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Follow the steps given here. Click here and download and install the emulator for your PC. Now launch the emulator, BlueStacks. Now click and launch MX Player on your PC. Once installed, start and enjoy. By going through the procedure given above, you can install MX Player Download for. MX Player is a video player app that lets you view practically any film or clip, regardless of the format, right on your Android screen. In theory this Android video player does multinuclear decoding, meaning it offers a highly superior performance over that of most Google Play-style apps that use only one nucleus of the Android device.

Play your videos with a powerful app that aims to become the top choice for Windows Phone users
When it comes to watching movies or other kind of video clips on a mobile device users will go along with the solution that offers the best performance and has optimal functions in store for anyone to enjoy.Mx Player Install Free Download
One of the most appreciated solutions of this kind on the Android platform, MX Player, just made the step towards Microsoft's Windows Phone OS and through continuous development it tries to become the best there is on this platform as well.

Clean and uncomplicated GUI for ease of use

The appearance of this utility is very simple and it comes with two themes you can choose from (white and black) in order to have the app adapted to your personal preferences or simply to make it easier on the eye, depending on the light conditions around you.
The commands and controls are conveniently placed, so you should have no difficulties in reaching and using them. The content is kept neatly organized inside the Videos folder, from where all the files can be accessed.

Select and play videos on the fly

With MX Player you can simply pick a clip and the playback will begin as soon as you tap the file. The commands at your disposal include the play/pause, next and previous buttons, as well as the possibility to manually adjust the slider and play the video from the selected time.
Inside the main menu you will find other functions as well and they enable you to lock the screen orientation, switch to and from the portrait and landscape modes.
Pressing the 'Play' entry in that menu will reveal some commands for repeating the files or shuffling them, but this functionality is not working as it should, given the beta stage of development. The playback continues automatically and all the files in the Videos folder will be played one after the order by default.

Basic file management features

At this time MX Player supports only a couple of formats like MP4 and WMV, while providing a set of extra functions to take care of the video files it can recognize.
Thus, you can delete the items that appear in the Videos folder and there is also a built-in search to help you find on the spot the clips you want to see. Note that the removal of the clips is permanent, so use it with care.

Fast configuration of the app's settings

The array of configurations that are available for customizing the running behavior of MX Player is relatively small, but sufficient to accommodate the needs of most users.
Having the preview active while seeking through a video file, viewing file thumbnails or customizing the resume behavior are a few of the options that you can tinker with from the 'Settings' area.

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  • users can activate the 'Quit' button to completely shutdown the app when needed
  • offers plenty configurations
  • customizable playback resume features
  • allows users to preview the clip while using the seek slider


  • recognizes very few formats and lacks playlist support
  • media link integration is not working as it should
  • has several functional flaws
  • in certain usage scenarios the app crashes and can become stuck
  • lacks more visual customizations
Bottom Line

Mx Player Install Free Download For Pc

The decent graphics and neatly organized layout save some points for MX Player, but it needs more themes and visual customizations to become more appealing from the visual perspective.


Even if it is far from completion, the app comes with more options than many other similar apps, but there are plenty of bugs, so it cannot be a reliable tool just yet.


Perfectly safe to have onto any handset, the application doesn't touch the system areas unrelated to its functionality.


The power consumption is moderate to high, as it is to be expected from such an app, so even if the impact on the battery is noticeable, it will not discharge it completely too quickly.


Excellent value from a tool that offers everything free of costs and nuisances and with perspectives of continuous improvement.


Those who are willing to take MX Player for a test drive will be able to do this only on Windows Phone 8.1 devices.

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