Nakivo Free Install On Wd Nas

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By Official Moderator Posted Tuesday at 01:02 PM. The time to restore a machine depends on the network's traffic, the performance of the source, and the target host. It is hard to say for sure when it is done or how long it takes. That's why first, please update NAKIVO to the latest. So the cost was $ free. I ordered a 16gb USB 3.0 SanDisk thumb drive and four 3TB HGST (I read off-brand WD drives?) from Amazon w/ 1 yr warranty for $60 each - not bad. The plan: Install FreeNAS 11 on thumb drive and expand my currently filled Synology 4 bay storage system without adding the $300 price tag to buy the Synology enclosure. How to set up a My Cloud device using the Dashboard. This answer explains how to install a My Cloud device on Windows or Mac OSX. Backing up Windows or Mac to WD Network Attached Storage (NAS) This article explains how to perform a backup to a My Cloud, WD Sentinel or My Book. What Is and How To Access a WD Product Dashboard. Create your own, high-performance VM backup appliance by installing NAKIVO Backup & Replication directly on a Synology or Western Digital NAS! Nakivo Backup and Replication is an amazing backup solution for Hyper-V, VMware and Amazon AWS. It is being loved for many exciting features and most importantly a very affordable and honest pricing. In addition, Nakivo pioneered an appliance-based backup on a Western Digital and Synology NAS devices. I don’t remember the time when something got.

Make sure the following prerequisites are met:

  1. You have access to the FreeNAS system.
  2. Your FreeNAS system meets system requirements for installing NAKIVO Backup & Replication.
  3. The iocage jail/container manager is installed on your FreeNAS system. Refer to the iocageREADME page for a description.
  4. A storage pool is created on your FreeNAS system. Make sure the pool has enough storage for all NAKIVO Backup & Replication functionality. Refer to FreeNAS User Guide for more details on creating storage pools.

Follow the steps below to install NAKIVO Backup & Replication on a FreeNAS system:

  1. Log in to the FreeNAS system via SSH.
  2. Go to the tmp folder: cd /tmp
  3. Download the necessary json file:
    • for the full NAKIVO Backup & Replication installation on a FreeNAS v11.3:
    • for the NAKIVO Backup & Replication Transporter installation on a FreeNAS v11.3:


      If a utility for downloading files like wget or curl is missing on your FreeNAS system, you can first download the necessary file to your local machine and then upload it to FreeNAS with a third-party tool like WinSCP or FileZilla.

  4. Install NAKIVO Backup & Replication with the iocage jail/container manager:


    Make sure that the jail IP address is not the IP address of your FreeNAS system.
    • For the full NAKIVO Backup & Replication installation on a FreeNAS v11.3:
      iocage fetch -P nbr.json vnet='off' ip4='inherit' ip4_addr='em0 x.x.x.x/24'
    • For the NAKIVO Backup & Replication Transporter installation on a FreeNAS v11.3:
      iocage fetch -P nbr-transporter.json vnet='off' ip4='inherit' ip4_addr='em0 x.x.x.x/24'

5. For the NAKIVO Backup & Replication Transporter installation, add the Transporter to the Director. Refer to the Adding Installed Transporters topic for details.



Nakivo Free Install On Wd Nas File

Transporters running on FreeNAS devices are not supported for backup and recovery of VMware vSphere VMs.

Nakivo Free Install On Wd Nas Hard Drive