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Lightroom is available both as a mobile app for iOS and Android devices, and as desktop software. The mobile app is free, but can also be upgraded to a paid-for premium version, so the question is whether the extras you get are worth the cost.

Desktop Lightroom users

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC 2021 Free Download. It is a full offline installer standalone setup of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC 2021. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC 2021 Overview. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic 2021 is a powerful and widely used application that allows users to edit and organize photos with the best and optimized application. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic 2021 Free Download. Click on below button to start Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic Download. This is complete offline installer and standalone setup for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic. Also keep in mind This would be compatible with 64-bit windows. So Download Click Below Link To Download the File.

How to Download and Install Adobe Lightroom for Free Click on the Download button on the sidebar, and the free trial page for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom will open. Press the Try for Free button. A new page will open with three Adobe products.

Lightroom Free Install

If you’re interested in the Lightroom desktop software (Lightroom and Lightroom Classic) you’ll see straight away that these are not free, and you can only get them by purchasing one of the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plans. There is a trial version, but it only works for a short time.

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Mobile Lightroom users


With the Lightroom mobile app for iOS and Android, it’s a little more complicated. This app is free to download and install, and you can use it to capture, organise and share photos on your device without an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

For mobile users, this might be their route into the Lightroom ecosystem rather than the desktop version, and Lightroom mobile can be used as free software.

However, if you want to get the full range of editing tools, the ability to synchronise images with the desktop versions of Lightroom and a range of other benefits, you will need to subscribe to one of Adobe’s Photography Plans.

What the Lightroom free version can do

This information comes from the Adobe Lightroom for Mobile FAQ:

You can use all the capture, organization, and sharing features in Lightroom for mobile for free, and most of the editing features are available too.

Lightroom mobile has a built in camera app with much more control than the regular camera app, and it saves the images you take to its own internal catalog, where you can carry out various editing and photo fixing tasks, and share them to social media accounts.

Essentially, though, the free Lightroom app is like any other camera app, where the images are captured and kept on your phone. Upgrading to a Creative Cloud Photography Plan adds premium features to the Lightroom mobile app.

Lightroom mobile premium and what you get

There are three main advantages to the premium version – which is what you get when you join an Adobe Photography Plan.

  1. Your images now synchronise with the Adobe Creative Cloud service so that they are available on other devices, and to Lightroom on desktop. You can now see, organize and edit your pictures everywhere.
  2. Adobe offers other free mobile apps, including Photoshop Mix, Photoshop Fix, Adobe Spark Page, Adobe Spark Video, and more, but you’ll need a Photography Plan subscription to directly access your Lightroom photos with these.
  3. Lightroom mobile, the full version, offers useful additional editing tools:
    • You can synchronise profiles and presets with Lightroom on desktop
    • You get a Healing Brush for removing sensor spots and other unwanted objects
    • You can make Selective Adjustments, such as adding a gradient filter to darken a bright sky
    • You get Geometry tools for correcting converging verticals and other perspective problems
    • You can edit RAW images, including those shot by the Lightroom camera or imported for a separate camera
    • You get Adobe’s AI-powered Sensei search tool for finding pictures using object recognition
    • You can share web galleries with others
    • You can sort your photos according to who is in them
    • You can carry out batch editing on multiple photos at the same time

Is it worth upgrading to a Photography Plan?

Adobe is clearly using Lightroom for mobile as a bit of a teaser to get people to subscribe to a Photography Plan. There’s nothing sinister about this; it’s something most software companies do. And the fact is, the ‘free’ features are worth having on their own.

But it’s also worth considering subscribing to a Photography Plan anyway. Many people object in principle to subscription software, but the Adobe’s Photography Plans are a pretty good deal.

Which Adobe Photography Plan is best?

Photography Plan (20GB)
The best choice for most photographers will be the Photography Plan, which includes both versions of Lightroom, Photoshop CC, Lightroom for mobile and web and 20GB of storage – though if you want to use Lightroom CC and its cloud storage, you’ll really need one of the 1TB plans.

Photography Plan (1TB)
If you decide you want the best of both worlds, it’s going to cost more. With this plan you get both versions of Lightroom, Lightroom for mobile and web, Photoshop CC, Adobe Spark with premium features, Adobe Portfolio and 1TB of cloud storage (you can upgrade this later).

