Installing Hogue Free Float Handguard Extension

Installing Hogue Free Float Handguard Extension
  1. Free Float Handguard

Free Float Handguard

I watched this guy build my grendel and remember every step.
Tonight I go to take the crappy Hogue OverMolded off. Well, it was terrible. And I mean terrible. I had to destroy the barrel nut.
Its off. The stinking proprietary nut needs a long pin barrel nut wrench or you can use an oil filter /strap wrench.
I broke the strap wrench. I just grabbed my channel locks and the aluminum doesn't look so good now...
Yeah, don't do it.
By the way, to the ar guys that are afraid of building/modifying. The tools are 100 bucks and a monkey could do it.

The Hogue Knurled OAL 3 Gun Free Float Rifle Forend Extension for Ar15 & M16 will make a great addition to your tactical rifle. This Hogue Gun Grip is made out of an incredibly durable aluminum material that is guaranteed to be long lasting and durable. This video provides a demonstration how to install a free float handguard.