Launch Free Mcboot Installer Using Codebreaker

FreeMCBoot is one of the most tried and tested softmod methods you can find. Once you have a memory card that is FMCB‘ed, the PS2 will detect it on the Memory Card and boot it up. This guide will show you how to create a Memory Card capable with FMCB capabilities, as well as explaining how it will work. An exploited memory card will work on all versions of the PS2.

Ok heres is how he has the fmcb he sent me setup as in folders and files in those folders everything is exactly as it appears in what i was provided ROOT DIR: INSTALL (folder) FREEMCBOOT.ELF (.elf file) Inside the install folder: APPS (folder) / empty FMCBCFG (folder) / changelog (text doc)- FMCBCFG.ELF (.elf file)- readme (txt doc).

This softmod requires access to a console has already been modded, which will be used to transfer the mod data to the Memory Card.

  1. The CodeBreaker is an accessory made by Pelican that alters a video game's code, giving the user. Download the game Codebreaker V10 USA ISO for PS2 / Sony PlayStation 2. Free and instant download. CodeBreaker PS2 File Utility commits 7 branches mlafeldt Use.
  2. Oct 21, 2020 Press Start to go back into the main menu of codebreaker. Before u press start, put another image or disc into it (If u have a physical disc, make sure to put it into suspend and choose the other plugin which loads discs. Then press Resume and press start game) Though if u have another image of codebreaker, load that image.
  3. How to install Codebreaker to run with OPL on FMCB? I have been looking around youtube and google looking for an dummy's guide to install codebreaker with FMCB with OPL. Any info or tips are greatly appreciated.

Back up the Memory Card you wish to install FreeMCBoot on. If something goes wrong during install, you could potentially lose your game saves.

You must have either of these:

  • A hardmodded PS2 console (had a chip installed to give it modded abilities).
  • An original (Fat) PS2 with FreeHDBoot softmod installed on it.
  • An already existing, working FreeMCBoot Memory Card.

You also need:

  • A computer (operating system does not matter).
  • A USB removable storage drive (512MB or more).
  • An 8mb Memory Card (official 8mb is preferable, third party is a risk).

You also need the following software (all free):

  • FreeMCBoot (original).
  • uLaunchELF or other ELF launcher (supplied by existing mod).

The FreeMCBot package comes with a file that ends with .ELF. ELF file are executable by a modified PlayStation system, and in the package provided comes with a FreeMCBoot installer. Unfortunately, that’s why you need a pre-modded console.

FreeMCBoot Installer

Firstly, download the files above and place them on a FAT/FAT32 formatted memory stick. Extract the entire zip archive onto the memory stick, as all the files in the zip archive are required for the console to be able to open it. Safely eject the memory stick from your machine to ensure the files are correctly written to the memory stick, and then transfer it to the PS2.

Boot up the PS2 and open up uLaunchELF. Navigate to MASS:/ to access the memory stick we have plugged in. The memory stick should show up similar to above (files beginning with a dot is junk from my mac, which may not be there for you – which is fine). If so, launch up FMCBInstaller.elf.

The launcher will display the FreeMCBoot Installer, a multi-purpose tool which will allow you to prep a memory card for FreeMCBoot, as well as install FreeHDBoot to a hard drive and various other memory card related functions. For the purposes of preparing FreeMCBoot for another console, we will need Multi-install.

The FMCB installer will warn you about the multi-installation process. So long as you backed up your Memory Card, this should be okay. The warning is that the filesystem needs to be modified to allow all systems to be able to read the FreeMCBoot exploit, which is obviously not a designed function for the Memory Card. If something goes wrong during install, your Memory Card could become corrupted. FMCB Installer can revive the Memory Card, but your save data will be lost. If you back up your saves, you will be fine. If you do not back up, beware.

The system will then ask you what memory card you will like exploited. If only one is present in the Memory Card slots, it will automatically detect it. Select OK and the FMCB Installer will proceed to exploiting your Memory Card with FreeMCBoot.

Once the installation is complete, you can safely exit out of the installer. Once the console drops back to the browse menu, turn it off and plug your newly exploited memory card into your non-exploited console.


When you boot your PS2 up with the FreeMCBoot memory card inserted, you will find the boot sequence will not execute. Also, instead of just ‘Browser’ and ‘System Configuration’, you should now have a lot more options available. If so, congratulations you have successfully softmodded your console!

