Free Car Stereo Install With Purchase

Whether you want to upgrade or your current car stereo isn’t working, installing a new one can be done, and as you probably know, the market is flooded with many options.

  1. Free Car Stereo Install With Purchase Code
  2. Free Car Stereo Install With Purchase Of New
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Free Car Stereo Install With Purchase Code

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How much does car stereo installation cost?

Free Car Stereo Install With Purchase Of New

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The cost of installing a car stereo will depend on the type of stereo, the complexity of the installation job and which professional/company you choose. On average, car stereo installation, without the car stereo, is going to range anywhere from $0 if you purchase directly from a company during a promotion to as much as $300 for an advanced receiver that may require more wiring than usual. Most basic installs, however, will be about $40 to $80.

For instance, Best Buy’s Geek Squad charges $65 for a car deck installation and another $65 if you need standards speakers installed. This won’t include the hardware.

Frys Electronics, at the time of this writing, had a free basic installation promotion going on, but when this promotion isn’t going on, the costs are similar to Best Buy.

Car stereo installation overview

Standard car stereo installation jobs will include removing the old stereo; connecting the wiring harness and antenna adapter; and installing a mounting kit, allowing the stereo to blend in with the car’s dashboard. If a Bluetooth microphone is needed near the visor, this will be installed at the time as well.

Most reputable installers will back their work with a limited warranty that may last up to a lifetime. With this warranty, as long as the unit hasn’t been modified, the installer will be able to fix any issue for free.

What are the extra costs?

If necessary, a separate wiring harness may need to be purchased in order to connect the new stereo to the factory wiring. An antenna adapter may need to be purchased as well, depending on the setup. Oftentimes, the stereo will need a special dashboard kit in order to create a natural look. This will often be a separate charge. All of these parts combined, if needed, should be about $40 to $60 more.

Best Buy Stereo Installation

Companies may charge a small $5 to $10 materials charge.

Some people often install new speakers with their car stereo. To install car speakers, the costs can be in the $70 to $180 range for the installation job only, but sometimes, the company may cut you a deal if you have the job done all at once. Adding an amplifier can add another $100 to $175 to the job, depending on the setup and the number of channels.

Installing a Bluetooth microphone near the visor is often done with players that have this functionality. The parts will often be sold separately and the installation price may go up.

How can I save money?


Larger companies, such as Best Buy, often offer a low cost or even free stereo installation if you purchase the stereo directly from them. It doesn’t hurt to ask the retailer if there are any promotions going on when you make your purchase.

Purchasing from reputable online retailers like Crutchfield make it easy to do the installation on your own since they provide all of the necessary installation equipment and step-by-step instructions.

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How much did you spend?

Download or browse on-line these Operating & Installation for Rockford Fosgate FNX-1404 Car Speakers, Car Stereo System.

Car Stereo Installation

Free Car Stereo Install With Purchase Program

Rockford Fosgate FNX-1404 Manual Information:

This manual for Rockford Fosgate FNX-1404, given in the PDF format, is available for free online viewing and download without logging on. The guide contains 28 pages, and the size of the file at download is 0.79 Mb. The document type is Operating & Installation.

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  • Rockford Fosgate Fanatic X FNX1404 Operation & Installation

    Pages: 24

Summary of Contents

[Page 1] Rockford Fosgate FNX-1404 Manual

® ® car audio fanatics for operation &operation & operation &operation & operation & installationinstallation installationinstallation installation component systems ...

[Page 2] Rockford Fosgate FNX-1404 Manual

Dear Customer, Congratulations on your purchase of the world's finest brand of car audio speakers. At Rockford Fosgate we are fanatics about musical reproduction at its best, and we are pleased you chose our product. Through years of engineerin...

[Page 3] Rockford Fosgate FNX-1404 Manual

Welcome to Rockford Fosgate! This manual is designed to provide information for the owner, salesperson and installer. For those of you who want quick information on how to install this product, please turn to the Installation Section of this manual...

[Page 4] Rockford Fosgate FNX-1404 Manual

I NTRODUCTION This manual provides information on the features and installation of the Fanatic X Systems. We suggest you save this manual for future reference. We strongly recommend you have your Authorized Rockford Fosgate Dealer install the Fanatic...

[Page 5] Rockford Fosgate FNX-1404 Manual

D ESIGN F EATURES Tweeter 1. 3/4' Silk Dome Tweeter – To ensure accurate high frequency reproduction, the tweeter dome must be both light and strong. The Fanatic X Component Systems use a silk dome that has extremely low mass and high strengt...

[Page 6] Rockford Fosgate FNX-1404 Manual

D ESIGN F EATURES Midrange 4. Rubber Surround – The durable rubber surround withstands the extremes of the automotive environment. It also improves sound quality by reducing 2nd and 3rd order harmonics and provides wider frequency response. 5. Mic...

[Page 7] Rockford Fosgate FNX-1404 Manual

I NSTALLATION C ONSIDERATIONS Tools Needed The following is a list of some of the tools necessary for the installation of your speakers. Power Drill with assorted bits #2 Phillips Screwdriver Tape Measure Voltmeter General 1. For safety, disconnect ...

[Page 8] Rockford Fosgate FNX-1404 Manual

M OUNTING L OCATION A solid front stage with a good image is one of the most difficult tasks to achieve in a vehicle. No car has the optimum listening environment. This makes proper sound staging very difficult to accomplish. Most speakers tend to b...

[Page 9] Rockford Fosgate FNX-1404 Manual

• Sound radiated from a “point source” has the most optimum stereo imaging because the separation of the acoustical centers between the midrange and tweeter for each channel is at the optimum. Figure 2-A describes a horizontal speaker alignment...

