Two Vmware Free Installs Same Key

New Installation of App Volumes 4

  1. Install Vmware Free
  2. Install Vmware Player
  3. Two Vmware Free Installs Same Keys
  4. Two Vmware Free Installs Same Key Code

If you have previously installed App Volumes 2.x, you will find the requirements and process to be very similar. The VMware App Volumes Installation Guide provides complete installation instructions.

Step-by-step instructions for a basic App Volumes 4 deployment, along with exercises to familiarize you with simplified application management, can be found in the Quick-Start Tutorial for VMware App Volumes 4 Simplified Application Management.

The Workstation Pro installation software is in the file that you downloaded and the license key is sent to you in email. Installing Workstation Pro with Other VMware Products The only VMware products that can share a host system with Workstation Pro are VMware vSphere Client and VMware vCenter Converter Standalone. VMware’s vSphere is a virtualization platform that allows users to provision and manage one or more virtual machines (VMs) on individual physical servers using the underlying resources. With vSphere, organizations can optimize costs, centrally manage their infrastructure, and set up fault-tolerant virtual environments.

App Volumes Management Console

The App Volumes 4 management console will be familiar if you have used previous versions of App Volumes. The new INVENTORY tab is available to manage App Volumes Applications, Packages, Programs and more.

Figure 1: Inventory tab in App Volumes management console

Change in App Volumes Manager Installation

One change to be aware of when installing the App Volumes 4 Manager is Enable SQL Server certificate validation, which is enabled by default.

Install Vmware Free

Figure 2: Enable SQL Server certificate authentication enabled by default

Two Vmware Free Installs Same Key

If you are installing App Volumes for a proof of concept using SQL Express, the Enable SQL Server certificate validation option should be disabled before continuing with the installation.

Install Vmware Player

For production installations, SQL Server certificate validation is strongly recommended, though not required. If you leave the default setting Enable SQL Server certificate validation enabled, then your SQL Server instance must be configured to use certificate validation. See How to enable SSL encryption for an instance of SQL Server by using Microsoft Management Console for more information.

Note: Encryption is configured on the SQL Server instance, so all databases on a shared SQL Server will be affected.

If your SQL Server instance is not configured for certificate validation, you must disable Enable SQL Server certificate validation during the App Volumes Manager installation.

New App Volumes 4 Templates

New, optimized templates are available with the App Volumes 4 installation.

Two Vmware Free Installs Same Keys

Figure 3: App Volumes 4 Upload Templates

Two Vmware Free Installs Same Key Code

The writable templates now default to 5GB in size and can be expanded as needed. See Expand a Writable Volume for instructions.