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VLC Media Player Free Download for PC. It is no exaggeration in the slightest to say that VLC Media Player is one of the free video players that has gained an extremely massive attention from users worldwide. See full list on

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Latest Version3.0.14
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Operating SystemWindows 7 / 8 / 10
LicenseGNU General Public License
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Started from an academic project, it took around 13 years to get the version 1.0.0 released. Today, many users consider VLC Media Player as an exceptional freeware to play all popular kinds of video and audio formats.

Calling VLC Media Player as simply a video player doesn’t do it justice. Under the hood there are some surprising features that not all users know of. For instance, the video downloader. The coolest part of it is that you can watch the video while the download is still in progress.

Features and Highlights

Effects and Filters

Located in the Tools menu, Effects and Filters is where you can get yourself a collection of audio and video manipulation settings. You can make a video looks sharper, add a bit more saturation, fixing the brightness, add a logo, adjust the audio, and so on.


Don’t feel like you want to launch the browser? Don’t fret about it, VLC Media Player has got you covered. You can stream videos for as long as you want directly from within its interface. You still need to know the URL of the video, though. The hugely popular software requires you to paste the URL for it to be able to stream the video for you.

Download video

As it is not a dedicated video downloader, don’t expect for bells and whistles. Furthermore, you have to go through several steps to download a video, which includes choosing the right codec.

Despite its lack of options and efficiency in downloading videos, VLC Media Player still serve as a good alternative in certain situations. Don’t forget that it has the ability to watch the video without having to wait until the download is over, which is a big plus.

Play Archive Files

If you have some video files archived in ZIP formats, there is no need for manual extraction. VLC Media Player can play archive files directly. Even if the video is split into several archive parts, the software can still play it as long as all of the parts are gathered within a single folder. Make sure that the part that you open in VLC Media Player is the first one.

Free Download Vlc Player Setup

Loop A Part of Video

It’s common for media players to have a feature to loop an entire video, but what if you just want a specific part of a video? In VLC Media Player, you can do it by using the Advanced Controls to set the start and end points.


When you find a few moments in a video that you probably want to watch again someday, you can mark the moments as bookmark entries in VLC Media Player. By clicking each entry in the bookmark, you will be able to jump to specific sections of the video instantly.

VLC Media Player Free Download for PC

It is no exaggeration in the slightest to say that VLC Media Player is one of the free video players that has gained an extremely massive attention from users worldwide. The absence of ads, the wealth of the features, the skins, the extensions, everything that it offers probably cover all the stuff that you need from a good video player.

Windows 32-bit

The VLC is a free and open-source application, which was originally designed and developed by Jean-Baptiste Kempf and started in 1996. It is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License and is available for most operating.

The application is available for most operating systems, including Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. It supports all standard audio and video file formats. It can also read from a DVD and includes a streaming server for delivering media over a network. There’s also the possibility to VLC Player download from Microsoft’s Windows Store.


The VLC player is a user-friendly software application from its interface. The interface is minimalistic and responsive to the user’s actions. The interface is very intuitive and there is no need for a tutorial to get started. The interface is clean and uncluttered.


The VLC media player free is very easy to use. Every function can be accessed by a mouse and keyboard shortcut. The software is built for any user to use it without any prior knowledge.


This player has all the basic functions, such as playing videos, playing music, streaming online videos, capture video from a webcam, viewing images, etc. The VLC free has excellent support for wide range of formats.


The VLC media player has a great support system. The software is often updated to fix bugs and add more features. The media player has an active forum and an active blog, which make it easy for the community to communicate with developers and with each other.


Free Download Vlc Player Installer Full

  • How do I download VLC media player?
    First, if you don't already have it, you'll need to install app.
    To VLC Media Player free download, visit site and click the download button.
    Once installed, you'll find player in your Applications folder or anywhere else you choose to store your apps.
Free Download Vlc Player Installer
  • How do I use the app?
    There are many reasons why you'd want to VLC download, but if you're looking for a quick and easy way to open a file, you might want to try dragging it onto icon.
    By dropping the file onto its icon, you'll open it in the app without having to open a separate window.
  • How do I use soft to watch YouTube videos?
    Since player's primary purpose is playing videos, it's made for watching YouTube videos.
    Before you jump into your favorite YouTuber's video, you'll need to download a copy of the video file.
  • How do I download a video with app?
    With the URL in hand, you can download the video.
    Open your application and click the Media menu, then click Open Network Stream.
    Paste the URL into the box that opens and click the Play button.
    You'll now be able to watch the video.


  • How do I download VLC on Windows 10?
    To download the VLC Media Player for Windows 10, you can use the official website. Click the button on the top right of their website and choose the Windows version. If you haven’t done this before, you’ll be guided through a quick process.
  • How can I update the app player for windows 10?
    Update it from the Control Panel - Programs and Features section, but it says the update is not available for my device.