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Earth day is right around the corner, April 22 to be exact. Celebrate by starting a compost pile with your littles! I’m all about reducing waste and using what you’ve got. After all, I started a blog and wrote a book called Creating Really Awesome Free Things! Turning what would be wasted wood floor samples into jewelry organizers is my jam.

This carbon matter will help filter liquids from the compost pile, and will take some of the weight of the compost so as to reduce the load on the pest proof mesh. Please note: carbon should also form the base of the pile up to at least the top of the rails. Carbon should be refreshed if it ever becomes too moist. Compost benefits the environment by reducing the burden on landfills. And it reduces climate change by returning carbon into the ground. Soil can store more carbon than the Earth’s atmosphere and plant life combined. But soils lose a significant amount of carbon due to human activity such as construction and grading.

Composting is like a miracle in your backyard or basement, said Mary Wicks, a research associate in Ohio State’s College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. The natural process harnesses the power of carbon and nitrogen as it transforms food waste, bits of wood and leaves into rich organic matter crucial for healthy soil, which. The FreeGarden™ EARTH Compost Bin has many features that make. It the composting tool of choice: One piece injection molded construction — no seams to come apart or assembly required. Large capacity — 11 cubic feet/311 litres. Convenient 12”x16” offset, front harvest door. Twist locking lid.

Andy and I try our best to be conscience of how our actions effect our planet. We always use reusable bags, walk and bike as often as possible, recycle as much as we can, support local farms, conserve water, and compost all the things. Andy even made us a DIY compost bin out of old fence posts we found in a neighbors trash. Now that we have 2 little ones, we are trying our best to teach them the value of caring for our Earth too. Composting is a small thing that makes a big impact on your trashcan and the Earth!

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The low down on composting for kids

Kids want to do everything their grown ups are doing, and composting is no different. It’s all about getting kids involved and letting them help! Lucky for us, composting is all about digging in the dirt and kids are pros at that. Our family of 4 went from filling a 64 gallon trash can weekly to one bag of trash in a 32 gallon trash can.

1. Teach

Start by teaching your child why you want to compost. What is composting? Composting is how the Earth recycles! In nature, leaves fall on the forest floor, and after time the leaves and other plant debris break down and are recycled into plant food. Here are the 6 ingredients needed to make compost:

  • Green stuff (nitrogen)
  • Brown Stuff (carbon)
  • Air (oxygen)
  • Water (moisture)
  • Bugs (micro organisms)
  • Heat (sun)

2. Explore

How To Install Free Carbon Earth Composter

Take a little field trip outside and observe the plant decay in the yard or at the park. If you have any thick bushes near by, take a peek behind or under the bushes and you’ll likely find decomposition in action. If possible, visit a farm or spot that you know already has a large compost pile. In Austin, Boggy Creek Farm has a giant compost piles that kids can investigate. Here’s a scoop of leaves from under our bushes that are in the early stages of decomposing.

3. Build a compost pile

Start a small pile and make it bigger as your family feels ready. You don’t need anything special to compost. You can literally start a compost pile in the corner of the backyard or in a large bucket or cardboard box. A large bucket and cardboard box are not permanent solutions, since they aren’t big and sturdy enough to keep compost over time. But, it is a good way to get started and to show kids composting in action. Andy and I started with a pile in the corner of our yard and graduated to a DIY compost bin made out of recycled fence posts. I’m always amazed that our bin never overflows, and we put a ridiculous amount of stuff in our compost pile.

4. Let your toddler/kids help

Apples and oranges for snack? Perfect! Add the peels and cores to the compost pile! Lint from the dryer? Toss it in! Eggs for breakfast? Compost them!

We keep this stainless steel compost bin with these biodegradable, compostable bags next to our sink and toss in fruit and veggie scraps, egg shells, coffee grinds, tea bags, paper towels, and nut shells. We take the food scraps to the compost bin once a day. When Maxwell and I are outside, sometimes he fills up his little bucket with leaves and yard trimmings and adds them to the compost pile. We’ve been composting for 6 years, and the one lesson I’ve learned is that you can’t really mess it up. Now, there are things you can do to make it decompose faster, like turning your compost or adding water. But, we don’t do anything special and our pile is doing awesome. One thing to note: Never add diseased plants, diapers, pet droppings, meat, foil, glass, plastic, or metal.

How To Install Free Carbon Earth Composter Video

5. Bugs and worms

Micro organisms are an essential ingredient to your compost pile, but all you need to do is make sure that your compost pile has a little soil in it. There are plenty of creepy crawlers in a your soil, promise. If your compost pile is on the ground, you’re golden. If not, add in a few scoops of soil depending on the size of you pile. Now that our compost pile is mature, Max loves to dig in the pile and hunt for worms and then add them to our garden.

Here’s a free printable composting worksheet to help explain composting to the kids! Don’t forget to compost the coloring sheet when you’re done! Printable made for C.R.A.F.T. by Messes to Memories.

How to download the composting worksheet

How To Install Free Carbon Earth Composter For Sale

To download the free composting worksheet for kids, just sing up for my newsletter using the form below. Next thing you know, the composting coloring page will arrive in your inbox ready for you to print and use!

How To Install Free Carbon Earth Composter Diagram

You’ll be surprised at the amount of room you will free up in your trash can by composting. Another added benefit of composting is free plant food! I love to use our mulch in potted plants. Composting is a little thing that you and your family can do everyday that will make a big impact on our Earth! Happy Earth Day!