Remote Software Installation Tools Free

The list of the free and open source remote desktop software mentioned in this article allows administrators to monitor device functionality and to effortlessly run the software updates remotely. The open source remote desktop manager allows the running of the necessary troubleshooting process in a more cost-effective way. Action1 can install/uninstall software across all computers in your domain and it has free edition. Action1 Endpoint Security Platform (4) Was this post helpful?

v. 3.1.0 / May 28, 2019 / All Windows / Free for 60 days

Total Software Deployment: managed software deployment for your corporate network.

Remote and Automated Software Deployment

Total Software Deployment makes deploying software on any number of computers a blast. Software inventory management, automatic network scanning, and concurrent deployment of multiple types of installation packages make TSD a clear winner among remote deployment tools.

One-Click Concurrent Deployment

Unlike the competition, this tool supports advanced concurrent deployment, allowing you to install multiple packages on multiple computers at the same time. You can specify how many computers and how many packages per computer can be installed at any moment. Once you have made up your mind, you can start deploying in just one click.

Remote Software Uninstallation

You can also remotely uninstall software from one or multiple computers. The remote uninstall tool supports packages deployed using Total Software Deployment or installed in any other way, allowing network administrators to control which software is required on the network and which must be uninstalled.

Integrated Software Inventory Management

Total Software Deployment enables organization-wide visibility across network computers, maintaining a comprehensive list of software installed on all computers in your corporate network.

Automatic Inventory Scans

TSD automatically scans your network computers to build inventory lists. Computers and servers on your corporate network can be scanned without permanently installed agents; all you need is the administrator’s password. Scanned data will be categorized and organized automatically to build a comprehensive inventory of software installed on your local area network.

Flexible MSI & EXE Application Deployment

Ever wish for a system more flexible than Microsoft® deployment tools? Being restricted to deploying MSI packages is no fun. Total Software Deployment supports all types of installers including MSI and all popular third-party installers, enabling fully automated, silent deployment of just about any package.

Three Types of Deployment Methods

Not all installation packages are created equal. Some have pre-configured options for silent setup, while others may come with no support for automated deployment at all. TSD offers the choice of as many as three different methods of creating an automated deployment package for your network, allowing you to remotely deploy software products that were never meant to be.

And more...

Use the Assistant to quickly identify computers with outdated products, you can maintain deployment history, and do much more!

Software deployment made easy

Network software distribution and maintenance made easy. Automate the routine by letting Total Software Deployment scan your network, build a list of software installed on your computers, and perform automated deployment tasks remotely from a centralized location.

Which software is on your Windows PCs?

Learn which software is installed on your network computers without leaving your chair! Just make sure your computers are using a modern version of Windows (XP or higher), and have your administrative password ready.

A really smart scanner

Just specify what you’re about to scan, and Total Software Deployment will start working immediately. With automated network discovery, it’ll automatically locate all valid nodes within the specified IP range, identify computers in the workgroup, and display the domain structure. You can simply scan with the default settings and your administrative password or specify logins and passwords for individual devices or groups. Get set, get ready, go!

With today’s wide bandwidth and powerful processors there’s no need to wait for one task to finish before launching another. TSD employs a truly concurrent, multi-threaded approach to network scanning, running as many tasks in parallel as your network allows. Thanks to that, the scan can be completed in a matter of minutes even if you have a fairly large network.

Managed updates and maintenance

Remote Software Installation Tools Free

'Which version of Software X are my computers using, and how can I update it?'
This is the most common question we’re asked, and this is exactly the job we’ve built TSD to handle. Managed software updates could not have been made easier! Total Software Deployment will scan your network computers and build a comprehensive report detailing which software is installed on each computer. Updating outdated versions is as easy as selecting them in the list and clicking 'Update'.

Centralized software storage

Software storage in Total Software Deployment supports single-file and complex installers. The storage is highly configurable, allowing you to edit basic properties, such as version number, language, or supported OS architecture and enabling common and per-product deployment policies specifying which add-ons, updates, or hotfixes should be deployed with the main application.

Everything you need right before your eyes

View everything you need and nothing else! TSD offers flexible configuration options for displaying information about your network nodes. You can see whether or not the computer is online, view its network name and IP address, check which Windows version it's running, and choose how much – or how little – information you’d like to be displayed.

Total Software Deployment offers convenient searching and filtering to help you quickly locate installed applications, identify your deployment goals, and assign tasks and priorities.

Remote Software Installation Tools Free

Building one-click deployment packages

Create silent deployment packages in just a few clicks! TSD will automatically determine the type of installer and use the correct command line string to remotely deploy applications without the need for user interaction. This method is great for automated software deployment of MS Office® in your local network.

Custom deployment is not a problem

Do you have an installer requiring user input no matter what? In fact, a substantial number of products don’t have native support for automated deployment. Not a problem if you’re using Total Software Deployment! Just build a macro for such installation packages, pre-recording all the clicks and jumping through all the hoops. And it’s easy to disable any unwanted actions without re-recording the entire scenario.

