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Re: Free standing Column install!!! Pour your footer/subslab with some #4 or #5 rebar sticking up about 3 feet above grade. After footer sets up place 3 or 4 feet of 8' sonner tube over the rebar and on the footer. (this will form a plug to which you can slide the column over.) Plumb and pour the sonner tube. Get the utility lines buried in your yard marked so you don't damage them while digging. Install the Post Set the post in the hole, check the sides with a level and adjust the post until it is plumb. The horizontal lumber piece should push snugly against the sides of the post hole.

Pictured with additional Alleyway and Cattle Flow® Squeeze Chute

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GoBob is currently the only company manufacturing freestanding panels from ALL NEW PIPE

The Panels


Over 6' tall and weighing in at 550lbs these panels are durable and can withstand a beating. Made from all New 2 3/8 Heavy Wall Pipe and 1 1/4 Rails. Currently available in 24'.

Detachable Legs that Rotate

Stacking, Transporting, Freighting, Storing. We thought of it already. Our legs detach and rotate for easy storage.

Installing Fence Gate Posts

Detachable Legs (Patent Pending)

Legs Fold for Easy Storage

Installing Free Standing Gate Post Office

Built GoBob Tough

We've doubled up the straps with 2' x .250 flatbar to ensure that these panels will last you a lifetime and won't bend.

Bow Gate to Match

Freestanding 12' Bow Gate to complete the setup. Heavy duty frame and 1 piece leg assembely, so it won't wobble. Comes standard with a 7 bar gate.

Fast & Easy Setup

Both Panels and the Gates come with Chain & Tab connectors for easy setup and to insure that it stays together.

Versatile Beyond Belief

With different sizes available setups are only limited by your imagination! We build custom set-ups. Design your own or we'll help you. Here is a few we came up with.

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Dual Sorting Pens

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by Doug
(Victoria, BC)

I've been looking for a post anchor for a while now, that can be anchored to a concrete wall, as I need to put up a gate in my carport.
The Titan Post Anchor looks like it might do the trick.
Can the Titan Post Anchor be attached to a concrete wall? If so, how would you recommend doing it?
Or would it not be sturdy enough to support a small gate if this is a freestanding post?

Small Fence on Retaining Wall

by John
(Victoria, BC)

We have an existing concrete retaining wall on which we would like to install a wooden fence. We'd be using 4x4 PT posts about 5' tall. The wall would be free standing and be about 25' long.
Would the Titan Post anchors be a good choice for this type of installation? We can get some good winds in Victoria and my concern is how well the anchors would hold up the fence in sustained high winds.

Editor's Comments

Installing Metal Gate Post

The 6x6 post anchor is well suited for 6' fences on retaining walls. Here is a very strong example. Just note however that this video references the Titan Max which was a prototype that we no longer manufacture.
It turned out from our engineering that we learned that the original Titan Primus actually performed better because it absorbed load differently.

Installing Free Standing Gate Post

A 4' Fence On Concrete Wall

Installing Free Standing Gate Postal

Also check out this case study from someone who built a beautiful 4' cedar fence along the front of their home.
This is a very common application for the post anchor and if you want something that looks good at the front of your house, you will see why it excels.
Go see this fence now!

Privacy Fence on Concrete

by Matt

I am working on installing a 6' privacy fence on top of a short (6') concrete wall, with the fence having both 4x4 and 6x6 posts.
I've seen the great testimonials on what the Titan system can do for railings, but can it stand the height of a privacy fence?
This will be located in a city location, in a back alley with no wind.