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yahoo messenger 11 is now available for free download. A few days back, we told you about microsoft windows live messenger 2011, which is not just an IM (instant messaging) interface but a social interface too.

Yahoo has now decided to take the social route by integrating Facebook in Yahoo messenger 11. The release has a lot of new social features that lets you manage your contacts in all your social networks through one single interface – Yahoo Messenger! This is exactly what microsoft did to Windows live messenger and yahoo was quick to follow. You can free download windows live messenger 2011 here. (popularly known as MSN Messenger Download). MSN Messenger is also integrated with Hotmail as Hotmail Messenger. This lets you keep in touch with your messenger contacts, wherever you are.

These days, social networks like facebook and twitter are the places where people connect on the web and the old IM clients had to do something innovative to continue to be relevant. Microsoft proved that the best way to do this is by providing one common interface to users, for all their social interactions, and this resulted in the new social Windows live messenger 2011. Yahoo did not want to be left back and they took it upon themselves to offer the same, if not improved experience through Yahoo messenger 11.

Instant messengers do have their own advantages. They let you do private conversations (both text and voice) with your connections, unlike the social world where most of the conversations are public.Moreover, most of the conversations on social networks are text based while IMs like yahoo messenger make it easy to make voice chats like the free PC-to-PC calls and the low-priced PC-to-phone calls. You can not only make voice calls, but you can also video chat in high definition. These were the traditional advantages with messengers.

Now, instant messengers also make it easy to manage all your social networks from one single interface. Yahoo messenger 11 takes it one step further and offers social games to keep yourselves entertained with your friends, wherever you are! Social gaming is what yahoo is trying to introduce in yahoo messenger 2011, to make it more exciting and entertaining.The new yahoo messenger 11 will let you play some of the most popular social games with your friends and these include “Fishville” and “Mafia Wars” from Zynga, “Balloono”, “Pool”, “Draw My Thing” from OMGPOP and “Happy Harvest” & “Happy Manor” from Elex.

Yahoo Messenger 11 Features

Here are some of the exciting new features in Yahoo messenger 11 and you can expect the final release of this IM client on or before 2011.

  • Get instant social updates from all your friends and contacts, wherever they are (on twitter, facebook, flickr, etc) through one single interface – Yahoo messenger.
  • share your social updates by instantly posting them to multiple social networks like Twitter, facebook, etc., from within a sigle interface – Yahoo messenger.
  • In addition to your friends on Windows Live messenger, you can now IM your Facebook friends, right within Yahoo Messenger.
  • Get connected through Yahoo messenger from your desktop or any other mobile device like you favorite iphone or android phone. You can start your IM conversations on your PC and continue them on your iPhone, Android, or any Internet-enabled device, if you are on the move.
Instal Yahoo Messenger Free

If you had not used yahoo messenger before, you can check out what this IM has to offer and download Yahoo messenger 10. If you are on Iphone, you can even download Yahoo messenger for iphone.

Yahoo Chat Messenger

Download Yahoo Messenger 11

So, what are you waiting for? If you can’t wait for the final release, you can download yahoo messenger 11 beta and test drive it on your PC or smartphone. If you are a social animal, you are are going to love these new messengers. If you are already a fan of Yahoo and using the Yahoo messenger 10 download, you too can get this latest version. Being a beta, you can expect a few bugs, but that may not stop you from entertaining yourselves with social gaming and social networking.

Install Yahoo Messenger For Windows 10

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