Free Standing Murphy Bed Delivered And Installed

At Custom Wall-Beds our specialty is creating space in your home. When we work with a client we go through a guided design process using 3D modeling coupled with our 20 plus years of experience. Popular renovations have included a home office with a bed, an office with a sewing desk, or a bed in a home gym, family room or basement recreation room. If you can imagine it we can build it. We build with most types of woods, melamine and MDF which we are able to stain match to existing cabinets and have many door profiles.

  1. Free Standing Murphy Bed Delivered And Installed
  2. Free Standing Murphy Bed Delivered And Installed Prices

We custom build desktops, filing cabinets, storage cabinets, cutting tables, cabinets that tuck away and can add a Murphy Bed™ too. We can create desks that are free standing or attached to the wall. They can be different lengths, heights, widths and depths with keyboard trays, filing cabinets and raised client counters. Our custom cabinet hardware has full extension slides rated at 150 lbs giving you maximum storage and accessibility. Whether your space is large or small we can create a room that works for you.

Free Standing Murphy Bed Delivered And Installed

If Space Allows Bigger is Nice. Have More Depth Even Better.

A variety of Murphy Bed Hardware at the lowest prices on the web. Check out our different DIY steel Murphy Bed Frame & Mechanism Kits. Enjoy free shipping today, on any of our space saving Murphy Bed Depot Frame Kits, (no discount code needed). Murphy Beds posted below are either overstock or scratch-n-dent. These beds are packaged, READY-TO-SHIP, and typically received within 7-10 business days from ship date.Once you click on any bed listed below, you will be taken to a detailed page displaying price and description of this bed.

  1. Zoom-Room is an industry leading provider of Murphy Beds, including unique German-made Electric Murphy Beds and Motorized Murphy Beds.With 15 years of experience in the Murphy Bed market, our retractable bed range includes everything from Amish Murphy Beds, Disappearing Desk Beds.
  2. Emil Solid Wood Storage Murphy Bed with Mattress. By Beachcrest Home™. Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars. 339 total votes. A great option for studio apartments or guest bedrooms, murphy beds are a great way to save space without sacrificing your home's style.
  3. Horizontal Murphy Bed. Those who want to learn something new get more motivated to learn more.

A custom designed and installed king size Murphy Bed can turn any room into a master bed room but add some handcrafted cabinetry and turn your room into a show suite. Our 3D guided modeling helps us design your space while giving you the image of being there. The traditional Murphy Bed construction allows the use of up to a 10' deep mattress, but if you can why not go even more plush? The extended leg allows you to use up to a 12 1/2' deep mattress.

Our patented Murphy Bed mechanism has been installed in thousands of homes and hotels. It is spring loaded, lightweight and has a durable aluminum black powder coated frame that is extremely easy to operate. Although the king bed is more cumbersome than the smaller beds, with the proper mattress it too can be guided into position with just one hand. Ask us about our “One Arm Guarantee” – and we’ll show you.


King Sized Murphy Bed™
85” high
84” wide
16” deep (closed)
90” protrusion (open)

Mattress size:
78” wide
80” long
10” thick (max) Hardware Purchases

A Bed For Whatever Your Space.

Our upright beds are available in single/twin, double/full, or queen sizes. Upright beds are the traditional Murphy Bed and the most popular choice as they allow access on both sides. Drawers, a pullout night table, or custom open and closed cabinetry are popular improvements our clients have made to their renovation. Our upright bed is also available with the extended leg or super extended leg option or as a DIY Kit.

A bed when you need it and space when you don’t.

Custom Wall-Beds offers a complimentary on-site consultation to help you decide what is best for you and your home. We use premium woods and the most durable, long-lasting core materials to ensure there is never sagging or warping of your renovation. We can design a room around your bed or design a Murphy bed into an existing layout while ensuring maximum optimization of your footprint and floor plan. Although your linens and pillows can be left on the bed neatly tucked in, custom cabinetry can be crafted into the space to provide storage for extra bedding or whatever you wish.


Single Upright Murphy Bed™
80” high
45” wide
16” deep (closed)
85” protrusion (open)

Double Upright Murphy Bed™
80” high
60” wide
16” deep (closed)
85” protrusion (open)

Queen Upright Murphy Bed™
85” high
66” wide
16” deep (closed)
90” protrusion (open)

Think Sideways.

