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I am a big fan of taking surveys for money.

And I am even a bigger fan of getting paid for downloading apps.

But I love it when these two come together and from a new money-making opportunity where you install a free app to earn money without taking surveys!

I know, I know.

It sounds too good to be true.

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There must be a catch.

And there is one!

But the “catch” isn’t what you think it is.

It’s all about a very well-known and high paying survey site and their exclusive panel.

If you’ve always been wondering “how to make money with paid surveys without actually taking a survey“, here is your chance.

So, here is the deal…

The survey company is SurveySavvy and their exclusive special panel is called Savvy Connect.

SavvyConnect will give you up to $180 for installing their app.

This is a lot like the SmatPanel app that pays you $110 for installing their app.

But there is one major difference.

I’ll explain the difference in a few moments.

You can install the app by visiting

But before you join, read the rest of this post to make sure you know everything about this app and what it does.

What is Savvy Connect?

SavvyConnect is an app/software by the famous market research company, Luth Research LLC, whose online survey panel, SurveySavvy, is one of the most popular survey sites because of its high paying surveys.

The program was created back ion 2009 to help the market research firm conduct behavioral research as it related to the internet and how consumers use it.

Basically, you’ll install this app on your PC, Laptop, or Smartphone.

It works quietly in the background without disturbing you and what you do on the internet, collecting data for the purpose of market research.

What kind of data?

Things like:

  • which website you visit most frequently
  • how many hours a day you spend on Facebook
  • what TV shows you watch online
  • how many times you use Google to search
  • what percentage of time you use Bing to search
  • etc.

What do I get?

There are a few awesome perks for members who install the app.

  1. If you like taking surveys with the SurveySavvy panel, you’ll have the opportunity for more invites.
  2. Your SurveySavvy earnings check gets processed faster than other members who aren’t enrolled in SavvyConnect program.
  3. And best of all, you earn cash just for having the app installed.

Project Gold (Earn $180 instead of $60)

That cash reward used to be only $60. But with the new project Gold feature, the reward has increased to $180 per year.

With Project Gold, you get paid $5 per month per app.

So, you can have it installed on a few different devices (Desktop, iPhone, Tablet, etc) and earn $5 per month per device.

Unfortunately, the cash reward is currently available for U.S. residents only. Although, you can still signup and be a part of the program if you live elsewhere, but you won’t get the cash reward.

The catch

Remember I told you earlier that there is a catch?

Here is the catch…

They don’t give you $180 as soon as you install the app.

You get $5 per month, per device for every month that you keep the app installed.

I don’t blame ’em for doing it that way either.

I mean, if they’d pay people as soon as they had installed the app, then most people would simply delete the app.

That’s not good!

After all, this is a for profit (market research) company, and like all other companies, their goal is to make money as well.

They make that money by gathering data (through apps like SavvyConnect) and consumer feedback (through survey panels like SurveySavvy). And to entice those consumers to join, they offer rewards. But if they give out the rewards without getting the data or feedback, then they’ll lose money instead of earning it.

How To Install Pay Apps For Free

That’s fine by me. Sure, I don’t get $180 up front, but I get $180 ($5 per month, per device) a year just for installing a free app once. That’s all I have to do. I am not required to participate in their surveys, but if I choose to do, I’ll earn even more money.

That to me is free money.

Who doesn’t want $180 for just less than 60 seconds (that it takes to install the app) of their time

Will it harm my device?

No, it won’t! I have done it with no issues whatsoever. In fact, it is installed on my PC as I am typing this.

I also did some research online and from the reviews I read, almost everybody who has installed this app is happy with it and reports no issues.

Savvy Connect and privacy issues

This is probably the number one concern most of us have. We do a lot of stuff online and while most of us don’t really care if somebody sees what we do online, we would rather keep it private.

This was the biggest question in my mind, so I did a little research and found this on SurveySavvy’s website:

We take your privacy seriously. With that in mind, all data SavvyConnect® collects is only referenced in aggregate format and no personally identifiable data or content is provided to third parties.

What that means is that you will basically be just another number in the statistics they use.

In other words, your name, address, or any other identifiable information will never be seen or used.

For example, let’s say a movie company comes to them and asks them to do a quick survey to find out how many people on the night of Halloween search for the “Scary Movie”.

SavvyConnect starts tracking people in their program.

