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Plans and Pricing for Identity Guard

Jun 20, 2020 Anti-Phishing also has a news feed to keep you informed about the latest phishing alerts. Enable notifications to be notified of new alerts and stay up-to-date. Features: Protection against known.

We recommend signing up with an identity protection service that offers monitoring, so that you can spot suspicious activity right away. You’ll also want recovery features and some sort of insurance policy. These are important safety nets to look for in any package you choose, as identity theft can cost you. Even though most victims don’t lose money, the average cost of an identity theft incident is still well over $1,000.1

FYI: “Identity protection” doesn’t mean crime-fighting — it means monitoring and recovery. We trust services like this because they keep tabs on our credit, social security numbers, and other important matters. Monitoring can spot threats fast, buying us time to protect ourselves by canceling credit cards, freezing credit files, etc. And if we are victimized, services like this can help us recover.

With Identity Guard, we think you’ll get valuable protection at every price point. First, you’ll get basic monitoring services with all plan tiers. We’re also glad to see that recovery and insurance are standard across all price points, too. This is crucial, as there are tons of chores to think about if you ever fall victim to identity theft (reporting the incident, freezing credit files, and more).2 And for obvious reasons, having insurance included in your package can really pay dividends.

Get $1 million worth of fraud insurance. When you sign up for Credit Sesame’s free credit monitoring, we’ll automatically give you $1 million identity theft insurance, plus live access to talk to identity restoration specialists — for free. In the event you are ever a victim of identity theft, you won’t be alone to deal with it because. Oct 06, 2014 Identity Guard On-the-Go Alerts. Now accessing your Identity Guard monitoring alerts, current credit status and other account benefits is more convenient than ever.

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Identity Guard has really strong monitoring, recovery, and insurance, and it’s priced really well. In fact, we’ve ranked Identity Guard at the top of our best identity protection services list.

We think signing up with any of Identity Guard’s services is better than having no protection at all. But that doesn’t mean all plans are created equal. When deciding on a plan tier that makes sense for you, you’ll want to look into the monitoring features offered. We’ll talk more about this in a moment, but let’s have a look at prices first.

Install The Best Free Ieenity Guard Now

Identity Guard Price Snapshot

Value$8.99 / month$89.99 / year$14.99 / month$149.99 / year
Total$19.99 / month$199.99 / year$29.99 / month$299.99 / year
Ultra$23.99 / month$239.99 / year$31.99 / month$319.99 / year

You can save money by choosing to pay for your service annually. If you go this route, you’ll pay one lump sum for a full year of coverage. The monthly plan costs more, but it’s also more flexible. You can cancel at any time with either option, but note that Identity Guard doesn’t give partial refunds. We always recommend month-to-month pricing, especially if you’re not sure that you’ll stick around for the long haul.