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CenturyLink makes it easy to set up a wireless network in your home. The installation kit includes everything you need to install your router on your own. And if you’re not the DIY type, CenturyLink can schedule a technician to install everything for you. Call and speak to a CenturyLink-authorized agent today to discuss your options. The deal is available to those living in the Twin Cities metro area, with CenturyLink currently offering three speeds of internet at 20, 40 and 100mbps, at prices ranging from $45 to $65 a month. Customers who sign up don't have to lock themselves into a long contract – it's month-to-month – and it doesn't charge you a fee when you cancel.

30-Day Free Trial; $9.99/mo. Learning Package retails for over $59/mo. Installation Self-Install. We made it easy to install your CenturyLink™ High-Speed Internet yourself. We’ll send you a modem and you can be up and running in 30 minutes. If you need further help, we're always here to support you 24 hours a day. How long does the self. Make sure your computer is connected to the modem with an Ethernet cable, and that the modem is plugged in and connected to the wall jack. After plugging it in, wait 15 minutes for the modem to install updated software. Then, open any browser on your computer and go to (not 'https').

Does CenturyLink Service My Area?

To see if you are in a CenturyLink area, call 1-888-781-8044.

What Kind of Support Does CenturyLink Provide?

CenturyLink provides 24/7 technical support.


Does CenturyLink Require a Contract?

CenturyLink offers plans with no term commitment month to month service (referred to as “no contract”) that may be canceled at any time without an early termination fee. But customers must accept High-Speed Internet Subscriber Agreement prior to using service.

Does CenturyLink Do a Credit Check?

Yes. CenturyLink performs a credit check in order to verify the identity of its customers and in order to qualify its customers. In the event that a customer does not qualify for service, a small deposit may be required to set up new service.

Do I Get a Discount for Bundling Services?

Yes! When you bundle certain services you can recieve a discount.

Did CenturyLink Buy Qwest? Does CenturyLink Own Qwest? Is CenturyLink Qwest?

Yes. On April 22, 2010, CenturyLink agreed to acquire Qwest.

Is CenturyLink EMBARQ?

Yes, formerly known as CenturyTel, Inc., CenturyLink acquired EMBARQ in 2009 and began doing business as CenturyLink, Inc. in May 2010.

Does CenturyLink Go Door-to-Door?

No. However CenturyLink may contract with third-party companies that may offer services door-to-door.

Is CenturyLink Sprint?


Does Verizon Own CenturyLink?