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YTD Video Downloader, free download. YTD Video Downloader 6.16.9: YTD Video Downloader is a simple application that allows downloading videos from YouTube, Facebook and other websites and converting them to various formats. Its interface is neat and intuitive. Speedbit Video Downloader. This free software is a video downloader that can be used for downloading videos and converting them to any format. It will be able to work with most sites and fast downloads and conversions can be done.

You are lookingfor a software to download videos from youtube or any other sites? You want aneasy-to-use but still professional program? You want to convert the downloadedvideo to any format quickly and easily? And you want it without spending any money?
Then the programyou are looking for is:
The YTD Youtube Downloader
Let’s see why itis the single best video downloader and converter on the market:
1.YTDdownloader is not an ordinary downloader software as it has some really good and useful features! You can download videos from Youtube, Facebook, Cimeo, Dailymotion and 60+other sites! That is something that not many video downloaders are capable of. Actually, no other program supports this many sites.
2.Afterdownloading the chosen video you can convert it to wmw, avi, mp3, iphone and manyother formats with one single click.
3.Ifthere is a connection fail, it automatically retries to download the given video.
4.Ithas a fantastic built in download accelerator which makes download speed 4-5times faster. I am not joking it really is that good!
5.Youcan download multiple videos at the same time without any issues or decrease inthe speed.
6.Youwill get free email support from the developers. That is again something you don't get from other developers.
7.Ithas a very pure, easy-to-manage interface. It only takes a few seconds to learnhow to use all its features (from converting to simple video editing)
It sounds toogood to be realistic, doesn’t it? Well, yes, it does. Here comes the bad partof the story: If you visit the official site of YTD Downloader then you sawthat YTD Downloader has two versions: afree version and a PRO version which is, of course paid.
And certainly, allthe extras, the best features are only included in thepaid software, which costs 20$ a year. So, you can’t even buy it, it is not aone time fee, you can only use it if you pay an annual membership fee.

Instal Ytd Free

Instal Ytd Free
Honestly, I findit to be a bit pricey. I do understand that the developers need some money to develop the program, but I still think it is too expensive.. That’s why I createdthis site. Here you can download the PRO Version (paid version) for free!
No worries: It’snot a torrent, you don’t even need to fill out a survey to get access to the installer of YTD Downloader. Simply click the Download button and the compressed file, in which you find the executable file will bedownloaded immediately. Then run the exe and start downloading videos from allaround the web.
I am going tokeep the software continuously updated. As a new version or an update comesout, I will make it available on this site only.

Is Ytd Downloader Free


Ytd Youtube Video Downloader Free

Before compressing the installer I always check it with different antivirus programs. Idon’t want to harm your computer, I simply want to help you. I know how itfeels like when you want something really badly but it is just too expensive to actually get it. That was my case with YTD Downloader back when I had no money and that’s why I decided to share it with you for free.

It is possible that this site will get deleted. So, if you want to get the program for free, download it as soon as you can. Maybe, that is the last day when you have the chance...