Snapshot deployment

If nothing else helps, we can make a system snapshot to deploy some really tough packages. System snapshot is the ultimate tool that helps deploying products that absolutely won’t budge to any standard deployment method.

Free Remote Deployment Tools

Snapshot deployment works by tracking changes made to files and Windows Registry settings during an app install. These changes are recorded, distilled, and incorporated into a custom package that can be deployed on other computers remotely. This is the lowest-level deployment method available. Use with great care!

Deployment jobs list

Create lists of packages to deploy and set your deployment goals just once, deploy to multiple computers in one click afterwards. Unlike built-in tools, Total Software Deployment does not restrict you to just MSI packages. Instead, the tool allows you to deploy packages built with a wide range of installer types, including those with limited or no support for remote installation.

Non-intrusive deployment

Just start the deployment, sit back, and watch the process. TSD monitors every step, allowing you to easily identify any deployment issues.

With our software deployment tool, your remote software installations will not disturb the end users with windows or dialogs and won’t interrupt their workflow.

Uninstall Software Remotely

The remote uninstallation tool can successfully uninstall software based on the list of discovered packages, allowing network administrators to control what should be installed on the network and what shouldn’t. The Quick Search function allows to quickly locate packages in the list. Once the unwanted packages are identified, uninstalling them is a matter of just a few clicks.

Remote MSI Uninstallation

The new MSI uninstallation module allows network administrators to uninstall MSI packages over the network. Uninstallation is completely automated with no need for building complex scripts and without the need to enter command-line parameters. The MSI in question will be automatically discovered and uninstalled in just a few clicks – either from one or from many computers on your network. Importantly, Total Software Deployment does not require access to the original MSI package in order to uninstall it. The list of supported installer types will be expanded in the future updates.

Group Deployment and Uninstallation

Total Software Deployment can scan the entire local area network discovering software installed on end-user computers and obtaining comprehensive information about it. Total Software Deployment supports group deployment, maintenance and uninstallation of software packages on multiple network computers. After successful deployment or remote software uninstallation, the tool can automatically rescan computers to maintain an up-to-date list of installed packages.

Sometimes we need to access computers remotely from a different location. Like, for example, to access files residing in your workstation located at your workplace. Or to help your dad (who's probably not so good with computers) fix a simple issue. To do this, you need what is known as remote access tools, which let you 'remotely control' another computer, located in another part of the world. Remote access becomes all the more important if you are running an enterprise which is spread over different parts of the world.

There are many free remote access software tools in the market which help you connect to other computers remotely. In this blog, we list some of the best, so that you can pick and use the right one.

Best 5 Free Remote Access Software

Remote Software Installation Tools Free

1. Comodo Free Remote Access:

Comodo Remote Management brings along with it a lot of benefits that make it perfect for enterprise use. Network monitoring and trouble shooting become pretty easy with this tool. Also known as the remote desktop tool, it helps IT administrators, in particular, to remotely address network issues easily — without them having to leave their seats.

Remote Software Installation Tools Free Download


  • Extremely Lightweight — being extremely lightweight, it is not proving a burden on the network and therefore does not hinder its performance.
  • Faster Troubleshooting — down enterprise computers would be up within minutes as IT administrators would be able to fix it within minutes.
  • Remote Administration — efficient remote administration leads to improved network performance as well.
  • Easy Accessibility — centralized access to various files available within the network leads to easy administration.

2. TeamViewer:

Another free remote access tool which can be used. Easy to install and efficient, and with support for video and voice calls, this tools also allows for file transfers, supports wake-on-LAN (WOL) and other such high-end features. The computer you want to connect to can be Windows, Mac, or Linux computer amongst others.

3. Remote Utilities:

yet another free remote management tool worth being tried out. But suitable only for very small businesses as you can control only a total of 10 Pcs using this tool. Unfortunately, configuring remote utilities too can be confusing. This along with its support for very few computers are its drawbacks. Basically a product for home users.

4. AeroAdmin:

probably the easiest program to use for free remote access. Easy to install, extremely lightweight. Hardly any additional settings required as everything is quick and to the point. Aeroadmin can be used by enterprises and home users alike. The highlight is the fact that AeroAdmin is 100% free, either for personal and commercial use.

5. AnyDesk:

this can be run portably or installed like a regular program. Easy-to-use user interface, lightweight, ability to self-terminate inactive sessions, this tool contains enough features which make it suitable for enterprise network management. AnyDesk is compatible with all the machines.

Remember free remote access tools are sometimes more than enough for personal use as well as enterprise management. And also remember that you need remote management tools, especially if you are running an enterprise and need to manage networks. Therefore choose wisely, save money, and manage your networks efficiently via remote management.

Therefore choose wisely, save money, and manage your networks efficiently via remote management.

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