Free Mcboot Memory Card Install

Free Memory Card Boot (FMCB) is a homebrew software which is designed to setup your PlayStation 2 console and provide you with a means of launching homebrew software, without the need for any extra hardware, modifications to your console or dangerous tricks like the legendary swap trick.

  1. Install Free Mcboot From Usb
  2. Install Free Mcboot From Another Memory Card
  3. Fmcb Ps2 Memory Card
  4. Free Mcboot Installer
  5. How To Use Free Mcboot Memory Card

What is this?
  • I do have a memory card with a usb plug, and even I need to plug into the ps2 and install it using another way of launching homebrew you need a way of running homebrew on the ps2. Either a modchip or another free mcboot card, or other ways.
  • Apr 12, 2020 Go to the PS2 Browser menu (PS2 default browser where you see all your game saves on your memory cards). Select the memory card (MC) you have copied the file to: Rev2 supports both slots. For rev1 preferably 1st slot ('mc0:/') is needed. For rev2 all the icons can load. For rev1 let it load ONLY 2-3 icons and then hit back right away.
  • 1 - Copy the 'FunTuna-R2.psu' to a pendrive. 2 - In your PS2, launch uLaunchELF (.). 3 - In uLE go to 'File Browser', then 'mass:/' and then look for the 'FunTuna-R2.psu' file and highlight it.

Well, FunTuna is a compilation of edited existing homebrew.
It includes custom versions of Fortuna, Free McBoot, uLaunchELF and the Free McBoot Configurator. All of them edited to works from 'mc0:/BOOT/' only and edits the timestamps of that folder back to '2099-12-31 23:59:59' when something is edited inside.
Also, the FMCB used in FunTuna is a standalone ELF
, not as a OSDSYS Update, so it means you can copy it from one Memory Card to another and it WILL work.
How to make a free mcboot memory cardAlso, this makes everything simpler to users of consoles with Browsers v2.30+ (SCPH-900XX and Bravia TVs), since to mod their consoles they now just need to paste a PSU file (which comes with every useful homebrew inside) in their Memory Card.

Install Free Mcboot From Usb

1 - Copy the 'FunTuna-R2.psu' to a pendrive.
2 - In your PS2, launch uLaunchELF(*).
3 - In uLE go to 'File Browser', then 'mass:/' and then look for the 'FunTuna-R2.psu' file and highlight it.
4 - Press R1, then 'Copy'. (Check if there's a green label in the top right corner, if it is NOT there, then try pressing O instead of X or X instead of O when you select the 'Copy' option).
5 - Go to '..' then go to 'mc0:/'.
6 - If you hava a folder called 'FORTUNA', highlight it, press R1 and select 'Delete'
7 - Check there's at least 2.60MB of free space in your Memory Card (check at the top).
8 - Press R1 and then select 'psuPaste'.
9 - Wait until it finishes, the reboot your console.
(*) We advise to use the specific uLE version provided here (WorkingULE.ELF) as we noticed that some uLE and wLE builds out there fails to properly set the timestamp.
If you do not have an exploit on your console, you can use FreeDVDBoot to launch uLE.
FunTuna does not AutoBoots with your console. You need to run it every time you turn on your PS2.
Doing it is quite simple:
1 - Go to the PS2 Browser, then open your 1st memory card and you will see an invisible icon.
2 - Press O to go back (or X if your console is Asian)
3 - You will see that the memory card icons are now transparent. Press O (or X) to go back again and done.
A - You can use the method for consoles without modchip.
B - You can configure your modchip to autoboot DEV1, so it will launch FunTuna on boot.
1 - Be sure there's no Fortuna saves on the Memory Card where you want to copy FunTuna. Also, be sure your PS2 haves the actual date and that there are no saves with futuristic timestamp on the Memory Card where you want to copy FunTuna. Else, you can set the date to the future temporary.
2 - Place the Memory Card where FunTuna is in the slot 1. Place the another one in the slot 2.
3 - Turn on your console and go to the PS2 Browser and then enter the first Memory Card.
4 - Select the transparent icon and copy it from the Memory Card in slot 1 to the Memory Card in slot 2
5 - After the copy finishes, shut down your console
6 - Take the Memory Card from slot 2 and place it in slot 1
7 - Boot FunTuna as usual
8 - Go to the Free McBoot Configurator
9 - Select 'Save CNF to MC0'. Now the FunTuna timestamp in the new Memory Card is set to 2099-12-31 23:59:59, the highest available on the PS2. If you changed your PS2's date for some reason, you can now set it back to the real actual date.
FunTuna is just for use in Slim PS2 consoles.
Just like the original Fortuna project, once FunTuna is installed on your Memory Card, it is advised to NOT use it on a FAT PS2 console or it could damage the savedatas inside your Memory Card. If you want to use that Memory Card on these kind of consoles, just delete FunTuna or Fortuna and done.
Original Projects:
- Fortuna Project: krat0s
- Free McBoot: jimmikaelkael and neme
- Free McBoot Configurator: suloku
- uLaunchELF: EP, dlanor and mirakichi
Modified Homebrew:
- Fortuna Project mod: AlKa-Rajo
- Free McBoot, Free McBoot Configurator and uLaunchELF mods: Howling Wolf & Chelsea
Other homebrews in this package:
- ESR: ffgriever
- OpenPS2Loader: Ifcaro, volca, jimmikaelkael, polo35, izdubar, hominem.te.esse, SP193, BatRastard, crazyc, dlanor, doctorxyz, reprep, belek666, Maximus32, misfire, Berion, RandQalan, yoshi314, EP, LocalH, lee4, El_Patas, ShaolinAssassin, algol, gledson999, jolek, zero35, Eugene Plotnikov, Marcus R. Brown, icyson55, Eric Young, fjtrujy
- Simple Media System: Eugene Plotnikov
- Power Off: SP193
Special Thanks: uyjulian, fjtrujy
BETA Testing team: Birdatoo, Duncan Idaho, Haker120 (a youkai of love), LourdesAnn (Snow), MrMario2011, NightBreeze, Samus2K (T-Virus), Senyuki, theANY, TnA, Venão, Versatile, Webzen