Lightroom App Download

Lightroom Plan (1TB)
This looks a good deal at the same price as the regular Photography Plan but there’s a sting in the tail – you get Lightroom CC, Lightroom for mobile and web, Adobe Spark with premium features, Adobe Portfolio and 1TB cloud storage, but you do not get Photoshop or Lightroom Classic.

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If you’re starting your journey as a Lightroom user from a mobile device, then the Lightroom plan could be the best choice. You don’t get Photoshop or Lightroom Classic, but you do get Lightroom mobile, Lightroom CC on desktop and 1TB of cloud storage for your photos.

If you’re a desktop user interested in moving into mobile photography and editing, the regular Photography Plan could be the best choice, as you get both versions of Lightroom (read Lightroom CC vs Lightroom Classic) and Photoshop too, and Lightroom mobile premium. If you really like the cloud-based storage, however, you will need to upgrade your Photography Plan to add 1TB storage, which will double the monthly price.

The demand for editing software is on the rise with a lot of media companies turning onto digital media to complete their needs. There has been a lot of improvements from where software has been used to edit and create digital media.

The biggest improvement that we see with the recent updates of the Adobe editing suite is that there are a lot of revolutionary features that will help you in making the editing process much easier. There are also various connectivity features that make the software a compatible one with almost any system that we have in the modern days.


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Adobe Inc.

Overview of Adobe Lightroom CC 2020

The features that are added into the Adobe Lightroom CC 2020 is revolutionary in terms of organization, ease of access and editing is a delight with the software. There are also various tweaks and advancements that are compiled along with the software that will make your editing experience a seamless one.

There is also the much-anticipated cloud feature that is being expected by many and will definitely ease the ways in which you can access the projects that you work with the software.

There are also minute features that make a difference in the ways in which you operate the software to edit and create media works. The efforts that you undertake in creating projects with the software will also greatly improve with the involvement of a strong network connection as well.

Some of the features that are talked well about with the Adobe Lightroom 2020 cc include;

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Install Lightroom On New Computer

1. Organize and Import at ease

Lightroom Free Install For Mac

The very much looked upon feature with the Adobe lightroom 2020 cc is the ways in which you can use the various files and projects that you are handling under the software. The biggest disadvantage with the previous editions of the software is that there were no proper organization tools or importing tools that eased the process.

Lightroom Installer Free Download

There were a lot of complications with the previous editions of the software that made the users of the software face frequent crashing of the software and worst-case scenario, data losses. Well, with the new update, Adobe has carefully looked after this very problem to make sure that the market doesn’t shift to other similar products available in the market.

2. Editing made easy and fun

The biggest hauls with the software are definitely the editing space. The editing space is loaded with features like retracing your editing process. This will greatly benefit users who are in a constant process of making errors. One of the most looked-after features in the Adobe Lightroom CC 2020, is the 64-bit memory handling feature that will make your editing process a definite and solid one. Retrace your colors as specific as you can, by that it means that you can bring back the color of old photographs and also remaster the exact ways in which the rough picture actually looked.

3. Transferring your project is easy

The biggest lookout for all the users of the Adobe software platform is that they couldn’t share their work in the social media space. There has been a lot of other sharing features that have been added in the space. You can now transfer the projects that you have created to the social media platform and make the world know about the quality of the work that you create in the social media space.

4. Sharpened images

Sharpening images in Adobe Lightroom CC 2020 is definitely a well-touched feature that will make sure that it is proper and well-organized. The biggest highlight with the images created with Lightroom is that the sharpening tools that are used in the platform make sure that there is a better methodology in sharpening the images.

The biggest highlight is that the color of the image isn’t affected as the color of the image is to appear pixelated with the sharpening of the image.

5. Offline editing is possible

The biggest highlight is that now you can carry over your already working on projects offline. This will greatly improve the ways in which you can actually work with the system.

Offline working has been the most expected feature by the Adobe community for a very long time and that means with the release of such a feature, it is definitely good days ahead for the lightroom CC suite.

System Requirements of Adobe Lightroom CC 2020

The system requirements of the Adobe lightroom are one of the most crucial ones and it definitely needs to be met to make sure that there are no problems in working with the software. Do not by-pass the requirements as that may put an immaculate amount of stress on the processor.

  1. Processor: Intel and AMD processor
  2. Microsoft Windows 7 and above
  3. 12 GB RAM requirement
  4. 2 GB HDD space on installation

Download the Adobe Lightroom CC 2020

The installer file for the Adobe Lightroom CC 2020 is available below and make sure that you have met the minimum requirements of the system before you proceed with the download of the ISO file of the software.