How To Install Lego Worlds For Free Pc

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Extract the file using Winrar. (Download Winrar) Open “Lego Marvel Superheros” folder, then click on “Setup” Then Install In your pc. After installing complete, go to the folder where you installed the game. Open folder, click on “Lego Marvel Super Heroes” Symbol to play the game. LEGO Jurassic World. LEGO Jurassic World is the latest LEGO gave and offers gamers the chance to step into the imaginative world of the dinosaurs that was made popular by the film franchise. Most of the other LEGO games have been well received by gamers of all ages, meaning that high hopes are riding on this new release.

Lego Worlds Free Pc Download Full Game

It is funny to think that when Minecraft first came out people were saying that it was like Lego. Now that Minecraft has taken off and become one of the biggest games of all time, Lego wanted some of that and made Lego Worlds. What is funny about that is that people now compare Lego Worlds to Minecraft…… it is like the circle of blocks!

This Is Huge

Let me tell you right off the bat, Lego Worlds can be a very intimidating game. I am sure if you are like 10 years old, you just jump into this and start building, breaking and doing missions. Us adults though might be a little amazed at how large the worlds are, how much stuff there is and the sheer scope of what you can do.

There Is A Point

Lego Worlds has two things that you can do. The main focus of the game is that you need to go around the various Lego Worlds and collect these Golden Bricks. You can get Golden Bricks by searching them out and finding them. You can also get Golden Bricks by doing missions for the NPC’s that are around the level.I found collecting these Golden Bricks very addictive and if you ask me it feels like there is an infinite amount of these to collect! You are collecting these so that you can get more characters, more items, more equipment and unblock more options for the worlds that you create. Basically, Golden Bricks are the life force of the Lego Worlds universe.

How To Install Lego Worlds For Free Pc


I had fun doing these missions and the lure of getting a Golden Brick was enough to keep me doing them. However, the missions never really change so I can see people who put a hundred plus hours into the game getting a bit sick of doing what feels like the same mission over and over again.

How To Install Lego Worlds For Free Pc

You Are God!

Of course, the real draw for Lego Worlds is the world creating that the game allows you to do. If you can imagine it, you can build it. The creation tools are very sophisticated and I feel they take a little longer to get used to than the ones that Minecraft has. I will counter this though by saying that if you put the time in you can pretty much create anything that you could imagine. You can easily spend hours screwing around making whatever pops into your imagination. This is sure to be a huge deal for those of you who have a bit of a creative streak in you. I also think that when you get bored chasing down Golden Bricks, being able to create stuff is a nice distraction.

Lego World Game Download Pc

The Number of Worlds Is Insane!

The different biomes that Lego Worlds has for you to explore are crazy. I do not know the “science” for how the game generates the worlds. However, I can tell you they are some of the most diverse worlds you will ever come across in a game. If you take my experience yesterday, I played in one world that was like a forest, swamp kind of spooky place then the next world I went to was a city that was like a mini New York or Chicago!

I really love how much fun the different worlds are. My personal favorite has to be the one that I got as part of the Lego Monsters pack. This was a spooky world that featured all kinds of creepy stuff.

Lego Worlds may not be the Minecraft killer that some people thought it would be, but it is still a lot of fun. I do feel that the learning curve is a little higher than what Minecraft has, but I do also feel that you can do a lot more here than you can in Minecraft. The game is full of that Lego charm that all the other Lego games offer and if you love playing with actual Lego’s I am sure you will have a blast with this.



  • Lots of different Lego Worlds for you to explore
  • Plenty of missions to do
  • Tons of vehicles and animals to ride on
  • The creation aspect is pretty spectacular
  • Has that Lego charm we all love


  • Missions can get kind of samey
  • Maybe a little hard to get into for some
Overall rating: 8