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Starting out as a mod for Minecraft 1.5, Crafting Dead has been around for many years now. It was built on Ferullo’s Gun Mod, one of the first gun mods on the Minecraft scene and has since grown into a sizable server network constantly being enhanced with more content and features. The mod itself adds in a multitude of zombies and guns, along with cosmetics and medical supplies.

Build by the day, die at night!

I got A TON of requests to do a video on this, and so I did! I really hope this guide was of some use to you guys!Laucher Website - Tutorial on how to install the crafting dead What is Crafting Dead. Crafting Dead is a modpack for people who love the grinding that games like H1Z1, Day Z, and other similar games bring to you. You have zombies to kill, which can be bought over by sound. Hunger, thirst and cold to manage with the loot you find. You can loot other players dead bodies when they log off, or random bodies.

Harvest, mine, craft and build while there is still light because night is dark and full of terr... hordes. Crafting dead is WIP Android/PC game that combines basic Minecraft gameplay by day with more action based horde system during nights. Enemies really try to kill you and your home may be your castle, but if you don't fortify and protect it well, you will end up dead and without roof above your head.

It is smaller project but made with passion and still far from being complete - we are working on it every day and while we focus on Android version, we believe that it can be interesting even for PC gamers as it combines ideas from popular games like Minecraft or 7 days to die.

Survival mode

Crafting Dead isn't trying to beat Minecraft and other much bigger crafting/building games. It rather streamlines mining/crafting/buildings elements and focuses more on survival itself, mainly fighting hordes of enemies during nights that are much more dangerous than in other similar games.

  • Night enemy hordes that are more dangerous each day
  • Enemies can and will destroy your buildings if they try to get to you
  • Various building block
  • Intuitive crafting system with crafting queue
  • Various weapons
  • Hunt animals to get food to heal yourself
  • Lay traps for monsters lurking in the darkness

Creative mode

While game focuses on survival against stronger and stronger hordes of enemies, we still think that game should have a peaceful creative mode where you can build freely.

  • No enemies
  • Unlimited resources
  • All tools
  • Instant block removing
  • No fall damage
  • Just your typical cubic playground!

All feedback is highly appreciated, thank you!

StatusIn development
AuthorAlda Games
Tagsbuilding, Crafting, horde, minecraft, Procedural Generation
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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Awesome game. The target boxes need work, but still an awesome game. It deffinatly scratches the 'I wanna play Minecraft, but I don't want to buy less than half a game' itch.

mega good this game itz playable and good crafting sys magie itz was u might to expect

iven magic itz the key to get the good tire 2-5 loot!! make it and u get more downloads!!

if u make it work i share it to my friends and there itz most on devs!!

This has a few bugs but over all, it is a great game. Keep it up, folks

this game has a lot of potential just 10 days ago if you update this this is gonna be sick

my screen keeps freezing while generating a world so I can't see anything :(

otherwise the pictures for this game see good

At this point its far too glitchy to be enjoyable, and the sounds even on low are horribly loud. especially your footsteps. LOVE the concept, but it needs wayyy more developement before id go back into it.

Zombie apocalypse takes a leading position among the versions of the end of the world. You, as one of the survivors on earth, will have to fight against the threat in Crafting Dead PE. This addon implements hostile mobs (zombies like in TWD) as well as new weapons for confrontation. Because of the small addon features in Minecraft BE, the addonmaker tried to make it so that zombies are not boxing bags.
By: RedstoneLover

Walkers move more slowly, and runners can jump on their victims.
New active radius for zombies.
Small bug fixes.
In fact, if you could survive and get new weapons and armor then zombies will become for you the same threat as pigs or cows. But if you just started playing, you have nothing that can damage or protect your body parts, then you should think about how you can hide and become stronger as quickly as possible.

If you want hardcore then try the DayZ addon for Minecraft PE

How To Install Crafting Dead Free Play

replacing a lot of mobs on walkers, vampires and mutants.

How to install Crafting Dead PE?

How To Install Crafting Dead Free Pc

1. Open the file (.mcpack) using Minecraft PE.
2. Activate the addon (world or game settings).

Download Crafting Dead PE v1.0 for MCPE 1.1+
Download Crafting Dead PE v2.0 for MCPE 1.6+
Download Crafting Dead PE v2.05 for MCPE 1.7+

How to install crafting dead free
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How To Install Crafting Dead Free Download

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How To Install Crafting Dead