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FonePaw - Solution - - Top 10 Free Screen Recorder with No Watermark (2021)

There are many screen recorders that can help us to record gameplay, video calls and other screen activities, but you may find that after recording screen with some free screen recorders, there is a watermark in your recorded videos. To record screen without watermark, this guide will introduce to you 6 free screen recorders with no watermark and even no time limit. The no water screen recorders are available for Windows PC and Mac. I am sure that you can find the one you like.

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Free Screen Recorder for Windows with No Watermark

I'll first show you 3 screen recorders without watermark for Windows 10, 8, 7 PC.

Free Screen Recorder No Installation

FonePaw Screen Recorder

FonePaw Screen Recorder(opens new window) is a screen recorder with no watermark. It can not only record full screen of your computer, but also a certain area or an application interface. During the recording, you can record audio and webcam as well. And the screen recorder is equipped with annotation tools, which let you add circle, texts, arrows to your screen videos. Moreover, you can schedule a recording task for the FonePaw Screen Recorder to start and stop screen recording automatically.

It is easy to record screen with this no watermark screen recorder.

  • Run the screen recorder on PC.

  • Click Video Recorder. Select the area that you want to capture screen video.

  • Enable Microphone, System Sound, Webcam if needed.

  • Start sound checking. Then click Rec button.

  • When you finish recording, click the blue square to stop. You can preview and even clip the recorded video. No watermark is added.

Not only that it can record screen with no watermark, the recorder can also be used to capture screenshots and record audio (system & microphone sound) on Windows PC. Microphone noise cancellation and enhancement are supported.

As a well-rounded application, FonePaw Screen Recorder is surprisingly small in size so that it can run smoothly in recording gameplay even on low-end PCs. The recorder is now free to download.


  • Full-featured: It can be used to record screen, capture audio, take screenshots; Easy-to-use: It has a clear interface.

  • No lag: It runs smoothly without lagging even while there is a game running.


  • It is a standalone program that needs to be downloaded on your computer.

Windows 10 Game DVR

Do you know that Windows 10 has a free screen recorder without watermark? Game DVR, a feature of Windows Game Bar, can record not only games, but also other screen activities on your computer. As a built-in recorder, Game DVR, of course, won't give watermark to your screen videos.

Simply press Win + G on an active application window. This will activate Game DVR recording, which assumes that there is a game that needs to be recorded. You can then begin to record screen without watermark and time limit with Game DVR.

It is easy-to-use and totally free. However, you can't record desktop or select a specific region to record as Game DVR can only record the screen activity of an active program.


  • Free: You don't have to pay for the recorder.

  • Pre-installed: The application is pre-installed with Windows 10 system so you don't need to download it separately.


  • Not for computers running on Windows 8, 7.

  • Too primitive: It lacks features that are available on third-party screen recorders, such as selecting recording area, record webcam, add annotations.


Open Broadcaster Software(OBS) is a open source screen recording software that is free to use and can record screen without watermark and time limit. It is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Mac and Linux.

OBS is more than just a screen recorder. It can be used for live streaming, creating live videos with window captures, images, text, webcams. It offers different modes - Display Capture, Window Capture, Game Capture, etc. - for you to record full screen, applications, games on the computer. And it can record screen in high quality at up to 60 FPS. Audio from different sources can be recorded, too.

However, OBS is complicated. Before you are able to use the recorder, you have to figure out elements such as Scene, Source on OBS. And it is large in size and many users complain that OBS slows down their computers when it is running.


  • Powerful: Record screen in high quality at 1080p and 60 FPS.


  • Difficult: You have to spend some time to figure out how OBS works. It is far more difficult to use than other screen recording programs.

  • Laggy: OBS tends to be laggy when running on low-end PCs.

Apowersoft Online Screen Recorder

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder is a web-based screen recorder. Just open the website and click on the Start Recording button and it will ask you to download a launcher.

When it is done, you can begin to record anything on Screen. Just as any screen recorder, it can record the full screen, customize the recording area, record system sound, microphone sound, and webcam. Comparing with other programs, it is lightweight and convenient to use.


