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WPML Multilingual makes it easy to build multilingual sites and run them. It’s powerful enough for corporate sites, yet simple for blogs.

WPML Multilingual CMS Plugin Free Download – WPML Multilingual CMS enables writers to write content in various languages and translate content. Additionally, it has innovative features for translation direction and also an interface for skilled content translation. Using WPML Plugin Nulled requires. Apr 11, 2018 Free WPML WordPress Download WordPress theme v4.2.7.1 WPML v3.9.4 is a premium WordPress Multilingual plugin that allows you running fully multilingual websites with WordPress, making it easy to translate WordPress pages, posts, tags, categories and themes. Apr 23, 2021 Click on the “ Upload Plugin ” button, choose your WPML Nulled plugin file (zipped folder), and click on the “ Install Now ” button. Your plugin will be installed but not activated. To activate the plugin, click on the “ Active Now ” button or go to “ Plugins “, find the plugin, and click on the “ Activate “. How to use WPML?

We provide full support for WPML, helping you deliver perfect websites on time.

Every theme or plugin that uses WordPress API runs multilingual with WPML.

With WPML you can translate pages, posts, custom types, taxonomy, menus and even the theme’s texts.

Great for Multilingual SEO

WPML lets you fully optimize your site for SEO in multiple languages.

  • You have full control over how URLs look.
  • You can set SEO meta information for translations.
  • Translations are linked together.
  • Sitemaps include the correct pages and pass Google Webmasters validation.

With WPML, search engines understand your site’s structure and drive the right traffic to the right languages.


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This plugins are include in the Bundle for download:

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  1. WPML Multilingual CMS V4.4.10
  2. WPML String Translation V3.1.8
  3. WPML Translation Management V2.10.6
  4. WPML Media Translation V2.6.4
  5. Yoast SEO Multilingual V1.3.0
  6. WooCommerce Multilingual V4.11.3
  7. Gravity Forms Multilingual V1.5.4
  8. Contact Form 7 Multilingual V1.0.2
  9. Ninja Forms Multilingual V0.1.2
  10. WPForms Multilingual V0.1.2
  11. BuddyPress Multilingual V1.6
  12. Advanced Custom Fields Multilingual V1.8.1
  13. WPML All Import V2.2.0
  14. MailChimp for WordPress Multilingual V0.0.3
  15. WPML CMS Nav V1.5.5
  16. WPML Sticky Links V1.5.4
  17. Multilingual Tools V2.2.2

Download plugin WPML Multilingual Full Bundle v4.4.10

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Language can be a big barrier for content creators who want to promote their content in non-English speaking countries. Whether you are a blogger or run an online store, you must be able to communicate with people in their language in order to build trust, credibility and smooth communication. The good news is, for this purpose, we now have a WPML plugin available. This plugin is going to solve all your language related problems on your WordPress site.

It is a product of WPML.ORG. A renowned WordPress Multilingual plugin creator company that’s sole job is to update this plugin and bring people closer online by removing language related issues. The impressive thing about this plugin is it is easy to use. Whether you are a pro WordPress developer or a common man, you can implement this plugin in your WordPress site/blog on a single click.

Grow Subscribers by Installing WPML In Your WordPress Site

The best bit is, you are getting this plugin for free. Otherwise, it’s a premium plugin that you have to pay for. The idea is to empower online content creators or businesses with online presence in the form of a website. Using this, they’ll be able to grow a more diverse audience. However, it is to inform you that this plugin can’t be used for commercial purposes. Because we are GPL (General Public License) holders, we are at the liberty to give you this plugin for free.


Naturally, this plugin is designed to remove language barriers. But that’s not the only feature it has. Let me walk you through some of it’s important features one by one.

Translation Management

This plugin makes it easier to build a multilingual site. Whether you are doing it for yourself or for your client, it’s a great investment. This plugin comes with an easy-to-use management system. Make sure you explore all relevant options.


It’s not compatible with every WordPress theme. But it’s certainly compatible with most of them. To make WPML-ready themes, use the WordPress API functions and WMPL will take care of the rest.


WMPL is designed to ease up your job. It frees you from the hassle of editing PO files. It allows you to translate texts in other plugins and Admin screens directly from the String Translation interface.


That’s where you can make real money. With WPML, you can build a multilingual Ecommerce site. You might be sitting in Asia, but you’d be able to sell in non-English speaking countries.

Multiple Languages

First and foremost, this plugin is available in both Multilingual Blogs and Multilingual CMS versions. It comes with over 40 languages, all famous languages are included in them.

Updating WPML

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Whether you are a writer, influencer or online seller, why let language become a barrer? Download this free plugin by clicking the link and enjoy communication with a diverse audience.