Install Ipad Apps For Free Without Jailbreak

The App which changed the way people look at texting, yes I’m talking about Whats App. It is the most popular messaging app for the mobile device today. People love it not because it allows us to send messages but also for its other great features like sharing images, videos and audios with our friends and family. It also lets us create group and chat all together in that group. Well we can say that Whats App is undoubtedly best messaging app on iPhone but the sad truth about it is, it is not available for iPad. Don’t panic, still you can install Whats App on your iPad without jailbreak. Wondering how? Lets talk in detail about Whats App for iPad.

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How to install paid apps for free on ipad without jailbreak

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It really annoys me when I work on my iPad and I have to take phone out of my pocket to chat with my friends on Whats App. Well this what encouraged me to install Whats App on my iPad so I searched for it on the App Store but my bad luck it is not available for iPad. Than after trying a lots of tricks on my iPad, finally I found the working way to install Whats App on iPad without jailbreak.

How to Install Whats App on iPad Without Jailbreak?

For installing Whats App on iPad, you need to follow below given tutorial but before proceeding to steps let me first give you overview of whole tutorial which we are going to perform. We all know that whats app is only available for iPhone, so first we will download whats app on PC or Mac via iTunes. After that we would use iOS file manager software – iFunBox to install iPhone version of Whats App on iPad. Than after we would be doing other few settings and after that you will be able to use Whats App on iPad. Not wasting more time, let us now begin with steps.

1) First of all download Whats App using iTunes on PC or Mac. To download First of all open iTunes and in that go to iTunes Store. Search for “Whats App” app and download it.

2) After downloading we would install this iPhone version of Whats App on iPad. To do that we will use iOS File Manager iFunBox. Download and install it on your Mac or PC from here.

3) After that connect your iPad to PC or Mac using USB cable. We will install now that iPhone version of Whats App on iPad. To install this app on your iPad go to “Managing App Data” section in iFunBox and in that click on “Install App”. Once you click on that, it will ask you for .ipa file to install on iPad. Find the Whats App.ipa file which we downloaded previously using iTunes and click on Save.

Path of Whats App.ipa files to Install Whats App on iPad –

Windows – C > Users > Username > My Music > iTunes > iTunes Media > Mobile Applications > WhatsApp.ipa

Mac – Open Finder > Music > iTunes > iTunes Media > Mobile Applications > WhatsApp.ipa

Now wait for the time till it install the Whats App on your iPad. Once it is installed, you will be able to see Whats App icon on iPad home screen but you will not be able to use it. As I said earlier that we will be performing few more settings to use the Whats App on iPad. Follow further steps and change some settings as guided.

4) Download and install whats app on your iPhone. After installation process gets completed, register Whats App with the number which is not yet registered on the whats app and the one which you are willing to use on iPad.

(Note – It is necessary to re-install Whats App on iPhone and register it with the new number without doing it Whats App on iPad will not work.)

5) After registering, connect your iPhone to PC or Mac and then open iFunBox. Go to “File Browser” tab and in that click on “User Applications” in left panel. (See below given image for more proper understanding.)

6) After clicking on it, it will show up all the apps installed on your iPhone. Find Whats App from all apps and double click on it. It will open up all system files of Whats App app installed on your iPhone. Now copy “Documents”, “Library” folders and “” named file and paste it to your desktop. (See Below Given Image I have highlighted the folders which are to be copied.)

7) Now unplug the iPhone and connect iPad to your PC or Mac. Again open the iFunBox and Go to File Browser tab and in that click on “User Applications” and in that double click on Whats App app. Now we have to copy the files which we saved to desktop from iPhone earlier and paste it in the iPad > Whats App folder using iFunBox. The folder in iPad will also have the same folder and files but once you paste the new one, it would automatically delete older ones and save new folders and files there.

Install Ipad Apps For Free Without Jailbreaking

That’s it folks ! Now open the Whats App on your iPad and you will be able to chat on whats app from your iPad. I know this is bit lengthy and confusing process but it is 100% working way to install Whats App on iPad. I would also like to tell that this same method works on the iPad touch too! So if you want to install whats app on iPod touch then too you can follow the same steps listed above.

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Do tell me in comments section below, if you face any difficulties while installing Whats App on your iPad or iPod touch. I would try to solve all your queries as soon as possible.

Install Ipad Apps For Free Without Jailbreak