Free Tire Installation And Balancing

Free tire installation and balancing service

Discount Tire Free Mounting And Balancing

The mounting process is pretty straightforward. It means putting the tires on the wheels and putting those wheels on the axles. The balancing process can be a bit more complex, but it needs to be done any time your tires are repaired or rotated. When a wheel is “balanced,” the mass of the wheel and tire is evenly distributed all around the. If you ever have wheels that are out of balance, we also offer tire balancing at our tire shop. The old tire is recycled – The old tires are removed and sent to Liberty Tire Recycling. They recycle the old tires into crumb rubber, which is used for landscaping mulch, football field turf, playground cushioning and more. Just noticed Costco raised the tire installation fee to 19.99/tire recently (it was $15/tire previously), but I read the description, it actually includes the lifetime rotation and balancing as supposed to only repair and hazard protection plan previously. Costco had lifetime rotation while ago but they removed it, I bought three sets of winter.

Free Tire Installation With Each Tire Purchase

Tires purchased at Carling Tire, new or used, receive installation and balancing for free.
Having your new or used tires balanced can be the difference between a good or bad drive in your vehicle. Properly balanced and installed tires improve driver/vehicle safety, reduce tire wear and damage, increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and give you a comfortable vibration free ride.
If the cars or truck tires are out of balance you’re going to notice this while driving, shaking and wobbling in the wheels and steering wheel is the most common indication of unbalanced wheels.

Tire Balancing & Mounting For Purchased Tires

Tire Installation And Balancing

Even when not purchased from us, installation and balancing is still part of our service.

Free Tire Installation And Balancing

Tire Balancing Price

Tire Repair

Free Tire Installation And Balancing Services

A very common occurrence with tire repair is repairing holes/punctures from nails and screws. Needles to say this is even more common with vehicles that access construction sites. In most cases the vehicle owner isn’t even aware that they have a nail puncturing the tire, this nail will often stay inside the tire for some time.
If your tire has a puncture of some sort and you didn’t drive on the deflated tire causing more damage, then in most cases we can patch and fix the tire for you.Should a tire have a large hole or tear, then it’s likely not going to be repairable and it’s time to purchase a new tire. This is something we can help you with too.