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Set-up & installation by a Sky engineer. From just £20.00. Package details. (upgrades and customisation possible, simply edit your Sky basket) Sky Signature Over 100 top channels, Netflix, 22 HD and 100′s of satellite channels. Pause, rewind and record live TV. Sky Q app, On-Demand, Sky Go, Catch-up TV. 3) Yes, if it is enabled on the Sky Q box and on the Sky Q Minis as well, also you need to use Ethernet cables. Between the Sky Q minis and the Powerline Adapters, that is how they work. 4) I think that the Installer would insist to set it all up for you, again ask when they turn up.

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OK, this page has been put together from the phone calls we have had regarding problems our customers have had after Sky Q has been installed and looks at how to get Past some of these Problems.

The first problem seems to be multi-room. You may have a Freesat box or another Sky box on a TV in the bedroom or some other part of the house. When the Sky Q has been fitted you find they don't work because the Sky engineer has fitted the new Sky Q LNB and has left the cables that used to go to the other parts of the house NOT CONNECTED to the new Sky Q LNB.

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If it says no signal on your TV this is because the LNB on the dish has been changed. The LNB is the round thing on the end of the arm of the dish where the cables connect to.

The Sky Q System works in a different way to the standard sky System so they use a different LNB.

Picture of Sky Q LNB

If you look up at your dish you will find they have fitted a Sky Q LNB like the one pictured above. One of the main differences youwill see is that the new LNB only has two cable connections that go to your new Sky Q Box.

Your old LNB would have had 4 or 8 connections on it. These cable connections would have been used to feed to other rooms in your house.

Picture of Octo LNB with 8 cable connections

You will find that they have been disconnected and are just left by the side of the dish going nowhere. This is why you have no Signal on the other Boxes in your house. There are two ways to try and combat this problem; one is to fit another dish close to the dish with the Sky Q LNB. The reason we say close is so you can try and use the cables that are already in place on the new dish.

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The second way to sort this Problem

Is to change The LNB on your dish to a Sky Q Hybrid LNB. This LNB is designed to work Sky Q Plus Standard HD sky at the same time.

Picture of Sky Hybrid LNB

As you can see the LNB has the 2 connections for the Sky Q Plus 4 connections for the Standard HD sky OR Freesat Box so the ONE LNB CAN BE USED FOR BOTH SYSTEMS.

The next problem is after your Sky Q has been fitted you find that the Freeview TV's in the bedrooms that used to work before the Sky Q was fitted now don't work.

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How is it that TVs that work on a freeview aerial are connected in the sky in some way. Well in some houses the way in which the aerial system is wired is that the cable from the aerial goes directly to the Sky Box FIRST . It then goes though the Sky box.

Picture showing that on the back of your old sky box you have an aerial IN socket and an aerial OUT socket.

You will find then find an aerial cable that runs from the sky box to the attic of your house then goes into an aerial distribution amplifier that puts the aerial signal into the bedrooms. The reason that this system was in place was so that in the days of analogue televisions you could tune one of the channels on the TV to a sky channel plus the normal aerial channels.

OK, if we go back to why you have no aerial signal on the freeview TV's upstairs. On the back of the new Sky Q Boxes there are no Aerial connections

Picture of New Sky Q Box with no aerial connections

This means that when your new Sky Q Box was fitted the aerial connections that were connected to your old sky box have no where to go so are not connected and left on the side behind the Sky Q Box

Picture of aerial cables that have been left behind the back of the new Sky Q Box

So what you will find is that you have a male and a female connection on the end of the aerial cables. If you push them together they should look like the picture below.

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Picture of male and female aerial connectors pushed together

The reason why you are pushing these two aerial connectors together is that this completes the aerial circuit. The aerial signal coming in through the connection and up to the attic can be distributed around the house taking the place of the old type sky box.

Diagram of aerial system using a Sky Box

How to install a Sky Q Dish

Another problem that we have is when someone moves and wants to take their Sky Dish with them. This is not a normal problem but the problem occurs when you have a Sky Q System. You will find that a lot of independent engineers don't have a meter to set up a new type dish with a Sky Q L.N.B and when you phone Sky you normally find there is a 3 week waiting list for this work to be done. You will find that the dish has not changed, just the LNB on the end of the arm. So this means the attachment for the LNB is the same for the old type LNB and the new type Sky Q LNB.

What this means is that you can put a standard LNB into the attachment on the dish arm, then when you have aligned the dish with the old type LNB you can then slip the New type Sky Q LNB into place onto the dish arm. Be very careful not to knock the dish out of alignment

You should find that the Dish is now aligned using your old type Sky alignment Meter.

This web page is good information on the problems with Sky Q Systems but if you find you need a bit of expert help please look at the contact infomation at the bottom of this web page talk to Terry and maybe we can help Or Click this link