If you have opted for a multi-install as instructed in this guide, then the memory card can be used to execute the FreeMCBoot on any console that is not the latest release of the slimline console (SCPH-9000x). This means that combined with the memory stick (unless you copy your FMCB Installer files to your memory card via uLaunchELF), you can potentially install this on your friends’ consoles, and then everyone can benefit from the world of softmodding.

FreeMCBoot without Pre-modded Console

For those new to the scene, it’s a pretty tall ask to already have a modded console. If you are unable to go through the FreeHDBoot method which can be done without one, then your next course of action is to purchase a FreeMCBoot memory card.

Unfortunately we do not provide such service (yet), however the PS2 Reddit community has a contact that will do this for you with no labour charge. Simply pay the fee for the memory card unit, and they will send you one with multi FreeMCBoot pre-installed. Like mentioned in this guide, this will work for all PS2 consoles excluding the last production range (SCPH-9 range). Details can be found in the sidebar on Reddit (mobile users, click community information).

If you have any questions about FreeMCBoot, FMCB Installer or this guide, please let me know in the comments below.

Last updated: 9th May 2019


Please read This FAQ before starting a new post about FreeMcBoot.

Also, the Installation guides have changed a bit. There are now guides for installing FreeMcBoot onto memory cards, AND there is a guide for installing it directly onto an internal hard drive.

Jan 27, 2016 - Cheat database based on Code Breaker 10.1 is now included in releases. Attempt to automatically install engine hook if game doesn't have a. Cara Install Free McBoot; Cara Setting Free MCBoot PS2; Cara Edit System Modbo 5.0; Cara Membuat MMC PS2 dengan Flashdisk; Save Game Data Tanpa MMC Di OPL PS2. Cara Install Free MC Boot v1.8 Ke Memory Ps2. INSTALL FREE_MC_BOOT_v1.8 ke Memory PS2. Pilih ' FREE_MCBOOT.ELF ', Kemudian tekan O pada stik ps2.

Pelican Codebreaker Ps2

In this FAQ we will be exploring the basic questions people usually have about FreeMcBoot. What Can I do? What Can't I do? Can I play Backup DVDs? Can I load backups from a hard drive? From a USB Drive? Can I use an emulator? We'll cover all that, and more. Best of all, the answers to most of these questions came straight from /r/PS2 users like you! Thanks for being such an awesome community, you guys!

  • What Is FreeMcBoot (aka FMCB)?

Xbox 360 e specs. Free Mcboot is basically a way to make your PS2 memory card exploited. Once you have this mod installed on your memory card, and insert that memory card into your PS2 you can start installing homebrew programs, and unleash the true potential of your PS2. Once you insert a PS2 memory card with free mcboot on it the PS2 will load a different menu than it normally does. This menu can be configured to load all kinds of different software, but basically it lets you run homebrew, emulators, backup loaders, graphics upscalers, and other stuff.

  • Is It Permanent?

Codebreaker Ps2 V7.0

No. FreeMcBoot is installed onto a standard PS2 memory card. When this memory card is plugged into your PS2, then your PS2 boots into the FMCB homescreen, and is functionally 'modded.' As soon as you remove this memory card, and reboot your PS2, it is 100% completely reverted back to stock. All the 'magic' happens int he PS2's memory so nothing about it is permanent. Advanced users can even install FreeMcBoot onto the internal hard drive of a PS2 Fat, but even this can be undone by removing or reformatting the hard drive. Nothing about FreeMcBoot is permanent.

  • Will It work with my PS2?

Free Mcboot will work with almost any PS2. The only versions of the PS2 that will not work are the slim models with a model number series of 9xxxx. These are the models on which 1/2 of the top is shiny. If you have a Fat PS2, or a slim that just has a 1 inch wide 'band' of shiny plastic on the top, then you can use FMCB

  • How Do I get my PS2 working with FreeMcBoot?

There are a couple of ways you can go about it. Some easy, some hard.

• Easy: Buy a memory card that is preloaded with FMCB already. These can be purchased via /r/PS2's Sidebar. This will cost you a few dollars, but keep in mind you are paying for the convenience, the cost of shipping, and the cost of the card itself, not for FMCB. FreeMcBoot is available from HERE for free.

