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Fire pits and fireplaces can be built from most natural stones, including flagstone slabs and small boulders. Gappsi can help design, build and accessorize and patio on Long Island NY. Award winning designs, 25 years experience and a reputation you can count on. Call today for a patio design and build consultation at (631) 543-1177. Jan 26, 2020 - #firetables #firepits Outdoor living spaces create a place to experience the warmth of family and friends. Fireplaces, fire pits, outdoor kitchens and more! Free Estimates: Paul Saladino - Office (631) 678-6896 See more ideas about fire table, outdoor living, outdoor fire pit.

No matter where you live on Long Island, the weather might determine whether or not you spend time outdoors – unless you have a custom natural stone fire pit by Country Setting Landscapes! Our team of professional designers conceptualizes genius landscaping layouts that help Long Islanders get outside and enjoy their yards – all while staying warm and cozy year-round. Handcrafted by professional masons and built to stand the test of time, nothing is as beautiful and functional as our stone fire pits.

Every one of our custom natural stone fire pits is built on site, thereby ensuring the ideal custom fit. Our clients determine the exact size, shape, base stone style and cap stone style they would like to use, and work together with our designers to create a functional and attractive finished product. This type of ground-up construction ensures that our clients get the exact look they love in a fire pit that is safe, efficient and simple to use.

Many of our custom natural stone fire pits are supported by a welded steel frame for additional structural support. This also expands the options for locations, which may include on the ground, or on a patio or deck. In addition to various stone and style options, we also offer the option of either wood-burning fire pits or gas-lighting fire pits, depending on personal preference. We work with both natural gas and liquid propane gas fire pits and fireplaces. Electronic ignition systems are also available. In Nassau County and Suffolk County, the right fire pit option is one that will stay lit and safe no matter what the conditions – there is no “one size fits all” choice for every home!

The range of natural stone options we offer is virtually limitless, though we give preference to high-quality local stone materials. Other fire pit building materials include bricks, imported natural stone and boulders. Clients may decide to build a fire pit and surround it with chairs or benches, or to build a fire pit with integrated seating. Whether you would like a place to stay warm and cozy in the winter, or a fire pit to roast marshmallows in the summer, we provide a full range of Long Island custom solutions at Country Setting Landscapes.

To learn more about the options available from Country Setting Landscapes or to schedule a consultation with our custom natural stone fire pit designers, please contact our team in Long Island today.

Fire Pit Design

Outdoor patio set with fire pit

Outdoor Fire Pit Design and Build Professionals

An outdoor fire pit makes the perfect centerpiece for entertaining. It is one of the best additions for enjoying a backyard on Long Island year round. We design fire pits so the crackling of fire sets a welcoming atmosphere that's easy to enjoy. And we build them with higher quality materials so they last a long time.

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Designed for Use

A New Place to Enjoy

Fire pits beckon people to their outdoor space in every season on Long Island. They are perfect for enjoying a crisp autumn evening or gazing at the stars on a clear wintry night.

For All Seasons

During cool spring mornings, Fire pits provide a relaxing place to enjoy a morning cup of coffee. During winter, fire pits provide warmth that's welcome company when performing outdoor chores.

Create Memories

Creates moments. Roasting hot dogs and marshmallows with the family create warm memories. Fire pits are perfect for gathering around, singing songs and telling stories.

Bonus Features

Some fire pits have additional features, like being able to burning wood, charcoal or gas for cooking. Some are large enough to hold bonfires. They can even have built-in seating around it.

Outdoor Fire Pit Materials

Brick, Stone and Concrete

Free Fire Pit With Patio Installation Long Island Ny

Fire pits are constructed with waterproof and heat-resistant materials, such as brick, stone or concrete. The desired look determines which material is used. Multiple materials can be used. For example, concrete might be used for the base and the stone or brick used for the fire pit itself.

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Fire Pits Gallery

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Free Fire Pit With Patio Installation Long Island

Free Fire Pit With Patio Installation Long Island County

At Autumn Leaf, we design, install, light and maintain our fire pits. We build fire pits as individual projects or as part of larger projects. See a few of our fire pits here.

Have Autumn Leaf Design & Install Your Fire Pit

At Autumn Leaf Landscape Design, we have more than 20 years of experience designing dream spaces in Long Island. We create custom outdoor fire pits that are attention grabbing and functional while reflecting the customer’s unique personality. Contact us today for more information.

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