Oppo Bdp-105 Region Free Kit Installation

In the world of home theater technology, there are hundreds of big brands offering countless devices to choose from, most of which you’re familiar with – and then, there’s Oppo.

  • OPPO BDP-105D (Darbee Edition) 'It's like lifting a veil.' Darbee's Visual Presence™ technology establishes a fundamental breakthrough for image realism. By embedding stereoscopic depth information generated from a patented human-vision-based model into 2D or 3D video, it provides greater clarity and increases the perception of depth.
  • MultiZone + MultiRegion Modification for OPPO UDP-203/205 External kit. General information. This modification is send from The Netherlands or USA, depending on your shipping address. This is a modification for the OPPO UDP-203/205 External kit Blu-ray player. After installation it will enable the player to show movies with a different region.
  • INSTALLATION IN 2 MINUTES!! This listing is for a USB upgrade cable only; not an Oppo Digital Blu-ray player. KEY FEATURES 1) Make Oppo BDP-103 / BDP-103D / BDP-105 / BDP-105D region-free & multi-zone 2) Play All-Region DVDs: Region 0-9 (automatic selection) 4) NO SOLDERING REQUIRED 5) Compatible with future firmware upgrades 6) Easy.

Oppo has developed high-quality, high-performance DVD and Blu-ray Players that out-maneuver the competition to the point that Oppo’s players have become reference grade for comparisons of quality, performance and functionality within the Blu-ray world. Yet, with all the respect that Oppo has earned, you might find yourself surprised to have never heard of the brand. Don’t worry, many people haven’t.

Oppo doesn’t advertise on all major television networks 24/7, they’re not sold at Best Buy, Wal-Mart don’t have them on sale this week. In all reality, Oppo is somewhat of a diamond in the rough in the world of home theater. They aren’t mass produced at 25 different global locations and they don’t manufacture 150 other electronic products. One thing Oppo does have, though, is the ability to design and manufacture one of the world’s best Blu-ray players.

Enter the BDP-105

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The BDP-105 is the latest model from Oppo. It’s not inexpensive. It’s not a player that needs replacement after 2 years. It’s not a player you want to buy for the kid’s room (unless money grows on trees or your children are aspiring electronic engineers or film aficionados). So what is it? One of the finest Blu-ray machines that money can buy.

Oppo’s BDP-105 offers flawless video performance, world-class audio quality and genuinely excellent build quality. If you remember the old phrase “you get what you pay for” – well, that couldn’t be more true with the BDP-105. Many electronics nowadays are seemingly watered down versions of what we had 20 or 30 years ago. Instead of increased quality, we’ve seen a decrease in quality and an increase in features. We used to have stereo receivers that weighed 60 pounds and lasted 30 years, now we have receivers that are made of plastic, weigh 3 pounds and might last 5 years if we’re lucky. The same goes for Blu-ray Players and most other home electronics. Thankfully, Oppo stands true to producing a quality product that utilizes durable materials, high-end components and attention to detail.

Chasis: Beginning with the frame, the BDP-105 starts things of with a solid foundation. It is rugged, it is durable, and it is strong. The sturdy design helps reduce vibration, improve playback and minimalize outside interference. It is the core of the machine, and one of the crucial elements for a long lifespan. It looks and feels solid; you can literally feel the quality when you hold this player. After all, it weighs in at over 17 pounds!

Oppo Bdp-105 Region Free Kit Installation Instructions

Video: One of the many areas where the BDP-105 shatters the competition is video quality. With 3D playback, it not only outputs the 3D format correctly, it does so with flawless intent. From intense color to high-speed action, the Oppo neglected to display any signs of a struggle – just perfect, artifact-free playback. The 4k upscaling (3480×2160) also worked like a charm.

Audio: From PCM to bitstream formats, using HDMI, coaxial or optical, regardless of the file format or type of disc we used, the BDP-105 delivered excellent clarity and sound quality. The dual-channel stereo and the 7.1 channel output both perform exceptionally. For true audiophiles, SACD allows for serious sound in PCM or its native DSD format.

Features: Yes, it’s loaded. But only with the good stuff, no filler! Streaming services, built-in Wi-Fi, DLNA compatibility, support of all major media formats, 3 USB inputs, dual HDMI outputs (configurable), 1GB internal storage, 7.1 channel analog audio output, dual stereo analog outputs, 3D Playback, 2D to 3D conversion, Qdeo Processor with 4k Upscaling, ESS SABRE32 Reference Audiophile DAC, Headphone Amplifier & Asynchronous USB DAC, and more.

The Oppo BDP-105 doesn’t fall short on any aspects. It’s a true, high-performance machine that’s designed to do it’s job and do it well. But more has been added. Our Oppo BDP-105 wasn’t just the typical model – it is region-free! If you don’t know what that is, it means this player works with any voltage from 110 volts up to 240 volts, can play any blu-ray or DVD disc regardless of the disc’s region coding, and features internal PAL/NTSC conversion. What does that all mean? It means that this is a world-player, universal. It will work anywhere in the world, with any disc, on any TV without the need for converters. On top of it’s amazing build quality and performance, these additional features put the BDP-105 on a pedestal.

Overall, we can’t say enough positive things about the Region-Free Oppo BDP-105. We also don’t want to get into too much detail that will bore our readers. What we would like to do, however, is invite you to take a deeper look at the specifications of the BDP-105 on our website. We sell this, and all other Oppo models at the lowest prices in the world, guaranteed. As specialists in the Region-Free Electronics industry since 1979, we have the experience to deliver the highest quality products at the lowest prices.

Oppo Bdp 105 Vs 205

Stop by our website today and take a look at the Region-Free Oppo BDP-105 Blu-ray Player today. If you’re after unparalleled quality, you won’t be disappointed.


IMPORTANT: Please note that Blu-ray Players are NOT produced as Region Free from the manufacturer, and are NOT available in major retail stores. Region Free units require professional hardware & software modification and are only sold by specialty retailers. Be sure to check the player’s specifications before making a purchase to ensure the player is being advertised and sold as a unit with region free capability.