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Sep 18, 2020 Download Freeware. Linux - English. Kali Linux is the application previously known as BackTrack. It is a versatile program created to better the security system of Linux computers with a wide set of tools for packet analysis, forensic analysis and penetration testing in order to evaluate the safety of our connections. Kali Linux 32-64 bit Xfce Mate Cinnamon KDE LXDE E17 i3wm download ISO Torrent. Mar 23, 2021 File size: 4.0 GB. Downloads: 751,604. User rating: 437 votes. Rate this 5 (Best) 4 3 2 1 (Worst) Kali Linux is preinstalled with over 600 penetration-testing programs, including nmap (a port.

Kali Linux is a new and beautiful material theme for Android devices designed specifically for CyanogenMod 12 theme engine. With this theme, you can make your device look like a Kali Linux operating system. Note that this theme can only be used on the Cyanogen 12 theme engine and based on it. in this article, I will show you step by step how to install Kali on your Android Phone or Tablet. As you know that Kali Linux is only designed for PC but this time they had to develop this for Android Phone.

Installing Kali Linux on Android Phone

Kali Linux Iso Download Free

Getting Kali Linux as a major of goal for us that we should install that inside our Android since so far the Kali Linux is for Samsung Chromebook, Odroid U2, Raspberry Ui, and Galaxy Note 10, and many more. This isn’t mean that you can’t install Kali Linux inside your Phone, In fact, the developers of Kali Linux Deploy have made too much easy to install Kali and needs of GUI Builder.

  • The Device which is Running at least should have Android 2.1 or Above.
  • At least your Android Phone has 5GB internal or external storage.
  • Your Android Phone should be Root.
  • Fast, Internet requires in installing Kali.
  • The one who is installing must have too much patience for waiting for bootstrap distribution from the network.

Linux properties

Kali Linux Building image

By installing you should configure all the settings which displayed on the upper image, for example for installing the Kali Linux select Distribution box, Architecture, Mirror URL, Installation path that where you will install Kali Linux.

Once you are happy that you install the Kali Linux inside your Phone. just hit the press button of Install start the installation of Kali Linux from bootstrap directly, because we are installing the Linux from internet connection remember one thing that your internet connection should be nice. This process will take a while and you don’t need any tool for installation.


Starting chroot Mode

After that your installation is complete, the Kali Linux Deploy automatically will load the image of Chroot, This will part consist of start-up VNC/SSH, By hitting start button you will be access to Kali Linux, This part of the installation you can use VNC/SSH or you can connect Kali Linux using your Android Phone or Tablet IP addresses. after that, you will see the full result of the client with password everything.

How to download VNC APP? Go to Google play store. and download VNC viewer APP tool, this however you can configure your VNC.

Localhost should set to Adress.
Put the name into Kali Linux.
Through this, Above all, set the click button and this tool make you possible to use Kali Linux on your Android Phone. Using VNC is (Optional) because VNC has already existed in Kali Linux.

Kali Linux Installer Download

Linux deploy mount

Root your Android Phone

Therefore at the beginning, I told you that for installing the Kali Linux inside your Phone, your Phone should be rooted another hand with rooting you can’t install Linux inside your phone. with rooting, it might damage your Android Phone, At first Backup your data from Phone when you are rooting, Or you can root your Phone using USB, just connect USB to the Phone, and download the SDK tools for Google developers.
How to download the Kingo root? go to Google Play Store, then download the Kingo Root app. After installing the APP make sure that your Phone connects to your personal computer. Therefore you can root your Phone.


That’ all about how to install Kali on Android Phone, or your tablet. Linux is one of the most useful operating systems based for programmers. now you can use that inside your Phone also. If you faced any problem comment on the below box.