How To Install Free Vpn On Android Tv

Download PureVPN - Free VPN for Android TV for Android to unblock entire internet and stream online with best Android TV VPN app - PureVPN. Note: A smart TV is not the same thing as an Android TV. On an Android TV, such as the Sony Bravia, it’s very easy to install a VPN, because you can just install a VPN app for Android on the TV directly. If this is what you want to do, we refer you to our article about setting up a VPN on your Android TV.

  1. How To Install Free Vpn On Android Tv Box
  2. How To Install Free Vpn On Android Tv
  3. How To Install Free Vpn On Android Tv Box

These are the best VPNs to set up on a Smart TV

In this guide, we'll show you three different ways to use a VPN with your smart TV. The easiest way to get a VPN onto a smart TV is through Google Play, but not all TVs support this. If your doesn't you can connect to a VPN running on your computer or router with a few extra steps.

  1. Get Free Rapid App Installer. Install VPN on Chromecast with Google TV Google Play Store Instructions. Register for an account at IPVanish by clicking HERE. From the device main menu, Search for apps. Search IPVanish. Wait for the app to download. Log in to your IPVanish account by entering in.
  2. VPN solutions for Apple TV, Samsung TV, Fire TV, Roku, Android TV, Chromecast, Nvidia Shield, and others! Watch everything that you love in HD. Get great speed for streaming. 30-day money-back guarantee.

So, without further ado, let's jump in, starting with the easiest method - Google Play.

How to set up a VPN on a Smart TV with Google Play

If your SmartTV can access Google play, or you have an Android TV box, you can easily setup your Android TV VPN by following these steps:

  1. Purchase a VPN subscription.

    We recommend the 5 best VPNs for Smart TV's listed at the bottom of this article.

  2. Download and install the software.

    An Android VPN client will be provided to you by your provider in the form of a .APK file.

  3. Log in using your credentials.

    These will be the ones you set up when subscribing to your VPN.

  4. Run the app on your Smart TV and connect to a server.

How To Install Free Vpn On Android Tv

That is it! You are now pretending to be in a different country and can access content from that region! Your privacy is also protected thanks to the VPN's encryption.

Connecting a smart TV to a VPBN via a PC or Laptop

Whether you have a PC running on Windows or Mac, it is possible to share it's connection to the internet with your smart TV. This means, providing you have a VPN running on your PC, your Smart TV will benefit from it too. This is a great alternative way to get a VPN on Smart TV - especially if your model of TV is not Android compatible.

To get your Smart TV connected to a VPN on your Winodws PC, simply follow these steps:

How to share your VPN Connection in Windows

  1. Make sure your computer is connected to your VPN service.

    If you haven't subscribed to a VPN yet, - check out our5 best VPNs for Smart TV article. We recommend NordVPN because it has everything you need to stream more content in HD on a smart TV.

  2. Connect your SmartTV to the PC using an Ethernet cable.

  3. Open the Network and Sharing Centre on the PC.

    Start > Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center> Change adapter settings.

  4. Find your VPN connection, right-click on it and select ‘Properties’.

    OpenVPN connections usually aren’t clearly labeled, so look for one with the description ‘TAP-Win32 Adaptor V9′ (or similar).

  5. Select the ‘Sharing’ tab and check the ‘Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection’ box.

    Then, from the drop-down menu choose ’Local Area Connection’ (if you have multiple Ethernet ports on your computer, then make sure you select the one you have connected your SmartTV to), then click ‘OK'.

  6. Restart your SmartTV and computer and it should be working correctly.

To get your Smart TV connected to a VPN on your Mac, simply follow these steps:

How to share a VPN Connection with a Mac (OSX PPTP or L2TP)

  1. Sign up and install a VPN service for your Mac.

    Set up should be straight forwards if you follow the provider’s instructions. We recommend NordVPN because it has everything you need to stream more content in HD on a smart TV.

  2. Switch off the smart TV, connect it to your Mac.

    Use the USB port on your Mac via Ethernet cable and adapter.

