Free Solar Panel Installation Florida

You have probably seen the ads on TV and the internet for free home solar systems and thought to yourself; “ah come on, nothing is ever free, what’s the catch?” Well… In the case of home solar panels in many cases there is no catch! You can actually get solar panels installed on your home at absolutely no charge to you.

But wait, that’s not all, not only can you get solar panels installed for free you also get dramatically reduced monthly electricity bills with fixed rates for as long as 25 years.

This government-backed loan program is particularly helpful for Florida residents who wish to get solar panels installed, but cannot afford to buy them outright, or have a low credit rating. With the PACE program, you can get 100 percent financing for the installation of eligible solar equipment, including labor, materials, and soft costs. With 230+ 5-star reviews, Efficient Home Services is the top-rated solar panel company in Pasco County AND in the state of Florida. We're a leading company in solar energy for a reason, handling everything from design to installation to service in-house.

But wait, that’s not all, the free solar panels installed on your home are warrantied, monitored and maintained by your solar service provider, again at no charge to you, for as long as 25 years.

But wait that’s not all, home solar has been shown to add as much as $25,000 to the value of your home, that’s like money in the bank.

Are free solar panels really free

In many areas of the United States there are clean energy mandates that the power companies must meet to be in compliance with state and federal clean air policies. Most states have what is referred to as a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) that states a certain percentage of electricity produced by a power must come from renewable resources. If the power companies fail to meet the minimum standards they can face very steep fines. It is in the best interest of power companies in states with a stringent RPS to encourage the use of home solar power.

How to Get Free Home Solar Power

Free home solar power installation is tied to a solar lease or power purchase agreement. Leases and PPA’s are very similar and you can read the details of each on other pages within this site. The way it works is easy; a solar power service provider installs solar power panels on your home at no charge and you agree to lease the home solar system for a period of time, the amount of time varies from provider to provider, usually it is around 20 to 25 years. The amount you pay the solar leasing company is less than your current monthy utility bill by as much as 50% depending on the area you live in. You start saving money the minute the power is turned on with no out of pocket costs.

The way the solar service provider makes their money back to cover the cost of the panels, installation, permits, monitoring and maintenance of the system for the term of the lease is by acquiring the incentives, rebates and net metering profits from the syatem the install for you at no charge.

Florida, The Sun Shine State !

If there was any state that you would think would be embracing solar power this would be it. Unfortunately getting setup with free solar panels in Florida is a little harder than some states.

Florida is a little behind the times when it comes to solar power and green energy. However even though Sun Run and Solar City aren’t setup to do business here there are companies that will still offer you an option to get setup with solar power with no money down. As well as solar leasing options where you pay nothing at all.

The state has no renewable portfolio standard and is lacking on green energy incentives all together, so it’s high time the people of Florida started demanding a little more from their local government. Or take matters into their own hands like Gainsvile Florida where the town itself enacted a clean energy agenda by enforcing a feed in tariff which simply stated that if a power company wanted to sell power to them they would have to be willing to buy back energy produced at a premium price. Ultimately our government works for us, so tell Florida to start a clean energy agenda and stop wasting their solar resource.

Solar Power Companies in Florida

$0 Down Solar Leasing is Available!

SunRun and SolarCity do not operate in Florida.

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Electricity use in Florida

121.53 This is the average residential electric bill in Florida.

Are Free Solar Panels Really Free

$11.33 This is the amount Florida pays above the national average

$11.27 This is the average cost of electricity in Florida.

$0.85 This is how much Florida is below the national averaged cost for electricity.

Sunshine in Florida

66% of all days are sunny in Florida.

28% of all sunny days that do not have clouds.

13:57 this is the longest day in Florida.

10:19 this is the shortest day of the year for Florida

Solar power incentives in Florida

Free Solar Panel Installation Florida

Does Florida have a RPS?

NO, Florida does not have renewable portfolio standard.

Does Florida participate in the SREC market?

NO, Florida does not have a SCREC market place.

Is Solar In Florida Worth It

Does Florida allow trading into other SCREC markets?

NO, Florida does not trade in any way with the SCREC trade.

Does Florida offer a state tax credit for solar power?

NO, Florida does not have a tax credit for solar power.

Is there a state sales tax exemption in Florida for solar power?

YES, Florida has a sales tax exemption for solar power s system.

Free Solar Panel Installation Florida Keys

Does Florida offer a property tax exemption for solar energy?

YES, Florida does have a property tax exemption for solar power systems.

Does Florida offer a Feed-in Tariff?

YES, unlike most places in the US, Florida does have a Feed-in Tariff.

This was enacted by the town of Gainsville it self and not the state.

Does Florida offer Net Metering?

Free Solar Panel Florida

YES, in Florida there is the option for Net Metering.


Again as in all 50 states there is the 30% federal tax credit.

Are there additional renewable energy incentives in Florida?

Free Solar Panel Installation Florida

YES, there are a number of other solar power and renewable energy incentives in Florida, you can find out more at