Install Viber On Windows Pc For Free Calling

If you have an iPhone, you have all of the features that can be found in Apple's iPod with the added benefit of being able to make phone calls. But even if you do have an iPhone, call can be expensive depending on the tariff you are using. Viber is a free VoIP app in a similar vein to Skype that can be used to send and receive free phone calls and text messages with other Viber users.

  1. Install Viber On Windows Pc For Free Calling And Chat
  2. Install Viber On Windows Pc For Free Calling Without
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The problem with any such app is that it is reliant on the people you need to get in touch with having the same app installed. This is true of Viber but it does have one big advantage. All that is required is the app itself; there is no configuration required and no need to build up a list of contacts. When you place a call through Viber, you do so using your friends' regular phone number.

👍 Watch how to install Viber on a computer without using a smartphone. Viber developers let users have their messenger on several devices - a smartphone, a.

  1. Download and install Viber software on Windows 8 and 7 desktop PC for free calling. Send free messages, HD video calls with.
  2. Free for Viber Video Calls Guide Apps Full Version Download for PC.Download Free for Viber Video Calls Guide Apps Latest Version for PC,Laptop,Windows.Our app provided information regarding Viber video call, a mobile messenger app that allows to make phone calls and send text messages and pictures without charge, additionally offers up lots of.

There is certainly no denying that when it is working, Viber is a great app and provides a way of saving money on the calls you make. However, there are occasional problems with sound quality as well as random disconnections. It is difficult to complain about such problems when an app is free, but it does make it hard to rely on Viber as your primary means of communication.

For iPod and non-3G iPad users, Viber adds a handy calling facility to an already handy device while providing iPhone users with the ability to save a chunk of cash on voice calls and text messages. With an interface that is almost indistinguishable from the iPhone's usual phone 'app' Viber is a seriously useful tool that's worth trying out.


If you don’t have to worry about data charges, Viber offers a great way to save money on your phone bills.

Install Viber On Windows Pc For Free Calling And Chat

Published on May 10th, 2012

The popular free app/application known as Viber, that lets you make free phone calls and send free text messages to anyone who is also using Viber, is now available for Blackberry smartphones and Windows Phones. Viber was previously available for iPhone and Android smartphones only. This is a good news for Blackberry and Windows Phone users.

Install Viber On Windows Pc For Free Calling Without

If you are not familiar with Viber, it is an app that lets you make free local and international calls and text messages to other Viber users through 3G or WiFi. Yes, it’s like Skype or Blackberry’s BBM, with difference interface and some features. Watch the video below.

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However, Viber for BlackBerry and Windows Phone is still in Beta version. This means that there are some features that are currently unavailable compared to Viber for iPhone and Android smartphones. Features like voice calling. But I’m pretty sure that sooner Viber will release a fully functional Viber for Blackberry and Windows Phone. Who knows, by the time you have read this article, Viber had already released a fully functional version. You can download Viber for Blackberry smartphones and Viber for Windows Phones like Nokia smartphones below. I have place the download link below for your convenience.

Windows 10 Download

Download Viber for Blackberry here
Download Viber for Windows Phone here

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