Free Download Google Chrome 40 Offline Installer

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Free Download Google Chrome 40 Offline Installer

Chrome Offline Installer: Want to use Internet? Wait let me use the correct phrase, Want to browse the Web? If yes, then you might need an absolute web browser for you to browse Internet at full speed and agility. We are going to discuss about one of the best browsers in the world that is Chrome Browser by Google which has been doing so well in the online arena.

The most important thing is that we can download Chrome browser for free of cost and today we are going to learn how to download chrome offline installer. In this way after installing chrome browser, we can browse the web securely and freely from the tensions of malware and spam.

Chrome Browser Features

I know most of you guys might have been using browsers like chrome and firefox for a long time but have no idea how many features they already have. So I thought it would be nice of me to share and show you the real use of different chrome browser features that we can certainly make use of.

  • Browse Faster

Chrome browser is known for their eloquent and light weight UI design which lets you to browse different websites at high speed and faster indeed. You will find a huge difference between other browsers and chrome once you start using it.

  • Search Instantly from Address Bar

I guess no other web browser offers this feature other than chrome, where users can directly search from their address bar. It takes very less toll on users who find it way too lazy to go around and type into search engines

  • Autofill

Tired of filling the same forms again and again? Then it’s time to make use of Autofill feature which will loads all the previous data into the tabs with just one click

  • Customization

Chrome browser has the most effective customization features when compared to any other web browser. We can search for different extensions and addons such as Adblock and many more which help us improve our browsing experience.

Following the above listed features and their uses, you can make your browsing experience go more than awesome and believe me I use them every day.

Why to use Chrome Offline Installer?

Well this question might hit everyone’s head and it hit mine too, for the question why would I even have to use Chrome Offline Installer? The simple answer would be not to make use of the Chrome exe which will download data from online and take a toll. The best part about offline installers is that once we done these executable files, we can re install them many a times and they work like charm.

Other good reasons to have Chrome offline installer is that we can share the same file on different computers using sharing devices like USB or more. It means that if you want to install chrome on your second Desktop or Laptop, this time you will not have to download the whole chrome browser again from online which is around 50 MB at least.

I guess I could few friends who just are lame enough to download chrome browser from online and they come asking me about the latest version of chrome offline installer. To be frank I find helping them pleasant and good because all it takes is a 2 minute work to download the offline installer for chrome browser once and we are done.

Well this is the simple reason why we use Chrome Browser offline installer latest version, as it is portable and can be shared easily.

How to Download Chrome Offline Installer For Windows 10, 8 and 7 OS

Chrome web browser is a fine way to browse the web and it takes even less span of time to install. So, let us get into the part where you will find the steps to download chrome offline installer for windows PC.

Note that we will be downloading the Google chrome standalone version which is around 48 MB from Chrome official website directly as shown as below.

Free Download Google Chrome 4shared

  • You will have to download and save the Chrome offline installer from here

Free Download Google Chrome Browser

  • Then click on Accept and Install button
  • Now you have to click on the save file button
  • After that you need to double click on the downloaded chrome file
  • A popup will appear asking to either Run or Cancel, we have to click on Run button
  • Next we will have to select the installation directory which is already located, then click on next button
  • Now Chrome browser will begin to install and this might take a minute hardly

Once the installation is completely done, we can find Chrome Browser icon on desktop and start menu

Free Download Google Chrome 40 Offline Installer For Pc

Tada! You’ve now downloaded and successfully installed Chrome offline installerbrowser for windows pc with in no time. Now you will be able to browse on web, visit different websites and even stream content from different networks easily.

Free Download Google Chrome 40 Offline Installer Full


Thank you friends for reading this post about how to download Chrome offline installer for Windows 10, 8 and 7 OS easily. I hope now you will be able to easily download chrome browser latest version for windows pc without any problem.

I am sure you will face no issues while following or executing this guide, but if you do then let me know the issue in the comments section below.