You happen to be one among 99 other people who searched for Scary Movie on Halloween night.

When they’re going to give the results to the movie company, they’re not going to say “Hey, John Doe who lives in 22nd street in St Louis, Missouri was one of them. Here are the names and addresses of 99 other people”.

That’s not how market research is done!

Instead, they send them a report and say “Hey, out of 1000 people we tracked, 100 people did indeed search for Scary Movie on Halloween night.”

Market research is about statistics and not necessarily the actual people who make up the statistics.

So, installing their app, in no way, shape, or form is going to jeopardize your privacy. You’ll just be a number among hundreds and thousands of other numbers.

By the way, if you like to learn in detail what market research is and how it works, read this PDF.

Final Thoughts

I have had the app installed for months, and so far, I like it.

To be honest, I don’t even notice it’s there since it doesn’t really interfere with anything.

What I love about this whole thing is that although $180 may not be much, I am getting it without really doing anything.

It takes less than a minute to install it and you’re done!

So, if you want $180 for free, install the SavvyConnect app and get your money.

You can always uninstall it easily if and when you decide you no longer want to participate.

In the world of torrents and what-not, to download paid software for free had never been a hard task, albeit the downloaded free software being cracked and illegal to download.

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What are the top 7 Websites to Download Paid Software for FREE?

As we said earlier, there are tons of torrent websites that list the cracked paid software for free but unfortunately, that cracked software is malicious to your computer system. Also, there are many websites that serve the paid software for free legally, but again not all of those websites are frequently updated and offer the latest software. However, here we have compiled the top 7 websites to download the paid software for free legally and these websites are updated, in fact, on a daily basis!

GIVEAWAY OF THE DAY Software Giveaway Website

The “Giveaway of the Day” website offers to download paid software for free for a limited period of time — a day. Every day a new paid-gone-free software/app is given. And, the visitors have to download and install the software on the same day.

Though the website focuses on providing free LICENSED software/games for Windows, does offer free paid apps for Android and iPhones.

The software provided comes with certain custom T&Cs (Terms and Conditions). These “Terms and Conditions” may not include future software upgrades and free tech support. Also, these programs offered are licensed for a certain period of time; like 6 Months Premium Plan or 1 Year. This policy might not entertain those who intend to use these programs for commercial purpose!

Links to official Giveaway of the Day sites

SharewareOnSale Daily Software Giveaway

Unlike Giveaway of the Day, SharewareOnSale is a daily-deal website that focuses on serving daily free software giveaways for both Windows and Mac, & Android and iOS.

The free software giveaway runs for more than a day, usually for two days or so!

This website not only provides paid apps for free, but there are also heavy discounts and sales running on the website.

Link to official SharewareOnSale site Download Paid Software for Free

The website focuses on free software giveaways for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, IT News, and has a section to list to download free, software. mainly does software and game giveaways. There are two types of giveaways; time-limited but unlimited number of licenses, and a limited number of license.

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Links to official sites

NET-LOAD Free Software Giveaway Website

Yes, Net-Load is basically a collector website, collects all the daily free software giveaways running on the internet and displays in one place.
The website gives a download link for the promotional software and license key on their website. The giveaways are updated once in two days or sometimes twice in a day. No pattern to follow.

Links to official NET-LOAD sites

Giveaway Radar Download Paid Software for Free

Net-Load and Giveaway Radar share the same blood — both are free software giveaways collector website.

Giveaway Radar covers all the major free software giveaways website, but it does have some sort of own rules.

Besides, Giveaway Radar doesn’t cover the free software giveaways like:

  • Antiviruses and VPN Software giveaways.
  • Free software giveaways with a license period of fewer than six months.
  • Giveaway contests and competitions

Links to official Giveaway Radar sites

Latest Giveaways Listing Software Giveaway

The website doesn’t exactly extract giveaways from different software giveaway websites, but most of the giveaways are already available for download on the above-mentioned websites.

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This software giveaways website promotes massively discounted software, and very few free premium software.

Note: TopWareSale doesn’t update the giveaways daily and the SSL certificate has been dead for a while now.

Links to official TopShareSale sites

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Though we already have the “TOP 7 BEST DAILY FREE SOFTWARE GIVEAWAY WEBSITE”, but if you still think we missed [any] the best daily free software giveaway website, please, feel to suggest them below in the comments.

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