Free standing murphy bed delivered and installed prices

Sometimes space won’t permit a traditional upright Murphy Bed. Available in single, double, or queen size, our side tilt beds are the ideal choice for rooms with lower ceilings – like basements or half story lofts. In this orientation your Murphy bed comes down sideways, something very suitable for narrow rooms because the bed takes more wall space but less height and floor space. If you’re not sure what type of Murphy Bed is best for the space you have in mind, just get in touch and we’ll do a complimentary onsite consultation. Our side tilt bed is also available with the extended leg or super extended leg option or as a DIY Kit.


Single Side-tilt Murphy Bed™
48” high
80” wide
16” deep (closed)
49” protrusion (open)

Double Side-tilt Murphy Bed™
63” high
80” wide
16” deep (closed)
68” protrusion (open)

Queen Side-tilt Murphy Bed™
69” high
85” wide
16” deep (closed)
74” protrusion (open)

Free Standing Murphy Bed Delivered And Installed Prices

Everything you need to DIY.

The most economical way to renovate a room in your home with a genuine Murphy Bed is to purchase the hardware from us and do it yourself. Contact us to find out more.

The patented Murphy Bed™ design is a counter-balanced spring loaded system proven to be the most reliable mechanism on the market with over 200, 000 in use worldwide. Our sleek black Murphy Bed™ mechanisms are barely 1” thick per side, virtually maintenance free and have an iron-clad lifetime warranty. The wall-bed frame, finished here in Canada in a black pebble powder coat, is very lightweight for raising and lowering the Murphy Bed™.


The DIY Kit contains the patented Murphy Bed mechanism, rounded leg pieces, a detailed cut list and comprehensive instructions for twin/single, double/full and queen size beds. Any cabinet or housing for your bed would be designed and built by you.

Upright Beds $665.00
Side-Tilt Beds $665.00

Extended legs are available for an additional cost to allow up to a 12 1/2” mattress.

Supreme Steel Hardware Kit

This hardware kit comes complete with the Murphy™ mechanism, frame, rounded legs, leg bar, detailed cut-list and straight forward instructions. All that is required to build your own functional, attractive custom bed is the lumber, a tool kit with a drill, level and tape measure, good reading skills and a little imagination.

The steel frame is finished in an attractive black pebble powder coat, can support 1700 lbs evenly distributed over the surface of the Bed and allows up to a 10” deep mattress. These steel frames are not only popular with homeowners but stand up very well to the demands of commercial and resort applications.

Upright Beds
Twin/single $1,050.00
Double/full $1,070.00
Queen $1,090.00

Side-tilt Beds
Twin/single $1,070.00
Double/full $1,110.00
Queen $1,140.00

Shipping & Delivery

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes! We are able to ship our frame and hardware kits to certain areas outside the US. Enter your address at checkout and if we ship to that area, you will see a shipping quote, including duties and taxes! Or Email us at [email protected] for a free shipping quote.

How long will it take for my order to ship?

  • If you've ordered a Murphy Bed Frame or DIY Kit, your order should leave our St. Augustine warehouse within 2 business days, if there are no delays. We ship these orders with FedEx Ground or USPS Priority Mail, and typically, time in transit varies from 2-10 days.
  • If you've ordered a Murphy Bed Furniture or Cabinet system, your order should leave us in about 8 weeks, if there are no delays. Typically, time in transit varies from 2-10 days.

How will my order arrive?

Frames & DIY Kits:

If you've ordered a frame or hardware kit, your bed will arrive in 2-4 boxes, varying in weight from 22 to 71 pounds each.

Murphy Bed Furniture:

If you've ordered Murphy Bed Furniture, your order will arrive on 1-2 pallets, completely un-assembled, and flat-packed. We cover the pallet in scrap melamine and/or plywood, to protect your cabinetry in transit.

Standard Shipping Process: You'll need tin snips to cut the banding off of the pallet, and each part will need to be inspected and carried in from the curb. The parts weigh between 2 and 55 pounds each. As you can see, the pallet is large. The freight company will have a lift-gate equipped truck, and they are responsible to leave the pallet at your curbside. The driver will not unpack or carry the pallet inside, so it's recommended that you have help ready when your pallet arrives. When we ship your pallet, we will email you a tracking number and a photo of your pallet. The freight company will then contact you while your pallet is in transit, to schedule a day of delivery. The hardware and instructions for your Murphy Bed is all included, and will be packed inside the boxes strapped atop the pallet.

Upgraded 'White Glove' Delivery: Delivery to any room in your home, even the second floor! This option is a two-person delivery team will unload the pallet, with placement of the parts in the room of your choice. It includes packing debris removal. This means our delivery driver will haul away the pallet for you upon request. FedEx will contact you directly to arrange the delivery. *Not available in all areas.

What do I do if something is damaged or missing?

