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In Prezi there is a concept of reusable Prezi presentation that let you share your ideas with the Prezi community. If you are familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint you may find this very close to the idea of PowerPoint templates. Making an analogy, in Prezi universe designs that you can share with other people are known as “Reusables” Prezis.

Making your Prezis reusable let other users to open the presentation and make a copy in order to reuse your design and data elements. Once a copy is made, the new presentation owner can edit the content without affecting your original Prezi design. Actually it works as a Prezi template.

PowerPoint Templates = Prezi Reusables

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Sharing the Prezi designs and making Prezis ready for reuse helps others get started with Prezi and share your ideas and creativity with the Prezi community. This way you can share Prezi assets, animations, sound effect and design elements that you added previously to a Prezi presentation. Your original prezi will always remain untouched but if it is marked as Reusable then other users can make copies of it and adapt the copied presentation with their own content.

More than 1000 Best Prezi presentation templates - 3D, business, abstract, infographics, education, animated, medical, technology, free, science Prezis. New 2018 collection from Google Slides themes and Powerpoint templates to download.

To make a Prezi presentation ready for reuse you need to:

  1. Login to Prezi and go to Prezi Library
  2. Click in the Prezi presentation that you want to make reusable or distribute as a Prezi template.
  3. Click the Share button below the Prezi viewer.
  4. Click the checkbox “Allow public reuse and help spread ideas”.
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This checkbox let you make reusable Prezis in a way that other users can view it and make copies and use it as a separate Prezi.


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You can download all free presentations from here. Choose a template and click the button. You will be redirected to site where the reusable Prezi is located. Then find a button and make a copy from it.
After you have made a copy from current template, you can save your copy of Prezi for Offline use. Use the downloaded file with Prezi desktop if you prefer editing offline. Recommended way is online.
Most of the elements in Prezi are vector based and if there are images then they are at high-resolution. The Prezi zooming function is working perfectly. You can zoom in and your slides still looks beautiful.
In Prezi you are free to change everything, background, text, animations, titles, images.

Free Prezi template with Christmas tree, animated, made from green and red circles. Template has background animation of falling snow and background music.Change wishes and texts.

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Elegant Invitation, with the black background and gold luxury frame. For topics - events, birthdays, party, wedding. Vector based elements, 3D background.

Colorful balloons in gray background. Includes elements like: balloons, texts, photos.

Make a business deal or close a business deal. An image from hand shake. Recommended for topics like the contract, financial transaction, accord, arrangement, compromise, buy. Made from businessman silhouettes.

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Man standing in front of a choice. Animated flash elements in Prezi. Character based animation.

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Info at a screen - animation from a character where the funny businessman is pointing to a big iPad screen.

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Tell people what you love with this simple free Prezi template with a big red heart concept.