Este archivo se encuentra en un servidor cubano, así que puede ser bajado en Cuba usando navegación nacional, los 300MB de bono de datos o de forma gratuita desde nauta hogar sin tener que iniciar sesión.

FreeMCBoot is one of the most tried and tested softmod methods you can find. Once you have a memory card that is FMCB‘ed, the PS2 will detect it on the Memory Card and boot it up. This guide will show you how to create a Memory Card capable with FMCB capabilities, as well as explaining how it will work. An exploited memory card will work on all versions of the PS2.

This softmod requires access to a console has already been modded, which will be used to transfer the mod data to the Memory Card.

Back up the Memory Card you wish to install FreeMCBoot on. If something goes wrong during install, you could potentially lose your game saves.

You must have either of these:

  • A hardmodded PS2 console (had a chip installed to give it modded abilities).
  • An original (Fat) PS2 with FreeHDBoot softmod installed on it.
  • An already existing, working FreeMCBoot Memory Card.

You also need:

  • A computer (operating system does not matter).
  • A USB removable storage drive (512MB or more).
  • An 8mb Memory Card (official 8mb is preferable, third party is a risk).

You also need the following software (all free):

  • FreeMCBoot (original).
  • uLaunchELF or other ELF launcher (supplied by existing mod).

The FreeMCBot package comes with a file that ends with .ELF. ELF file are executable by a modified PlayStation system, and in the package provided comes with a FreeMCBoot installer. Unfortunately, that’s why you need a pre-modded console.

FreeMCBoot Installer

Firstly, download the files above and place them on a FAT/FAT32 formatted memory stick. Extract the entire zip archive onto the memory stick, as all the files in the zip archive are required for the console to be able to open it. Safely eject the memory stick from your machine to ensure the files are correctly written to the memory stick, and then transfer it to the PS2.

Install Free Mcboot From Another Memory Card

Boot up the PS2 and open up uLaunchELF. Navigate to MASS:/ to access the memory stick we have plugged in. The memory stick should show up similar to above (files beginning with a dot is junk from my mac, which may not be there for you – which is fine). If so, launch up FMCBInstaller.elf.

The launcher will display the FreeMCBoot Installer, a multi-purpose tool which will allow you to prep a memory card for FreeMCBoot, as well as install FreeHDBoot to a hard drive and various other memory card related functions. For the purposes of preparing FreeMCBoot for another console, we will need Multi-install.

The FMCB installer will warn you about the multi-installation process. So long as you backed up your Memory Card, this should be okay. The warning is that the filesystem needs to be modified to allow all systems to be able to read the FreeMCBoot exploit, which is obviously not a designed function for the Memory Card. If something goes wrong during install, your Memory Card could become corrupted. FMCB Installer can revive the Memory Card, but your save data will be lost. If you back up your saves, you will be fine. If you do not back up, beware.

The system will then ask you what memory card you will like exploited. If only one is present in the Memory Card slots, it will automatically detect it. Select OK and the FMCB Installer will proceed to exploiting your Memory Card with FreeMCBoot.

Fmcb Ps2 Memory Card

Once the installation is complete, you can safely exit out of the installer. Once the console drops back to the browse menu, turn it off and plug your newly exploited memory card into your non-exploited console.


When you boot your PS2 up with the FreeMCBoot memory card inserted, you will find the boot sequence will not execute. Also, instead of just ‘Browser’ and ‘System Configuration’, you should now have a lot more options available. If so, congratulations you have successfully softmodded your console!

Free Mcboot Installer

If you have opted for a multi-install as instructed in this guide, then the memory card can be used to execute the FreeMCBoot on any console that is not the latest release of the slimline console (SCPH-9000x). This means that combined with the memory stick (unless you copy your FMCB Installer files to your memory card via uLaunchELF), you can potentially install this on your friends’ consoles, and then everyone can benefit from the world of softmodding.

FreeMCBoot without Pre-modded Console

For those new to the scene, it’s a pretty tall ask to already have a modded console. If you are unable to go through the FreeHDBoot method which can be done without one, then your next course of action is to purchase a FreeMCBoot memory card.

How To Use Free Mcboot Memory Card

Unfortunately we do not provide such service (yet), however the PS2 Reddit community has a contact that will do this for you with no labour charge. Simply pay the fee for the memory card unit, and they will send you one with multi FreeMCBoot pre-installed. Like mentioned in this guide, this will work for all PS2 consoles excluding the last production range (SCPH-9 range). Details can be found in the sidebar on Reddit (mobile users, click community information).

If you have any questions about FreeMCBoot, FMCB Installer or this guide, please let me know in the comments below.

Last updated: 9th May 2019