• Hard: Physically modify your PS2 in order to trick it into reading a burned DVD which has ben prepared to install FMCB onto your memory card. Guides for your specific type of PS2 can be found via /r/PS2's Sidebar.' This method is completely free, but significantly more difficult. That is the tradeoff. If you buy (or otherwise aquire) a memory card with FreeMcBoot installed on it, you will not have to open your PS2 at all.

  • Can I play backup copies of my PS2 games?

Yes. FreeMcBoot allows you to load backup copies of your games in numerous ways. You can burn backups to DVD, on a Windows or Macintosh computer, by simply patching them using the ESR GUI tool. This is a one-click program that makes your backup files work with FreeMcBoot, and is available for Windows and Macintosh. What a time to be alive! Advanced Users can also use software called OPL to load PS2 .ISO files from a folder right on their PC, via ethernet cable. Advanced users with Fat PS2s and internal hard drives can even rip their discs to the hard drive using software called HDL, and load them via OPL without even having the disc in the drive.

Free Mcboot Latest Version

  • Can I play backup copies of my PS1 games?

Yes.. sort of. How easy it is to do this depends on which model of PS2 you have. If you have a Fat PS2 it is very difficult. If you have slim PS2, it is slightly less difficult. It always requires physical modification of the PS2, and is beyond the scope of this FAQ. Someday, I will write a specific guide for all models.

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However, with all that said, there is new software available called POPS that essentially lets you load a PS1 .iso file onto a USB drive, or your internal HD if you have a Fat PS2, and play it this way. /r/PS2 has not yet compiled a detailed guide for POPS, but it is absolutely on our TO-DO list. Compatibility for this method is nowhere near as high as physically modifying your console to read backup CD-Rs, but it is much easier to drag and drop a file than mod your console, so stay tuned.

Codebreaker Ps2

  • What else can FMCB do?

Launch Free Mcboot Installer Using Codebreaker Tools

All kinds of stuff. We will explore all the wonderful things like upscaling your graphics to 480p (and sometimes up to 1080p!), running emulators, using cheats, etc.

Launch Free Mcboot Installer Using Codebreaker For Sale

Loading PS2 backups is technically possibly via USB sources such as thumbdrives and external hard drives, but the PS2's USB ports are limited to the USB 1.1 protocol, meaning the loading speeds from USB sources is less than 1/2 the speed of the DVD drive itself. This means that most games will have skipping audio, skipping FMV sequences, and some games will randomly crash, or be unplayable at all from USB. We don't suggest anyone plan to use USB loading as their primary source for backup loading.

Free Mcboot Installer Download

/r/PS2 is a place for people who enjoy, and primarily collect for PS2, to gather and discuss our games. Do not ask us how to download roms, or where to find games online, or anything like that. That isn't what we do. We use backup loading to protect our precious discs from the trials of time. Backup loading allows us to take our discs from the case once, rip them, and put them back on the shelf safe and sound forever. It also saves wear and tear on the aging DVD drives in our PS2s. Again, do not ask about, or post about, anything related to piracy or your post will be removed and you will be considered for banishment from /r/PS2.

/r/PS2 would like to thank all of our active community members for making /r/PS2 such a wonderful place! I'd also like to thank for offering free DNS listing and other necessary services so we can host this guide ourselves, on our own server, absolutely free.

Launch Free Mcboot Installer Using Codebreaker Download

Thank you all so much for making this FAQ possible.


I have (hopefully) fixed the issue with the CodeBreaker 10 patcher, it is in the same link however download the Codebreaker V10 Patcher.exe INSTEAD of the CodeBreaker V10.rar I will be changing to a new method of cloud storage soon to alleviate any more issues. I apologize for all the issues!!!
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What you need!:
1. Codebreaker V10.elf (included)
2. Codebreaker V10 patcher (included)
3. HDLoader.elf (included)
4. PS2 (*Phat with HDD installed)
5. *Exploited Memory card with Free McBoot installed
Just a quick tutorial on how to update your old Codebreaker, to the newest Codebreaker V10 patched for HDLoader. All the files are included! Follow the tutorial exactly and you should be fine.
Here is the file set for CodeBreaker10 and OPL, install them to your BOOT directory, either your mass or mc? will do. I am working on a tutorial to update and supersede this one but hopefully most of you can figure it out with these files :P
Here you go! »
*If you're Playstation 2 is not softmodded, I have a tutorial for that, just check out my other videos!