After you've checked the tracking on all of your packages, please contact Murphy Bed Depot immediately is anything is missing or damaged. We recommend all customers receiving pallets sign the bill of lading with 'Possible Internal Damage' just in case some damage is found after the freight driver leaves.

Installation and Assembly

Is it easy to assemble?

We would not describe any of our products as 'easy' to assemble. We have attempted to make it as simple as we can, but it does take some understanding of the use of tools and hardware to assemble and install any Murphy Bed. We like to say, 'It is do-able for an experienced do-it-yourself-er.'

For a Next Bed or Door Bed Frame, it takes our professional and experienced installers 1-2 hours to assemble and install one.

For a Murphy Bed Furniture order, the installation time can vary widely, depending on the experience and skill of the installer. It takes our installers 4 hours minimum for a Boaz Bifold Bookcase Bed, and 2 hours minimum for a Panel Bed. But, our installers have done many, and do not have to stop to watch any videos, figure out which parts are which, gather tools, or read the instructions. Some customers are able to install a bed in about twice this time, while it takes others quite a bit longer.

How does my Murphy Bed attach to the floor or the wall?

All of our Murphy Beds can be installed with wall mounts, and the Next Bed and Door Bed Frames can instead be mounted into the floor. The Murphy Door Bed Frame can be purchased with optional wall mount brackets, while the Next Bed includes wall mount brackets with wood screws. The wall mount brackets secure into the bottom plate (the 2x4 that runs under your studs) on a standard frame-construction wall. If the wall is made of some other material, such as masonry, additional anchors will need to be obtained to secure the wall mount brackets into the wall. There is no need to remove the baseboard, but if you have quarter-round, that will need to be removed, so that the frame can sit evenly on the floor. Our Panel Bed systems secure to the sides of a cabinet, which is then secured to the studs, etc. at the top. If using the floor-mount on a Door Bed Frame (or Next Bed), there is no need to also use the wall mount brackets.

Do you have an installer in my area?

We offer installs locally in Northeast Florida by our staff. We also have contact information for 3rd party professional and experienced installers available in Southeast Florida, Southern California, and in the New York City area. Please contact us for an installation quote, if you're interested.

Can I return my Murphy Bed?

In order for Murphy Bed Depot to continue offering free shipping, we charge a 25% restocking fee on all returns. All returns must be initiated within 14 days of receipt, and the product cannot have been open, used, or assembled. Made-to-order items are non-returnable. You can read more about our policies here.

Product Questions

How thick can my mattress be?

The answer to this question is generally 8-11 inches. On our Panel Beds, the mattress thickness is strictly restricted to approximately 11 inches by the leg-bar that goes between the legs of the Panel Bed. On our Door Bed and Next Bed Frames; once a mattress thicker than 11 inches is placed on either of these beds, holding the mattress up while the frame is vertical becomes a problem. We do have one solution for this, which is easier to pull off on the Door Bed Frame: A tilting head board.

Should I get the Next Bed or the Door Bed Frame?

The Door Bed Frame and the Next Bed are similar options, and we get many questions about the differences. We use the Door Bed Frame on all of our local Library Bed installations, as it is the most tried-and-true model we offer, and it takes up 1' less depth, when vertically stored. Both will last, and both have a lifetime warranty on the steel frame.

  • THE DOOR BED FRAME CAN BE ORDERED WITHOUT WALL MOUNT BRACKETS, and without a mattress support, resulting the lowest-priced Murphy Bed Frame Kit
  • THE NEXT BED ALWAYS INCLUDES WALL MOUNT BRACKETS, and wood slats as a mattress support
  • The Door Bed Frame and Next Bed BOTH USE SPRINGS, and the lift mechanisms are nearly identical
  • WE USE THE DOOR BED FRAME in our Majestic Library Bed and Boaz Bed, partially because the Door Bed Frame requires 1' less depth, when in the vertical position
  • The Door Bed Frame is made ANGLE-IRON, powder coated black
  • The Next Bed is made from TUBULAR STEEL, powder coated white

So, it's really a matter of personal preference in the end.

How does the leg work on a Panel Bed (or the DIY Kit)?

The leg on a Panel Bed flips over the end of the panel. The best way to explain is with a video.

Do you sell King Size Murphy Beds?

Yes, we sell our Panel Beds and our Murphy Door Beds in King Size, and the DIY Kit is universal, allowing a King Size, as well. You can purchase the Panel Bed as either a frame kit, which requires building your own cabinet, or as an entire ready-to-assemble cabinet with the frame included.

Our Library Beds do not come in King Size, and we do not offer a California King.