Poe2 Free Dlc Nor Installing

Game mode: [Online Singleplayer]
Problem: [ Bug ]
Region: [UK]

I can't download Free Dlc. I have recently buyed the whole Warhammer pach, both games and all dlc, and in order to have the complete game i still have to manually download all the free DLC (which i dont understand, if its free, just put it in the game as an update). When i try to install the DLC from steam, the downloading window pops up. Messages: 10,505. Country: krkk123 said: Hey Guys/Gals, I have Zelda on cartridge v1.5.0. I downloaded DLC1 and 2 and installed them via Sx-Os 2.0.1. It shows that it installed to SD card correctly but when I launch my Zelda cartridge, the DLC is not there.

Poe2 free dlc nor installing free

Poe2 Free Dlc Nor Installing Free

  1. Hiya, DarkFlameMaster! Paul from the Xbox Forums Team here to assist with the issue, it looks like you're having a difficult time installing some DLC for Conan Exiles. What I recommend doing is signing into your account at our Website and checking your order history to see the purchase for Conan exiles is there.
  2. Xbox Ambassador. Replied on June 18, 2019. If the DLC is not available from selecting 'Manage Game and Add-Ons' on the game in the Xbox menu or in the Game Pass menu, then you'd need to buy the game's DLC or find one of the DLC disks that was included in the physical GOTY Edition of that game and install it. 245,000 Gamerscore and Up Club.

Nudity Patch Free DLC unavailable in UK market unless new copy is purchased.

Hopefully setting this up correctly will get a mod on to reply as the previous topic for this was set up by someone in the wrong forum, didn’t really explain much and as such didn’t get any mod attention.

Poe2 Free Dlc Nor Installing System

Okay, my issue


I purchased the digital preview version of Conan Exiles in the UK within the first week of its landing on Xbox, at that time the nudity patch was promised but some way off. Whilst I enjoyed playing, my attention span is limited so started playing other games and left Exiles to gather virtual dust on my Xbox.

Recently I decided I’d have another look at it as I had seen numerous large updates downloading on a regular basis over the course of time.

I opened the game to play again and no nudity still so looked online and saw that there was a seperate patch available due to an issue bundling it into the existing Xbox game.

I opened the Xbox Store only to find the game is now a full release with 3 different bundles, all of which include the nudity patch. There isn’t, however, a patch available for the version I purchased which means that I would have to pay for a new copy of the game just in order to get the
DLC which should already be available.

I’ve seen that I’m not the only one with this issue on the previous thread but like I said, it was a badly made thread so never received much attention.

Please post if you have the same issue, know a definite fix, are a mod or have an official statement from the devs.

This isn’t a regional issue regarding nudity, I am in the UK where the nudity patch is perfectly acceptable.

An official statement would be appreciated.


Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Purchased Preview version prior to nudity patch. (Xbox UK)
  2. Try to download nudity patch (only available if I repurchase one of the bundles).
  3. Help!
  4. Thanks