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Alias Manager

This macro helps managing aliases inside FreeCAD Spreadsheet workbench. It is able to create, delete, move aliases and create a 'part family' group of files.
Macro version: 1.0
Last modified: 2016-11-20
FreeCAD version: 0.16 and above
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0.16 and above
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  1. So, in order to make FreeCAD restore your custom objects make sure that:. your macro has the and not.FCMacro. your macro is located in Python's search path. You get it with 'sys.path'. Note, a macro can be executed 'locally' so that it doesn't affect the current environment.
  2. FreeCAD uses the LGPL license, which means you are free to download, install, redistribute and use FreeCAD the way you want, regardless of the type of work you'll do with it (commercial or non-commercial). You are not bound to any clause or restriction, and the files you produce with it are fully yours.

For more info on installation, please check out the wiki. Linux 64-Bit AppImage. For distro-specific instructions, such as Ubuntu PPA, and other ways to. Additional modules and macros. The FreeCAD community provides a wealth of additional modules and macros. Def installmacro (macro, macrorepodir): 'Install a macro and all its related files: Returns True if the macro was installed correctly. Parameters- macro: a addonmanagermacro.Macro instance ' if not macro. Code: return False: macrodir = FreeCAD. GetUserMacroDir (True) if not os. Isdir (macrodir): try: os. Makedirs (macrodir.


This macro helps managing aliases inside FreeCAD Spreadsheet workbench. It is able to:

Freecad Addons

  • create aliases based on first column (A column)
  • delete aliases placed on a column
  • move aliases from one column to another one
  • create a 'part family', that's it, create different files for each column in a range. It will add to the original name a suffix based on first row (1)

Freecad Macro

More information might be found on FreeCAD forums: Macro for Spreadsheet Alias setup and Part Family Generation

And most updated versions of the macro can be downloaded from GitHub:


Free Cad Macro Installation

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