[Page 10] Rockford Fosgate FNX-1404 Manual

– 7 – I N S T A L L A T I O N ® ® Flush Mount Tweeter Tweeter Surface Mount Tweeter Trim Ring Back Plate Flush Housing Tweeter Trim Ring Back Plate Surface Housing Wedge Mount Tweeter Tweeter Wedge Housing ...

[Page 11] Rockford Fosgate FNX-1404 Manual

Crossover Connections • Be Sure to Maintain Speaker Polarity • 0dB Tweeter Level matches the amplitude of the tweeter to the midrange • –3dB Tweeter Level reduces the amplitude of the tweeter –3dB lower than the midrange. (ex. ideal for twe...

[Page 12] Rockford Fosgate FNX-1404 Manual

– 9 – Bandpassing the Midrange I N S T A L L A T I O N ® ® • The Fanatic Component Systems are optimized for full range music reproduc- tion. In cases where a subwoofer is used, the midrange can be bandpassed in order to prevent overlapping f...

[Page 13] Rockford Fosgate FNX-1404 Manual

T ROUBLESHOOTING No sound from speakers Symptom Diagnosis Remedy Check and repair or replace wiring as needed. Check system with known work- ing amplifier and repair or re- place as needed. Check for shorts in the wiring with a volt/ohm meter and re-...

[Page 14] Rockford Fosgate FNX-1404 Manual

S PECIFICATIONS System Model Number FNX1414 FNX1514 FNX1614F FNX1614 Midrange Model Number FNX1404 FNX1405 FNX1406F FNX1406 Nominal Diameter 4' 5 1 ⁄ 4 '6'6 1 ⁄ 2 ' Nominal Impedance 4Ω 4Ω 4Ω 4Ω Frequency Response 90Hz...

[Page 15] Rockford Fosgate FNX-1404 Manual

– 12 – L IMITED W ARRANTY I NFORMATION Rockford Corporation offers a limited warranty on Rockford Fosgate products on the following terms: • Length of Warranty 1 year on speakers 30 days on speaker B-stock (receipt required) 3 years on electr...

[Page 16] Rockford Fosgate FNX-1404 Manual


[Page 17] Rockford Fosgate FNX-1404 Manual

– 14 – I NSTALACIÓN Montaje del altavoz de medios I N S T A L L A T I O N ® ® LEA DETENIDAMENTE LAS SIGUIENTES INSTRUCCIONES DE INSTALACIÓN DEL PRODUCTO. I NTRODUCCIÓN Este manual contiene información sobre la construcción, installación y...

[Page 18] Rockford Fosgate FNX-1404 Manual

I N S T A L L A T I O N ® ® – 15 – 1. Corte el agujero para el medio/woofer. • Par el FNX1404, corte un circulo de 90,48mm de diámetro • Par el FNX1405, corte un circulo de 113,50mm de diámetro • Par el FNX1406F, corte un circulo de 127...

[Page 19] Rockford Fosgate FNX-1404 Manual

– 16 – I NSTALLATION Montage du haut-parleur médium I N S T A L L A T I O N ® ® Veuillez lire les instrucitons suivantes pour l'installation de ces produits. I NTRODUCTION Ce manuel contient des informations sur les caractéristiques et l...

[Page 20] Rockford Fosgate FNX-1404 Manual

1. Découper un trou adapté au haut-parleur médium/woofer. • Pour le FNX1404, le diamètre du trou est de 90,48mm • Pour le FNX1405, le diamètre du trou est de 113,50mm • Pour le FNX1406F, le diamètre du trou est de 127mm • Pour le FNX140...

[Page 21] Rockford Fosgate FNX-1404 Manual

E INBAU Montage des Mitteltöners I N S T A L L A T I O N ® ® Die folgende Bedienungsanleitung soll Ihnen beim Einbau eine Hilfestellung geben. E NLEITUNG Diese Bedienungsanleitung enthält Informationen für den Gebrauch und Einbau des Punch Fanat...

[Page 22] Rockford Fosgate FNX-1404 Manual

1. Schneiden Sie die richtige Lochgröβe für den Mitteltöner oder Midbaβ aus. • Für den FNX1404, schneiden Sie ein 90,48mm Ø Loch • Für den FNX1405, schneiden Sie ein 113,50mm Ø Loch • Für den FNX1406F, schneiden Sie ein 127mm Ø Loch ...

[Page 23] Rockford Fosgate FNX-1404 Manual

I NSTALLAZIONE Installazione del Midrange I N S T A L L A T I O N ® ® Leggere le istruzioni seguenti prima dell'installazione del prodotto. I NTRODUZIONE Questo manuale fornisce informazioni sulle caratteristiche e sul installazione dei sistem...

[Page 24] Rockford Fosgate FNX-1404 Manual

1. Practicate un foro del diametro corretto per il midrange/woofer • 90,48mm per FNX1404 • 113,50mm per FNX1405 • 127mm per FNX1406F • 139,06mm per FNX1406 2. Posizionate l'anello della griglia sul foro e segnate la posizione delle viti....

[Page 25] Rockford Fosgate FNX-1404 Manual

N OTES – 22 – ...

[Page 26] Rockford Fosgate FNX-1404 Manual

N OTES – 23 – ...

[Page 27] Rockford Fosgate FNX-1404 Manual

N OTES – 24 – ...

[Page 28] Rockford Fosgate FNX-1404 Manual

1/98 LIT9944 Rockford Fosgate Rockford Corporation 546 South Rockford Drive Tempe, Arizona 85281 U.S.A. In U.S.A., (602) 967-3565 In Europe, Fax (49) 8503-934014 In Japan, Fax (81) 559-79-1265 MADE IN THE USA This product is designed, developed and...

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