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AlarmCAD includes two tools for automatically generating Riser Details. Users can choose to let AlarmCAD create the entire diagram, or build it one circuit at a time for more control over the diagram’s shape and appearance. NORTHFORD, CT — Fire-Lite Alarms by Honeywell is hosting free-of-charge fire alarm system training throughout the United States, according to a press release. Courses cover a wide range of technical information, including installation, programming and troubleshooting with practical hands-on exercises, the release stated. Tom Rosa, Fire-Lite Alarms” instructional curriculum developer. An electronic security system is a mission critical service installed in both domestic and commercial buildings to not only protect property but to safeguard lives as well. It is an industry manned by dedicated individuals and companies who are of the highest calibre and work diligently to provide a service that should not be compromised. Our 'hands-on' ZFP training courses are designed to provide specialist fire alarm installation engineers with the knowledge they need to install and commission our ZFP range of multi-loop fire panels. Three modules are available. Modules 1 and 2 take place on the same day and are detailed below.

The online security alarm technician training course covers the following, but not exhaustive, topics: fundamental concepts of the security industry, alarm system functions, perimeter and interior detection, output devices, installation of burglar alarm components, maintenance and repair procedures, working knowledge of fire and fire safety, false alarm prevention, industry codes and standards, fire alarm systems, OSHA standards, workplace safety, electrical concepts, wiring techniques, electrical circuits, relevant NEC Codes, electrical safety, types and proper use of tools, CCTV design, video compression, basic networking, system planning, access control, communication and wiring options, power supplies, troubleshooting, off-premises reporting, documentation, inspection, testing, ethical standards, proper conduct, and basic customer service.

Fire Alarm Training Manual

Certification Hours: 24

Approved for Certification Credit in:

Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, St. Louis Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah

The TEXAS Alarm Level 1 is 18 hours, to access that version, click here.

Online Certification Course Layout:

All approved courses, curriculum, & quizzing will be offered through a self-paced web based training platform. The Certification Test (i.e. final exam) will be a one-hour proctored final exam with a nationally recognized testing company.

  • Each group of topics will be divided into titled and clearly identified modules ranging from 1 to 2 hours, for a total of 24 hours.NOTE: Course modules will be delivered through SCORM standard LMS (Learning Management System) compliant software.
  • All online course modules are self-paced and can be logged off and on at anytime to where they left off.
  • After each module section is completed a mandatory quiz of ten questions will be given, on which learners must score of 70% or better in order to pass and receive course credit.

Final Exam:


Most Proctored Final Exams are taken ONLINE with national testing company, Proctor Exams. Upon completion of your Certification Course, you will be directed upon the method of how to complete your proctored final exam.

Please verify that you can meet system requirements to complete the final exam.

  • After all module sections have been completed, use the automatic single sign-on button to access your Exam via Proctor Exams. This access will appear only after all applicable coursework has been completed.
  • A picture ID are needed in order to take the proctored one hour final exam.
  • Using your Elite CEU login you will complete the proctored 60 question final exam.
  • Once the final exam is passed with a 70% or better, and the Exam Verification has been completed, Elite CEU will be notified and a Certificate of Completion will be processed and sent directly to the student within 2 business days of Exam Verification. We will also send a copy of the certificate to the appropriate governing security board (if required).
  • NOTE: If a student fails to pass the exam, they can immediately re-take the online proctored final exam and will pay a $45 retesting fee to Proctor Exams. To purchase an exam at a later date, use your Elite CEU login to to access your single sign-on for purchasing.

Security Alarm Installer Training


If you need multiple Certifications for a larger number of students/employees, please see our Bulk Pricing below! This reduction is based on groupings related to the number of students being enrolled at one time. Discounts are received via our Bulk Registration or Bulk Enrollment features.

Free Alarm Installation Training

Number of CertificationsPrice per Certification
1 – 9$279
10 – 30$269
31 – 50$259