Requirements to get the app for free

  1. Install Windows 10 Free Dvd Player
  2. Windows Free Dvd Player Windows 10

This update makes available the Windows DVD Player app for eligible Windows 10 upgrades.
You are eligible to get the Windows DVD Player app for free if you upgrade to Windows 10 from the following Windows versions:

  • Windows 7 Home Premium

  • Windows 7 Professional

  • Windows 7 Ultimate

  • Windows 8 Pro with Media Center

  • Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center

Getting the Windows DVD Player app. The Windows DVD Player app enables Windows 10 PCs with an optical disc drive to play DVD movies (but not Blu-ray Discs). It is available for purchase in the Windows Store and may be found here. The following are answers to some common questions you may have about the app. 1.解壓縮 Windows 10 DVD Player 安裝檔案之後,在Windows系統碟 (C:)新增 “temp“資料夾,並將檔案複製進去 (或移動) 2.開啟CMD 並輸入 (然後enter) 64位元版: msiexec /a c:tempwindows10.0-kb3081704-x64.msi /qb TARGETDIR=c:temp2. 32位元版: msiexec /a c:tempwindows10.0-kb3081704-x86.

Soon after you upgrade to Windows 10, the Windows DVD Player app will be automatically downloaded through Windows Update.


Important notes for the app

Notice that the following conditions are true to the Windows DVD Player app:

  1. 所需檔案 1.Windows 10 DVD Player 安裝檔案 64 位元版或32 位元版 (可於原作者網站下載 或於本網站備用載點下載) 2.CMD (命令提示字元) 3.PowerShell 開始囉! 1.解壓縮 Windows 10 DVD Player 安裝檔案 之後,在Windows系統碟(C:)新增 “ temp “資料夾,並將檔案複製進去(或移動). 2.開啟 CMD 並輸入(然後enter).
  2. VLC Media Player. VLC Media player is a powerful free media player for Windows and other operating systems. One feature that has helped to make it extra popular is its ability to play DVDs, for free! VLC Tutorial 1 – Installing VLC. VLC Tutorial 2 – Playing DVDs. If neither Windows Media Player or VLC meet your needs, you will probably have.
  • This free offer is available for a limited time.

  • The app isn't available if you do a clean installation of Windows 10 instead of an upgrade.

  • If you upgrade from an edition of Windows 7 or Windows 8 that doesn’t include Media Center, you may buy the Windows DVD Player or another app that plays DVDs in the Windows Store.

For more information, check out the Windows DVD Player Q&A.

Install Windows 10 Free Dvd Player

More Information

How to obtain this update

This update is available from Windows Update.
After the update is installed, find it by searching Windows DVD Player in the Start menu.


Update replacement information

Windows Free Dvd Player Windows 10

This update is replaced by the following update:

3106246 Update for Windows 10 DVD Player: November 12, 2015