Free Car Battery Test And Installation

Sydney CAR BATTERY Mobile Replacement Service. We, at SYDNEY CAR BATTERY, offer a set of exceptional services including: FREE car battery delivery & installation within 1 hour/7 days. In fact, one in every five batteries would require replacement if tested. If you’re wondering whether your car battery still has some life in it, we can test and recharge most batteries for free, or find the best replacement for you. Find a store near you.

  1. Free Car Battery Test
  2. Free Car Battery Testing

It’s our business to know batteries, light bulbs, and electronic devices inside and out. We do more than offer an amazing assortment of products, we also provide services to make your products work better and last longer. Check out some of the services available to you through our local stores. Services may not be available at each store, please visit or call the store for complete details.


We can get your mobile device back up and running quickly. We specialize in the repair of iPad, iPhone, and iPod models. We can even show you how to convert an old, broken iPhone into a functioning iPod! Find your device and our list of repair services.

Walmart car battery free installation

Free Car Battery Test


Batteries Plus Bulbs is committed to recycling spent batteries and light bulbs as a means to reduce waste in our landfills, stop harmful chemicals from contaminating our soil and water, and preserve our environment by decreasing the need for new raw materials from the Earth. Learn more...


We test and diagnose batteries before we sell you something you don’t need. Get your car battery along with the charging and electrical system tested, for free!

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Trust an expert to install a top quality battery or light bulb.

  • Automotive Bulb – We offer an enormous selection of headlights, brake lights, tail lights, license plate lights and more.
  • Car Battery – Pull up in front of our store and we’ll install your new car battery for you, rain or shine. Most vehicle batteries can be installed in 20-minutes or less, no appointment necessary.
  • Key Fob – Your keyless-entry not working? We’ll test your key fob and install a new battery if it needs one.
  • UPS Battery - We are your supplier for backup replacement Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) batteries. We will test and, if needed, install a new battery in your personal UPS unit.
  • Watch – We test old watch batteries and install new ones. In most cases, we can do it while you wait.

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Rebuild - Tech Center

Our stores are capable of rebuilding, assembling and installing hundreds of different types of batteries in our Tech Center.

  • Assembly – We have battery professionals capable of creating unique solutions, using the top brands of industrial cells across chemistries to meet your custom power needs.
  • Rebuild – Our trained associates can build batteries for all kinds of products including: razors, trimmers, power tools, vacuums, toys, appliances and more!

Business Accounts

Free Car Battery Testing

Batteries Plus Bulbs has over 650 stores in 47 states and Puerto Rico, with access to over 60,000 unique batteries, light bulbs, and related products, allowing us to to effectively serve business customers. Learn more...