for aggressive detection
  • Added: Unified exclusions
  • Added: Exclusion hit history
  • Added: Interactive alerts configuration
  • Added: Product upgrade process
  • Added: Deep behavioral inspection
  • Added: Comment field to all types of exclusions
  • Improved: Anti-Phishing
  • Improved: Insufficient graphic size and scaling of blocked webpage in Web control
  • Improved: Allowed combined blocking/warning message shown in browser in Web control

Version 7.1.2053

  • Fixed: Restart recommended alert visible in managed environment
  • Fixed: Product restart message during 'Change'-action from control panel
  • Fixed: Manual start mode works incorrectly
  • Fixed: User interface icon in system tray can be launched repeatedly
  • Fixed: Audit log - Restore button available in managed mode
  • Fixed: Empty configuration section for application notifications in EEA
  • Fixed: Starting a scan from context-menu can result in user interface to become unresponsive during the operation

Version 7.1.2045.X

Eset Standalone Installer

  • Added: Audit log
  • Added: Security report
  • Added: Custom repository server
  • Added: Windows 10 Redstone 6 (19H1) compatibility
  • Added: ESMC 7.0 compatibility
  • Changed: PUA communication and term use throughout product (“Threat” has been replaced with “Detection” when PUA is detected)
  • Changed: Product is Micro PCU 'ready' (Program Component Update)
  • Improved: Application notifications and statuses
  • Improved: Optimized Real-time file system protection module
  • Improved: Product update guidance
  • Improved: Notifications of license expiration
  • Improved: Licensing backend
  • Fixed: Slow performance when cleaning archives with several hundreds of infected files
  • Fixed: Changes to local lists in Override mode can become lost and replaced by ESMC policy rules
  • Fixed: Override mode duration between version 7.0 and 7.1

Version 7.0.2100.4

  • Fixed: Endpoint does not report expired license status
  • Fixed: Activation fails when endpoint cannot access proxy server
  • Fixed: Unable to block camera according to vendor, model and serial number
  • Fixed: Version mismatch after uPCU upgrade
  • Fixed: Experience a stop error (BSOD) in HIPS module after policy-based mode is enabled and system restart
  • Added: Custom repository server setting for endpoint

Version 7.0.2073.0

Eset Offline Installer Free Download

  • Added: Ransomware shield
  • Added: Product auto-update/microPCU
  • Added: Date/Time-based scheduling for Web control/Device control
  • Added: Support for local (white/black/url/exception) lists, in managed environment
  • Added: ESET Dynamic Threat Defense support
  • Added: Native ESET Enterprise Inspector support
  • Improved: Licensing upgrades to allow subscriptions
  • Improved: Visual/navigation improvements in advanced configuration (Cloud-based protection, LiveGrid)
  • Added: System-wide process exclusions
  • Added: System-wide object exclusions based on hash checksum
  • Improved: Optional fast track for updates with smaller modules/definitions (picoUpdates)
  • Changed: Default-enabled SSL scanning of web-traffic