  3. Click Apple icon (top right of the screen) > System Preferences > Sharing.

  4. Pull down the ‘Sharing your connection from’ menu and select your VPN connection

  5. In the ‘To computers using’ box, check ‘USB Ethernet’.

  6. Check ‘Internet Sharing’, and a pop-up box will appear. Click ‘Start,’

  7. ‘Internet Sharing: On’ will show green to let you know that everything is working ok.

  8. Reboot your SmartTV.

How to set up a Smart TV VPN on your Router

If the above two methods are not suitable for you, there is a third method that you can try - installing a VPN dirctly onto your router.

Some people prefer to use a VPN that is installed on a flashed router because it means all the devices in their home - including their Smart TV - are assisted by the VPN connection. Once set up, this can be an extremely convenient method of connecting a Smart TV to a VPN service (and all the other devices in your home). The reason we say that it is convenient once set up is becuase doing so can be a little tricky.

To install a VPN on a router it is necessary to first 'flash' the router with the relevant firmware. And, if done wrong, this can 'brick' your router making it unusable.

If you have a low level of technical know-how, flashing your router probably isn’t for you. Luckily there are companies out there that offer prepaid and pre-flashed routers, which allow a simple plug-and-play setup – Flashrouters is a great example.

Some VPN services (NordVPN , for example) sell pre-flashed routers themselves.

Where can you get a pre-flashed router?

Most VPNs can be purchased pre-flashed onto a router at the third-party vendor Flashrouters . The advantage of using a flashed router is that it automatically uses the VPN service no matter what device you connect to your WiFi network. It can also help with reducing the number of network cables you use and make it so that you don’t have to play around with your computer network settings. It also doesn’t matter if your computer isn’t close to your SmartTV.

What ype of flashed router do I need?

There are two main types of flashed routers: DD-WRT and Tomato. DD-WRT is the most popular option because it is the most customizable type of flashed router. Please click on the links to get more detailed information on these types of routers.

DD-WRT router

You can find a full list of compatible routers can be found on the DD-WRT website, where you can also find information about installing and configuring DD-WRT. And click these links for guides about setting up PPTP and OpenVPN.

Tomato router

A full list of compatible routers can be found on the tomato router website, they also have information on installing and configuring Tomato, and a guide to setting up OpenVPN.

5 Best VPNs for Smart TV users

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With ProtonVPN, you can stream and watch video content on any Android TV by installing the app directly on your TV set.

The app allows you to watch content from more than 50 countries, if you have a paid plan. Users with free accounts can select from up to 3 countries.

To stream content from media platforms including Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime, you need a ProtonVPN Plus or Visionary plan and an account with the service you would like to use. If you are new to using a VPN to access video content, read our guide on streaming.

A paid account also allows you to install ProtonVPN on multiple devices to enjoy your favorite content wherever you are.

Android TV is built into some TVs and is used by a wide selection of streaming sticks and boxes that can plug into any TV with a spare HDMI port. If you don’t have an Android TV, you can find some examples in this article.

The ProtonVPN app for Android TV works as described in this article on the Chromecast with Google TV stick, and on any TVs that use the (Android-based) Google TV interface. Users of Chromecast-only devices (Chromecast 1st Gen, 2nd Gen, Ultra, and 3rd Gen) will instead need a VPN router to use their device with our VPN service. Our Android TV app can also be sideloaded onto an Amazon Fire TV device (“firestick”).

How to set up ProtonVPN on Android TV

How To Install Free Vpn On Android Tv Box

To install ProtonVPN on your Android TV, follow these steps:

1. Download the application from your TV’s app store. Alternatively, you can install the app using your desktop browser from the Google Play Store. Choose your Android TV as the device to install to automatically start the installation on your TV.

2. Follow the instructions on your TV screen:


When you open the app for the first time, a code will be displayed.

How To Install Free Vpn On Android Tv

Sign in to your ProtonVPN on your smartphone or computer, access, and enter the code displayed on your TV. Verify the code and you can start using Android TV ProtonVPN to watch your favorite content.

How To Install Free Vpn On Android Tv Box

Use your remote to navigate between countries and connect to a server. ProtonVPN also allows you to select your favorite country, which will always show up in the Recent section at the top of the list.