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Option 1) Wait for it to come on for free on Origin On The House. This will likely be decade or so. Maybe the base game will be free sometime in the next few years, but not all expansions. Today I show you how to download and install The Sims 3 Complete + Store Collection. This includes every expansion, stuff pack, store world and every item e. The Sims 3 1.69 is available as a free download on our software library. Some users mark that you can notice such an advantage of it as The Sims 3 is complete. This program was originally developed by Electronic Arts. Our antivirus check shows that this download is safe. The program relates to Games.

How to install sims 3 free download mac


Please read everything before doing it, and then do it following one step at a time, completing each installation or update before the next step.
Also, read the original torrent instructions to understand better about the mislabeled files and the ones you have to download.
1. Mount Image '1 - The Sims 3.mdf' (see below how to mount images)
2. Install Sims 3 (see below information about how to install)
TIP: leave the keygen open for now, you'll use it a lot.
3. Download this file:
4. Execute it and it'll Update to
5. Go inside the folder 'Downloadable Content (November 2010)Documents' and copy the 'Eletronic Arts' folder to C:Users%username% (that is, your Documents or My Documents Windows folder)
6. Double-click the 'Barnacle Bay.Sims3Pack'. The EA downloader will not be able to connect, but the installer will open anyway, so go ahead and install it.
7. Double click the 'Riverview.Sims3Pack' and do the same thing.
8. Mount and Install '2 - World Adventures.iso' (that's actually High End, but it's mislabeled, follow the numbers and not the names and it'll work)
9. Inside the 'Updates' folder, execute the '2 - TS3SP01_3.9.6.009001_Update.exe' file.
10. Mount and install '3 - High End Loft Stuff.mdf' (that's World Adventures)
11. Inside the 'Updates' folder, execute '3 - TS3EP01_2.13.6.009002_Update.exe'.
12. Mount and install '4 - Ambitions.iso'
13. Mount and install '5 - Fast Lane (INSTALL BEFORE UPDATING AMBTIONS).iso'
14. In the 'Updates' folder, execute '4 - (INSTALL FAST LANE FIRST) TS3EP02_4.6.6.009001_Update.exe'
15. Download and execute the file in
DO NOT USE THE FILE '5 - Sims3_5.4.4.009001_from_5.2.4.009001.exe' THAT COMES IN THE TORRENT.
16. In the 'Updates' folder, execute '1 - TS3_1.18.9.009002_Update.exe'
17. Mount and install '6 - Late Night.iso'
18. In the 'Updates' folder, execute '7 - Sims3_6.1.11.009001_from_6.0.81.009001.exe'
19. Go to C:Program Files (x86)Electronic ArtsThe Sims 3 Late NightGameBin (or wherever the game was installed, and then in the Game/Bin folder)
20. Copy the files 'TS3EP03.exe' and 'TSLHost.dll' to a different and safe location and keep them as a backup.
21. Go to 'KeyGen + CrackSims 3 Late Night Crack', copy the two files you have there and paste them in the same folder as before (C:Program Files (x86)Electronic ArtsThe Sims 3 Late NightGameBin). Replace the original files.
22. Right-click the 'TS3EP03.exe' and choose Send to > Desktop (Shortcut)
23. Use that shortcut in your desktop whenever you want to play the game. You can rename it...
Obs: when you run the game, it'll give a warning about using an unofficial mod, but just ignore it and click Continue

Some more information...
How to mount images:
- Install PowerISO (look for it in Google and download it for free)
- Once it's installed and the PC has been restarted, you can go directly to the folder 'A Sims 3 Installation' (you unzip it from the one in the torrent)
- When you get there, right-click in the image (The Sims DVD) you want to mount and choose 'Mount to Drive' (a PowerISO option)

- Once the image is mounted, it'll show up as a DVD in a DVD driver, just like when you use a normal DVD. You have to go to (My) Computer and double-click it and it'll run automatically.
- When it asks for the serial, you open the 'EA Games Generic Multi Keygen 211 - By FFF' file in your 'KeyGen + Crack' folder and select the game you're installing in the list.
- Then click Generate, click Copy and paste it directly in the first field of the serial

This method is extremely efficient for adding DLC’s to your existing game.

Not only you can download a full all-in-one but you can also simply add DLC’s to your already existing game.

No registration-/installationcodes required, multi-language

Full instructions on the screen

  1. Download the torrent for The Sims 3 Anadius
  2. Open the torrent in your torrent-client (such as bittorrent, utorrent a.o.)
  3. Leave it as it is (all items ticked) when you want to install everything (all-in-one)
  4. Otherwise remove the tick at The Sims 3 (Anadius Repack)
    Now tick the DLC’s you want + TS3_setup.exe
  5. Click OK and the torrent will only download your selected items.
  6. When finished downloading click on TS3_setup. exe to start the installation of your chosen DLC’s
  7. Follow the instructions on the screen .
How To Install Sims 3 Free Download

Sims 3 Full Game Free

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