  • Users don't need to download and install the program on their computers. Just in one click and it will start recording.

  • It provides a cloud storage service. If users don't have enough storage space on a computer, they can sign up for an account and save the recording on the Apower cloud service.

  • After recording, users can upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, and Dropbox.


Some functions are inadequate, for example:

  • It doesn't allow task schedule recording.

  • Users can't take notes during recording.


VLC is a free and open-source cross-platform multimedia player. Though it is mostly used for playing DVDs, VCDs, or CDs, it can be used to record screen as well.

In other words, it is so versatile that you can record screen and play video/audio with a VLC player. Best of all, it is free and has no time limit. The drawbacks are that the procedures are a little bit complicated and the user-interface design is old-fashion.


  • Free & No time limit.

  • Record without watermark.

  • Multifunctional: it can be used as a media player and screen recorder.


  • Complicated operation steps.

  • Old-fashion user-interface.

Icecream Screen Recorder

Just as most screen recorders, Icecream Screen Recorder has the basic recording features like schedule recording, record mouse effects, and record screen, audio, webcam, etc. You can use it to record a live show, webinars, video calls, and more. The difference lies in that Icecream Screen Recorder provides the Android version, so that users can record the phone screen as well.


  • Compatible with Windows, macOS, and Android.

  • Support most recording features like recording webcam and computer screen at the same time.

  • Upload to Youtube, Dropbox, and Google Drive directly.


  • The free trial version can only record 5 minutes.

Free Screen Recorder for Mac with No Watermark

There are also some free screen recorder without watermark for Mac computer.

FonePaw Mac Screen Recorder

This screen recorder for Mac(opens new window) has everything you need for recording screen videos: select recording area, record screen with audio, add annotation to your videos, capture screenshots, record screen with webcam, start screen recording with hotkeys, etc. And there will be no watermark in the screen videos you make. The screencasts can be shared to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube directly through the recorder.

FonePaw Mac Screen Recorder is available for Macs on Mac OS X 10.9 and above (the latest macOS Mojave is supported).


  • A powerful screen recorder to record screencasts in high quality.

  • Compatible with Macs with different macOS versions.


  • The recorded screen videos can only be saved as MP4 files.

QuickTime Screen Recording

QuickTime is not only a video player on Mac, but also a free unlimited screen recorder. You can start screen recording with QuickTime by clicking New Screen Recording on the application. If you need to record yourself in the video, you have to enable New Movie Recording first to activate your webcam. Your sound can be recorded, too, but QuickTime won't record the system sound from the computer.

Moreover, after the recording, QuickTime can trim, split, flip or rotate to screen videos.


  • It is a built-in application on the macOS. So it is totally free and has no watermark or time limit.


  • Can't record system sound.

  • Can't annotate your videos.

Apple's Screen Capture Tool for Mojave

Since Mojave, Apple introduce a new screen capture tool that can not only take screenshots, but also record videos of Mac screen. The new tool is simpler than QuickTime. Pressing Command + Shift + 5 button combination will launch the screen capture interface, where you can choose to record the entire screen or a selected area. When you have done recording, the tool also allow you to edit the video, for example, trim the video, add text to the video.

Though there is no watermark, the tool is too simple that it doesn't allow you to record screen with audio or webcam.


  • It is the simplest way to record Mac screen. You can access it by a simple keyboard shortcut.


  • It is only available on macOS Mojave.

  • That's the 6 screen recorders to record screen videos without watermark on Windows and Mac. Which one do you like? Leave your comment below.


Movavi is an easy-to-use and comprehensive screen recorder that works on both Mac and Windows computers. The software has numerous functions and easy to use. It will not spend too much to learn the procedures. Besides, it allows users to schedule recording on Mac computer. So users can choose when to begin the recording and set the time limit for capturing.


Screen Recorder No Install Needed

  • Show keystrokes and mouse tracks in the recording.

  • Record screen and audio together or separately.

  • Draw on video during the recording.


Screen Recorder Free No Ads

  • The major features are limited in the trial version.

  • The free version adds a watermark.

  • The software crashes very often.

Free Screen Recorder No Installation Online


Free Screen Recorder No Installation

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